The Hindu Vocabulary 3 October 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 3 October 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Victory for the weak: On justice and the Vachathi verdict"


Part of Speech/Idiom






 Verb, Noun

Verb: To see or observe an event, typically as a bystander or participant

Noun: A person who observes or attests to something.


Observe, See, View, Watch, Behold, Attend, Perceive, Notice, Glimpse, Detect

Ignore, Overlook, Miss, Neglect, Disregard, Blind, Unsee, Unnotice, Unwitnessed, Unobserved

She was a witness to the accident and provided a statement to the police.



Extremely violent, cruel, or harsh; lacking in mercy or compassion.


Savage, Ruthless, Vicious, Cruel, Inhuman, Barbaric, Merciless, Fierce, Ferocious, Harsh

Gentle, Kind, Compassionate, Merciful, Mild, Humane, Tender, Soft, Benevolent, Caring

The brutal treatment of prisoners in that facility shocked the international community.



To strengthen or make something stronger, often by adding support, emphasis, or additional resources.

(मज़बूत करना)

Strengthen, Bolster, Fortify, Support, Enhance, Solidify, Consolidate, Boost, Sustain, Augment

Weaken, Undermine, Debilitate, Erode, Diminish, Reduce, Dilute, Disempower, Decrease, Subdue

Additional steel beams were added to reinforce the bridge's structure.



Of crucial importance or significance; acting as the central point or essential element.


Critical, Vital, Crucial, Essential, Key, Fundamental, Central, Paramount, Decisive, Significant

Insignificant, Minor, Unimportant, Trivial, Irrelevant, Nonessential, Peripheral, Negligible, Indispensable, Ordinary

His pivotal role in the project's success cannot be overstated.



Extremely pleasant, peaceful, or picturesque, often associated with a perfect rural setting.


Picturesque, Charming, Tranquil, Serene, Heavenly, Scenic, Bucolic, Delightful, Peaceful, Quaint

Chaotic, Unpleasant, Hectic, Unsettled, Disturbed, Harsh, Ugly, Turbulent, Stressful, Disordered

The small cottage by the lake provided an idyllic getaway from the city's hustle and bustle.



The act of coming together or meeting at a common point; the process of becoming more similar or alike.


Meeting, Union, Intersection, Merging, Joining, Confluence, Integration, Alignment, Harmony, Assimilation

Divergence, Separation, Disconnection, Disagreement, Disunity, Discord, Isolation, Diversion, Deviation, Disjunction

The convergence of various factors led to the success of the project.



The act of accumulating and storing an excessive amount of something, often to the detriment of others; also, a large advertising billboard.


Stockpiling, Accumulation, Storing, Amassing, Collection, Gathering, Piling, Stash, Reserve, Accumulating

Sharing, Distributing, Dispersing, Giving, Altruism, Generosity, Donation, Dispensing, Scattering, Dissemination

The hoarding of essential supplies during the crisis created shortages for those in need.



A channel or pipe used to convey water or other fluid substances; a means of transmitting or conveying something.


Channel, Pipe, Tube, Duct, Passage, Pipeline, Watercourse, Conveyance, Vent, Sewer

Blockage, Obstruction, Barrier, Stoppage, Clog, Impediment, Hindrance, Halt, Restraint, Interruption

The conduit carried water from the reservoir to the fields for irrigation.



Never before seen or experienced; without previous example; exceptional or remarkable.


Unparalleled, Extraordinary, Unique, Incomparable, Novel, Exceptional, Singular, Phenomenal, Groundbreaking, Revolutionary

Common, Ordinary, Typical, Usual, Conventional, Routine, Normal, Standard, Familiar, Predictable

The response to the new product was unprecedented, with customers lining up for hours to purchase it.



Exemption from punishment or freedom from the consequences of one's actions, often due to lack of accountability or legal immunity.


Immunity, Exemption, Dispensation, Amnesty, Freedom from punishment, Privilege, License, Protection, Blank check, Unrestrained

Accountability, Punishment, Consequences, Responsibility, Liability, Obligation, Restitution, Justice, Repercussions, Penalties

Corruption in the government had allowed many officials to act with impunity, escaping punishment for their crimes.



Unfairness or injustices, often related to unequal distribution of resources or opportunities.


Disparities, Discrepancies, Imbalances, Injustices, Inequalities, Unfairness, Discrimination, Bias, Prejudice, Unjustness

Fairness, Equality, Equity, Justice, Parity, Balance, Evenness, Impartiality, Neutrality, Sameness

Efforts to address social inequities require policy changes and awareness.


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