The Hindu Vocabulary 19 October 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 19 October 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Strong challenge: On the Telangana Assembly election 2023 in November".


Part of Speech/Idiom







To replace, take the place of, or substitute for something or someone.


Replace, Displace, Oust, Usurp, Overthrow, Subdue, Override, Succeed, Supercede, Take over

Retain, Preserve, Maintain, Uphold, Protect, Defend, Surrender, Yield, Submit, Abandon

The new technology supplants the old one, making it obsolete in no time.



The process of making something look or feel younger, fresher, or more vital.


Revival, Regeneration, Renovation, Rebirth, Rekindling, Restoration, Renewal, Reinvigoration, Resurgence, Reawakening

Decline, Deterioration, Decay, Withering, Degeneration, Worsening, Decrepitude, Stagnation, Erosion, Weakening

The rejuvenation of the old building breathed new life into the neighborhood.



A sudden stimulus or boost that provides encouragement or energy.


Stimulus, Boost, Impetus, Incentive, Encouragement, Spur, Motivation, Uplift, Catalyst, Spark

Hindrance, Deterrent, Setback, Obstacle, Discouragement, Disincentive, Impediment, Blockage, Stumbling block, Restraint

The positive feedback from his boss gave him the fillip he needed to complete the project with enthusiasm.



A person or team competing in a contest or competition, often with a chance of winning.


Competitor, Challenger, Rival, Contestant, Opponent, Competer, Contender, Contestee, Aspirant, Candidate

Bystander, Spectator, Nonparticipant, Observer, Onlooker, Backbencher, Noncontender, Inactive, Noncompetitor, Outsider

She was a strong contender for the title due to her impressive performance in the tournament.



Certain to happen and unavoidable.


Unavoidable, Certain, Inescapable, Unpreventable, Irresistible, Unbypassable, Sure, Unfaltering, Imminent, Predestined

Avoidable, Preventable, Uncertain, Escapable, Reversible, Controllable, Avoided, Evitable, Voluntary, Optional

Despite their best efforts, the outcome was inevitable, and they had to accept it.



Inspiring fear or respect due to being powerful, impressive, or difficult to deal with.


Intimidating, Daunting, Impressive, Terrifying, Frightening, Awe-inspiring, Challenging, Menacing, Herculean, Redoubtable

Easy, Approachable, Simple, Unimpressive, Unthreatening, Undaunting, Manageable, Unformidable, Ordinary, Common

The formidable opponent in the chess tournament made every move with great precision.



The holding of a particular office or position, especially in politics or an organization.


Tenure, Occupancy, Obligation, Responsibility, Office, Term, Service, Stewardship, Post, Term of office

Vacancy, Abandonment, Nonincumbency, Unemployment, Inactivity, Unoccupancy, Disengagement, Irresponsibility, Freedom, Resignation

His incumbency as the CEO brought about significant changes in the company's strategy.



A shallow depression or hollow usually caused by an impact or pressure.


Depression, Hollow, Indentation, Pit, Dip, Cavity, Nick, Dimple, Concavity, Defect

Bump, Bulge, Elevation, Swell, Protrusion, Rise, Peak, Mound, Projection, Outgrowth

The car's fender had a dent from the minor collision with another vehicle.



To duplicate, reproduce, or repeat something.

(पुनर्निर्मित करना)

Duplicate, Imitate, Recreate, Copy, Mirror, Match, Reproduce, Redo, Echo, Clone

Original, Unique, Innovate, Modify, Alter, Transform, Deviate, Create, Invent, Change

The scientist sought to replicate the experiment's results to confirm their accuracy.



Spreading widely throughout an area or system; prevalent or prevalent.


Widespread, Ubiquitous, All-encompassing, Prevalent, Omnipresent, Universal, Penetrating, Infiltrating, All-pervading, Rife

Limited, Restricted, Localized, Rare, Scarce, Infrequent, Isolated, Uncommon, Particular, Sparse

The influence of technology is pervasive in modern society, touching every aspect of our lives.



Attempting to promote, sell, or gain support for something aggressively or enthusiastically.

(अधिक ढंग से प्रचार)

Promoting, Advertising, Advocating, Endorsing, Marketing, Pitching, Publicizing, Hyping, Puffing, Pushing

Discouraging, Criticizing, Disparaging, Undermining, Opposing, Downplaying, Discrediting, Detracting, Disavowing, Debunking

The company was touting its new product as the best in the market.



Inspiring fear or respect due to being powerful, impressive, or difficult to deal with.


Intimidating, Daunting, Impressive, Terrifying, Frightening

Easy, Unimpressive, Unthreatening, Manageable, Ordinary

The colossal mountain peak was a formidable challenge for even the most experienced climbers.



To move or swing back and forth, to influence or control someone or something.


Swing, Rock, Influence, Control, Dominate, Affect, Govern, Persuade, Convince, Rule

Stagnate, Standstill, Immobility, Resist, Oppose, Counteract, Disapprove, Hinder, Stabilize, Stop

The charismatic leader had the ability to sway the opinions of the people with his speeches.


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