The Hindu Vocabulary 4 October 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 3 October 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Capturing the monsoon: its variance and the message".


Part of Speech/Idiom







Difference or variation between things.


Difference, Discrepancy, Divergence, Variety, Fluctuation, Contrast, Disparity, Change, Inconsistency, Deviation

Similarity, Uniformity, Consistency, Sameness, Agreement, Conformity, Harmony, Homogeneity, Stability, Equivalence

The variance in test scores among the students was quite noticeable, with some scoring very high and others quite low.



To seize, catch, or take possession of something or someone.


Seize, Catch, Arrest, Grasp, Snatch, Secure, Apprehend, Acquire, Trap, Ensnare

Release, Free, Release, Liberate, Unbind, Let go, Relinquish, Surrender, Abandon, Lose

The police managed to capture the fugitive after a lengthy pursuit through the city.



A shortfall or lack of something, typically referring to a financial shortage.


Shortage, Lack, Insufficiency, Shortfall, Scarcity, Depletion, Inadequacy, Paucity, Deficiency, Dearth

Surplus, Abundance, Excess, Plenty, Profusion, Surfeit, Overabundance, Overflow, Ample, Plenitude

The company experienced a significant deficit in its budget due to unexpected expenses.



To conquer, overcome, or bring under control.

(दमन करना)

Conquer, Overpower, Quell, Tame, Suppress, Master, Vanquish, Curb, Dominate, Control

Release, Free, Liberate, Unshackle, Allow, Encourage, Strengthen, Inspire, Incite, Ignite

The brave knight managed to subdue the fierce dragon and save the village from destruction.



To engage in conversation or talk with someone.

(बातचीत करना)

Chat, Talk, Communicate, Dialogue, Discourse, Speak, Discuss, Confer, Interact, Communicate

Silence, Mute, Hush, Keep quiet, Refrain, Ignore, Avoid, Shun, Disregard, Uncommunicative

They would often sit by the fireplace and converse late into the night.



A severe flood or overwhelming rush of something.


Flood, Inundation, Torrent, Overflow, Downpour, Cascade, Torrential rain, Avalanche, Onslaught, Onrush

Drought, Aridity, Dryness, Scarcity, Deficiency, Insufficiency, Depletion, Shortage, Deficit, Want

The deluge of rain caused the river to overflow, leading to widespread flooding in the area.



To an unusual degree or extent.


Extremely, Remarkably, Unusually, Abnormally, Extraordinarily, Uncommonly, Exceedingly, Outstandingly, Incredibly, Significantly

Normally, Commonly, Typically, Ordinarily, Moderately, Average, Regularly, Conventionally, Standardly, Usually

Her talent in music was exceptionally rare, making her a standout performer in the orchestra.



To repeat or say something again, typically for emphasis.

(पुनरावृत्त करना)

Repeat, Echo, Recapitulate, Retell, Restate, Reecho, Iterate, Parrot, Regurgitate, Duplicate

Abandon, Forget, Neglect, Disregard, Ignore, Skip, Omit, Silence, Suppress, Overlook

He had to reiterate his instructions to ensure everyone understood the safety guidelines.



Not able to be predicted or foreseen; uncertain.


Capricious, Erratic, Fickle, Inconsistent, Volatile, Variable, Uncertain, Unstable, Whimsical, Changeable

Predictable, Stable, Consistent, Reliable, Certain, Constant, Steady, Dependable, Regular, Safe

The weather in this region is so unpredictable that you never know when it will suddenly change



Unexpected and unpredictable changes or actions.


Whims, Caprices, Eccentricities, Fickleness, Instabilities, Quirks, Volatility, Inconstancies,

Consistencies, Regularities, Conformities, Predictabilities, Reliabilities, Steadiness, Stabilities, Dependabilities, Certainties, Norms

The vagaries of the stock market can make it difficult to predict investment outcomes.



To seize or take control of something or someone.


Seize, Catch, Arrest, Grasp, Snatch, Secure, Apprehend, Acquire, Trap, Ensnare

Release, Free, Liberate, Unbind, Let go, Relinquish, Surrender, Abandon, Lose, Release

The police managed to capture the thief after a brief chase through the city streets.



Specialized knowledge or skill in a particular field.


Skill, Proficiency, Mastery, Competence, Knowledge, Expertness, Know-how, Aptitude, Savvy, Prowess

Incompetence, Inexpertise, Ignorance, Unskilled, Amateurism, Novice, Cluelessness, Ineptitude, Greenness, Mediocrity

Her expertise in computer programming made her the go-to person for technical issues at the company.


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