The Hindu Vocabulary 1 June 2022


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 1 June 2022 is from the Editorial titled ‘Shiver and seizure: On the list of Congress Rajya Sabha candidates.’


Part of Speech/Idiom







A tremble.

One of the small pieces into which something such as a glass is broken.

(कंपकंपी/ शीस्ट/ थरथराहट/ टूट)

Burst, Crack, Fragment, Rive

Fix, Mend, Steady

Just thought of scuba diving sent a shiver down her spine.


To shake with cold, excitement or fear.

To break in splinters.

(सिहरना/ टुकड़े टुकड़े करना/ काँपना/ तड़ना)

Flutter, Quiver, Freeze, Shudder, Vibrate, Dither

Mend, Steady, Fix

She was shivering when she went hiking during winters.



The act of seizing.

The process of taking possession of something by legal process.

A sudden attack by some disease.

(जब्ती/ अभिग्रहण/ आक्रमण/ संग्रहण)

Breakdown, Convulsion, Illness, Fit, Stroke, Abduction, Arrest, Confiscation

Liberation, Release

All searches and seizures by the Police don’t require a judicial warrant.



A sudden bright idea.

A discussion to solve a problem.




Their latest brainstorm was to convert old motorbikes into electric bikes.


To try to solve a problem or come up with new ideas by having a discussion

(किसी समस्या को हल करने का प्रयास करना या चर्चा करके नए विचारों के साथ आना)

Deliberate, Analyze, Conceive, Conceptualize


The manager gave us a challenging task and we all were brainstorming about the possible solutions.



Distrusting the motives of others.

Believing that people are motivated by self-interest.

(निंदक/ कुटिल)

Contemptuous, Derisive, Ironic, Misanthropic

Believing, Optimistic, Trusting, Hopeful, Uncynical

My wife has a cynical attitude towards almost everything.



To give up to the control of another person.

Leave behind.

To withdraw protection.

To give up the control of something.

To yield oneself without restraint.

(छोड़ देना)

Desert, Discard, Discontinue, Ditch, Drop out, Leave

Advance, Allow, Begin, Come, Continue, Maintain

This house is abandoned for five years.


Careless disregard for consequences.

Complete lack of inhibition.

(लापरवाही की स्वतंत्रता)

Spontaneity, Disregard, Freedom, Recklessness, Impulse


He played with reckless abandon and got injured.



Noisily turbulent.

Rough and Stormy.

(उद्दाम/ ऊष्मी/ प्रचण्ड/ प्रबल)

Clamorous, Strident, Effervescent, Unruly, Loud, Rambunctious, Raucous, Roisterous

Orderly, Calm, Quiet, Low, Moderate, Solemn

The crowd at the concert was young and boisterous.



Confidence and self-assurance.

(अभिमान/ शान्तचित्तता/ संयम)

Equanimity, Confidence, Nonchalance, Tact, Balance

Fear, Gaucheness

He is very skilled that he acts in every role with equal aplomb.



The quality of being confident of one’s own righteousness and disapproving of others’ beliefs and attitudes.

(आत्म धर्म/ धर्माभिमान/ साधुम्मन्यता)



I am not going to sit and tolerate obnoxious self-righteousness from the other side.



To reach a firm decision.

To make up one’s mind.

(समाधान करना)

Agree, Answer, Conclude, Fathom

Cowardice, Fear, Weakness, Question

My father called both the parties and discussed with them to resolve the issues.


Fixity of a purpose or determination.

Purpose of intent.


Boldness, Courage, Firmness, Will

Hesitation, Irresolution, Vacillation, Indecision

I have come to a resolve that I will walk for half an hour daily.



To introduce as if by pouring.

To imbue or inspire.

(पानी में डालना/ बिगोना/ मन में बैठाना/ उड़ेलना)

Animate, Imbue, Impart, Leaven, Permeate, Impregnate, Inculcate, Inspire

Dehydrate, Dry, Discourage

The class teacher infused the students with an enthusiasm to learn.



To stay attached.

To be in support of someone or something.

To maintain loyalty.

(पालन ​​करना/ अनुसरण करना/ चिपकना/ दृढ़ रहना)

Comply, Heed, Obey, Observe, Attach, Fasten, Unite, Cement

Disobey, Ignore, Overlook, Condemn, Disregard, Detach, Disconnect, Separate, Unfasten

He adheres to his traditional values while his wife doesn’t.



Strict adherence to promises.

Loyalty and Faithfulness.

Accuracy in detail.

(सत्य के प्रति निष्ठा/ निष्ठा/ विश्वस्तता/ वफादारी)

Devotion, Loyalty, Allegiance, Ardor

Enmity, Infidelity, Disloyalty, Faithlessness, Inconstancy

No one can question his fidelity to his wife.



The position of being a candidate in an election.

(उम्मीदवारी/ उम्मीदवारी अभ्यर्थिता/ अभ्यर्थिता/ प्रार्थीत्व)

Campaigning, Canvassing


He has confirmed his candidature by organizing a huge rally.



An assembly of persons for a common religious activity.

A gathered crowd.

An assembly of persons.

(मंडली/ ढेर/ समूह/ संचय/ जनसमूह)

Audience, Crowd, Flock, Company, Confab, Gathering

Division, Separation

The archbishop addressed the congregation.



To provide background for something.

(पृष्ठभूमि प्रदान करन)

Background, Culture


The natural landscape in Kashmir backdrops perfectly for a photoshoot.


Background for something.


Background, Ground, Scenery, Scrim


The backdrop of the situation is not known to the committee members.



Something that is given generously as a gift or prize.

The yield of a crop.

A reward offered by the government.

(इनाम/ उपहार/ उदारता/ अधिदान)

Donation, Gift, Prize, Reward, Largess, Premium

Penalty, Punishment

Our farm is filled with a bounty of red roses.



An act of reviving.

The act of restoration of force or effect.

Restoration to acceptance.

A new production of an old thing.

The act of becoming popular again.

(पुनः प्रवर्तन/ पुनरजीवन/ पुनस्र्त्थान/ चेतना प्राप्ति)

Recovery, Rejuvenation, Renaissance, Renewal, Awakening, Cheering, Consolation, Invigoration, Restoration, Resuscitation

Destruction, Killing, Suppression

The revival of the interest in non-professional courses is a difficult task.



Reduce or balance the force on something.

Having a specified temper.

(किसी चीज पर बल कम या संतुलित करना)

Allay, Assuage, Mitigate, Palliate, Lessen, Weaken, Lighten

Increase, Enhance, Raise, Heighten

Due to Lakshmi’s short-tempered behaviour, she has a few friends only.

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