The Hindu Vocabulary 20 October 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 18 October 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Law and custom: On the Supreme Court’s verdict on same-sex marriage."


Part of Speech/Idiom







A formal decision or judgment, typically made by a judge or jury in a legal case.


Judgment, Decision, Ruling, Conclusion, Determination, Pronouncement, Finding, Adjudication, Sentence, Resolution

Uncertainty, Indecision, Inconclusiveness, Ambiguity, Doubt, Hesitation, Question, Confusion, Reversal, Appeal

The verdict of the court found the defendant guilty of the crime.



Strange or unusual in a way that can be unsettling, and often used to describe something that is outside of the norm or unconventional. It can also refer to a person who is homosexual.


Strange, Unusual, Odd, Eccentric, Peculiar, Abnormal, Anomalous, Atypical, Deviant, Quirky

Normal, Conventional, Typical, Common, Usual, Straight, Heterosexual

His choice of fashion was quite queer, with brightly colored mismatched clothing.



The quality or state of being worthy of respect, honor, or esteem; self-respect and self-worth.


Honor, Respect, Self-esteem, Pride, Prestige, Nobility, Integrity, Gravitas, Decorum, Stateliness

Shame, Disgrace, Indignity, Dishonor, Degradation, Humiliation, Unworthiness, Disrepute, Vulgarity, Obscurity

She carried herself with such dignity that she commanded the respect of everyone in the room.



Relating to marriage or the relationship between a husband and a wife.


Matrimonial, Nuptial, Conjugal, Spousal, Bridal, Wedding, Connubial, Husbandly, Wifely, Marriage-related

Single, Unmarried, Unwed, Celibate, Non-marital, Divorced, Separated, Bachelor, Spinster, Solo

They sought marital counseling to improve their relationship.



The state or quality of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.


Sameness, Parity, Equivalence, Uniformity, Evenness, Balance, Fairness, Equity, Justice, Impartiality, Identity

Inequality, Disparity, Unfairness, Discrimination, Imbalance, Bias, Partiality, Injustice, Prejudice, Difference, Segregation

The principle of equality is a fundamental tenet of a just society, ensuring that everyone is treated fairly.



The act of declining or rejecting something that is offered or requested.


Denial, Rejection, Declination, Nonacceptance, Repudiation, Decline, Renunciation, Disapproval, Nix, Negation

Acceptance, Approval, Consent, Agreement, Assent, Permission, Grant, Approval, Sanction, Allowance

His refusal to sign the contract surprised everyone in the room.



An official agreement or treaty, often between countries; harmony or agreement in feeling, action, or character.

(समझौता करना / सहमत करना)

Agreement, Treaty, Concord, Understanding, Harmony, Conformity, Consensus, Settlement, Deal, Pacts, Compliance

Disagreement, Conflict, Discord, Dissent, Disunity, Clash, Disaccord, Noncompliance, Refusal, Difference

The two nations signed a historic accord to promote peace and cooperation.



The anticipation or belief that something will happen or is likely to occur.


Anticipation, Hope, Belief, Outlook, Forecast, Prediction, Assumption, Prospect, Confidence, Trust

Disappointment, Despair, Pessimism, Skepticism, Uncertainty, Distrust, Cynicism, Doubt, Misgiving, Frustration

Her expectation of a promotion at work was met with joy when she received the news.



Not taking sides, impartial, not supporting or favoring any particular group or outcome.


Impartial, Unbiased, Unprejudiced, Disinterested, Fair, Equitable, Objective, Detached, Even-handed, Impersonal

Biased, Partisan, Prejudiced, Favoring, Partial, One-sided, Subjective, Involved, Committed, Inclined

The mediator remained neutral during the negotiations to ensure a fair agreement between the two parties.



A reversal or check in progress; a sudden and unexpected problem or defeat that delays or hinders one's plans.

(नाकामयाबी/ देर/ पीछे हटाना/ रोक)

Reversal, Obstacle, Hindrance, Impediment, Difficulty, Delay, Obstruction, Hurdle, Complication, Misfortune, Adversity

Success, Advance, Progress, Triumph, Victory, Achievement, Breakthrough, Prosperity, Advancement, Headway

The unexpected financial setback forced them to reconsider their business strategy.



The act of acknowledging or identifying someone or something because of previous knowledge or experience; the action of being officially accepted as a particular status or quality.


Identification, Acknowledgment, Realization, Appreciation, Validation, Acceptance, Approval, Confirmation, Admiration, Commendation

Ignorance, Unfamiliarity, Disregard, Denial, Rejection, Nonrecognition, Dissent, Disapproval, Neglect, Unacknowledgment

Her exceptional talent in music earned her widespread recognition as a gifted musician.



To make a bill or proposal into law; to establish, decree, or perform something officially.

(कानून बनाना)

Establish, Implement, Pass, Approve, Legislate, Ordain, Ratify, Sanction, Authorize, Decree

Repeal, Abolish, Revoke, Annul, Invalidate, Cancel, Overturn, Nullify,  Withdraw

The government plans to enact new laws to address environmental issues.

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