The Hindu Vocabulary 18 October 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 18 October 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Olympian heights: On India’s efforts to organise the 2036 edition".


Part of Speech/Idiom







The state or quality of being intricate, complicated, or involved; intricacies.


Complications, Intricacies, Difficulties, Complexness, Perplexities, Confusions, Entanglements, Complicities, Dilemmas, Snarls

Simplicity, Ease, Plainness, Clarity, Simplicities, Lucidity, Uncomplicatedness, Straightforwardness, Transparency, Unfussiness

The complexities of the legal system can be challenging to navigate without expert guidance.



Extending back beyond memory, record, or knowledge; ancient, time-honored, or long-standing.


Ancient, Time-honored, Long-standing, Age-old, Timeless, Primeval, Antediluvian, Prehistoric, Immortal, Antique

Recent, Modern, Contemporary, Current, New, Fresh, Present-day, Novel, Young, Immediate

The immemorial traditions of the indigenous people have been passed down through countless generations.



Producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind; lively, bright, or intense.


Bright, Lively, Colorful, Radiant, Striking, Graphic, Vibrant, Animated, Clear, Lucid

Dull, Drab, Faded, Dim, Pale, Lifeless, Muted, Subdued, Bland, Monotonous

Her vivid descriptions of the sunset painted a clear and colorful picture in our minds.



An elaborate and spectacular display or event, often with a variety of performances, shows, or attractions.


Spectacle, Pageant, Show, Display, Exhibition, Performance, Carnival, Gala, Fête, Festival

Simplicity, Austerity, Moderation, Frugality, Plainness, Sobriety, Restraint, Elegance, Minimalism, Unpretentiousness

The circus was an extravagant extravaganza with acrobats, clowns, and exotic animals that captivated the audience.



A person or thing that comes before another in time, order, or position; a forerunner.


Forerunner, Antecedent, Harbinger, Herald, Progenitor, Ancestor, Predecessor, Prototype, Precedent, Preceding

Successor, Descendant, Follower, Result, Outcome, Offshoot, Consequence, Conclusion, Resultant, Heir

The invention of the typewriter was a precursor to modern word-processing software.



The quality of being reserved or reluctant to speak or express one's thoughts.



Silence, Reserve, Restraint, Taciturnity, Discretion, Quietness, Modesty, Muteness, Introversion, Secretiveness

Talkativeness, Openness, Loquaciousness, Garrulousness, Outspokenness, Volubility, Exuberance, Vocalization, Glibness, Verbosity

Her reticence about her personal life made it difficult to know what she was thinking or feeling.



Distasteful, unpleasant, or morally offensive.


Distasteful, Disgusting, Offensive, Unpleasant, Repugnant, Repulsive, Nasty, Abhorrent, Offensive, Off-putting

Savory, Tasty, Pleasant, Agreeable, Delightful, Palatable, Enjoyable, Appealing, Grateful, Delectable

The unsavory smell coming from the kitchen made me lose my appetite.



In a clumsy, awkward, or unskilled manner.

(अयोग्यता से)

Clumsily, Awkwardly, Unskillfully, Ineffectively, Bunglingly, Incompetently, Maladroitly, Unskillfully, Inexpertly, Inadequately

Skillfully, Expertly, Competently, Adeptly, Capably, Efficiently, Proficiently, Gracefully, Adroitly, Smoothly

He tried to fix the broken faucet ineptly, making the leak worse.



The action of signing or giving formal consent to a decision, contract, or agreement, making it officially valid.


Confirmation, Approval, Endorsement, Validation, Authorization, Sanction, Consent, Acceptance, Affirmation, Endowment

Rejection, Denial, Dissent, Veto, Disapproval, Disagreement, Refusal, Objection, Opposition, Protest

The ratification of the treaty was met with unanimous approval from all parties involved.



Extremely large, enormous, or gigantic.


Enormous, Massive, Colossal, Immense, Gigantic, Mammoth, Tremendous, Vast, Huge, Monstrous

Tiny, Small, Miniature, Petite, Diminutive, Lilliputian, Minuscule, Microscopic, Insignificant, Compact

The construction project resulted in a humongous building that could be seen from miles away.



Strong desires or ambitions to achieve something.


Ambitions, Goals, Desires, Dreams, Hopes, Objectives, Aims, Targets, Purposes, Visions

Indifference, Apathy, Disinterest, Lethargy, Complacency, Stagnation, Mediocrity, Contentment, Satisfaction, Acceptance

Her aspirations led her to work tirelessly toward becoming a successful entrepreneur.



Existing as a natural or basic characteristic of something.


Intrinsic, Innate, Natural, Immanent, Built-in, Inborn, Integral, Native, Fundamental, Congenital

Acquired, Learned, Extrinsic, Alien, Superficial, External, Added, Taught, Nonessential, Imposed

The inherent beauty of the landscape drew tourists from all over the world.


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