The Hindu Vocabulary 21 October 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 20 October 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Endless woes: On the Israel-Hamas conflict and Palestine."


Part of Speech/Idiom







Intense sorrow or misery; problems, troubles, or difficulties that cause distress or unhappiness.


Adversity, Anguish, Calamity, Burden

Advantage, Assistance, Aid, Benefit

The economic woes faced by the country led to increased unemployment and poverty.



To come into the disagreement.


Differ, Disagree, Vary, Disturb

Agree, Consent, Accord, Conform

They conflicted at the event and ruined everything.


A fight or battle


Disaccord, Discordance, Dissension, Division, War

Accord, Agreement, Harmony, Peace

There is a conflict of interest between both of them.



To be surrounded or attacked by an enemy or hostile force, typically in a fortified place; to be overwhelmed by a large number of problems, challenges, or difficulties.

(घेरा देना)

Surround, Encircle, Encompass, Swarm, Ambush

Liberate, Free, Release, Rescue

The soldiers were besieged in the fort for several days, but they held their ground.



Extreme fierceness, brutality, or savagery; a quality of being very aggressive, intense, or violent.


Savagery, Brutality, Fierceness, Violence, Ruthlessness, Wildness, Barbarity, Severity, Intensity, Aggressiveness

Gentleness, Kindness, Mildness, Tenderness, Compassion, Humanity, Mercy, Sympathy, Meekness, Softness

The ferocity of the wild animal's attack left everyone in shock.



To remove or clear out of a place, especially for safety reasons; to vacate or leave a location, typically due to a dangerous situation or emergency.


Empty, Clear, Vacate, Abandon, Withdraw, Displace, Leave, Desert, Flee, Relocate

Occupy, Fill, Inhabit, Stay, Settle, Remain, Dwell, Repopulate, Populate, Return

In the face of the approaching hurricane, the authorities ordered the coastal residents to evacuate the area.



A person killed or injured in a war or accident; a person or thing badly affected by an event or situation.

(दुर्घटना/ हताहत/ आपात/ अपघटना)

Victim, Injured, Wounded, Fatality, Mishap, Loss, Sufferer, Casualty, Hurt, Disaster

Survivor, Uninjured, Escaper, Saviour, Secure, Safe, Unharmed, Rescuer, Protector, Bystander

The hospital was filled with casualties after the earthquake, and the medical staff worked tirelessly to provide care.



Having a strong desire for revenge; seeking to harm or punish someone for a perceived wrong.


Retaliatory, Revengeful, Vindictive, Spiteful, Retributive, Malicious, Retaliate, Resentful, Wrathful, Hostile

Forgiving, Merciful, Compassionate, Generous, Kind, Magnanimous, Indulgent, Pardoning, Tolerant, Benevolent

Her vengeful attitude only led to more conflict and animosity between the two parties.



Concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare and alleviate suffering; a person or organization dedicated to helping others and improving their well-being.


Benevolent, Compassionate, Altruistic, Philanthropic, Charitable, Generous, Kind-hearted, Sympathetic, Humanistic, Charitable

Selfish, Inhuman, Callous, Self-centered, Unsympathetic, Greedy, Ruthless, Indifferent, Heartless, Unfeeling

The humanitarian organization provided food and medical aid to the refugees in the war-torn region.



Assistance, support, or help provided to someone in need, especially in challenging situations.


Assistance, Support, Help, Relief, Backing, Assistance, Subsidy, Backing, Contribution, Patronage, Relief

Hindrance, Obstruction, Impediment, Deterrent, Disincentive, Blockade, Barrier, Delay, Resistance

The local community came together to provide aid to the victims of the natural disaster.



To express strong disapproval or criticism; to declare something wrong, inappropriate, or unacceptable; to pronounce a sentence of punishment upon someone.

(निंदा करना)

Censure, Blame, Denounce, Criticize, Disapprove, Reproach, Disparage, Disapprove, Repudiate, Deplore

Praise, Commend, Applaud, Acclaim, Approve, Endorse, Exonerate, Support, Sanction, Exculpate

The judge condemns the criminal to a life sentence for his heinous crimes.



The process of gradually reducing the strength or effectiveness of something, often through continuous wear, friction, or loss.

A reduction in number or size.

(घात/ संघर्षण)

Erosion, Reduction, Weakening, Gradual loss, Abrasion, Dilution, Debilitation, Weakening

Strengthening, Reinforcement, Augmentation, Intensification, Growth, Enhancement, Fortification, Amplification, Building, Increase

The attrition of the company's profits over the years led to a financial crisis.



The state of being easily visible, widely recognized, or distinguished in some way; the quality of being important or well-known.

(प्रमुखता/ शोहरत)

Prominence, Distinction, Eminence, Renown, Notability, Repute, Prestige, Importance

Obscurity, Insignificance, Anonymity, Unimportance, Humility, Lowliness, Inconspicuousness, Ignorance, Unfamiliarity, Obscureness

The actor gained prominence in the film industry due to his exceptional talent and dedication.

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