The Hindu Vocabulary 5 October 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 5 October 2023 is from the Editorial titled “All vie for the Cup: On the ICC World Cup and host India".


Part of Speech/Idiom







The anticipation or belief that something will happen or is likely to occur.



Anticipation, Hope, Belief, Outlook, Forecast, Prediction, Assumption, Prospect, Confidence, Trust

Disappointment, Despair, Pessimism, Skepticism, Uncertainty, Distrust, Cynicism, Doubt, Misgiving, Frustration

Her expectation of a promotion at work was met with joy when she received the news.



A violent confrontation or conflict between two opposing groups or individuals.


Conflict, Confrontation, Battle, Fight, Struggle, Combat, Collision, Encounter, Tussle, Rumble

Peace, Harmony, Agreement, Accord, Conciliation, Truce, Reconciliation, Cooperation, Understanding, Detente

The clash between the rival gangs led to a chaotic street brawl.



To protect or support someone or something from harm or danger.

(रक्षा करना)

Protect, Guard, Shield, Safeguard, Shelter, Uphold, Secure, Champion, Preserve, Maintain

Attack, Harm, Endanger, Threaten, Expose, Abandon, Surrender, Betray, Neglect, Forsake

He will defend his family at any cost, even in the face of adversity.



To set up or create something, typically an organization, system, or institution.

(स्थापित करना)

Found, Create, Form, Set up, Institute, Build, Initiate, Start, Organize, Install

Dismantle, Disestablish, Abolish, Dissolve, Demolish, Eradicate, Break down, Invalidate, Eliminate

They aimed to establish a new company that would revolutionize the industry.



Placed or positioned side by side, often for comparison or contrast.


Adjacent, Side by side, Abutting, Neighboring, Parallel, Contiguous, Closely situated, Touching, Beside, Near

Separated, Distant, Apart, Isolated, Remote, Dispersed, Scattered, Far away, Removed, Detached

The two paintings were juxtaposed on the gallery wall to highlight their contrasting styles.



Wildly excited, agitated, or out of control.


Hysterical, Frantic, Manic, Wild, Chaotic, Feverish, Uncontrolled, Overwrought, Turbulent, Agitated

Calm, Composed, Serene, Tranquil, Relaxed, Soothing, Controlled, Stable, Peaceful, Collected

The frenzied crowd cheered as their team scored the winning goal in the last minute of the game.



To lift or carry something heavy, often with effort.

(किसी भारी वस्तु को प्रयत्नपूर्वक उठाना या ले जाना)

Lift, Hoist, Raise, Carry, Elevate, Haul, Transport, Tote, Lug, Drag

Drop, Lower, Depress, Set down, Release, Ease, Abandon, Place, Rest, Unload

He had to heft the bulky boxes onto the truck one by one.



Showing a great deal of variety or differences.


Varied, Different, Various, Heterogeneous, Mixed, Assorted, Multifarious, Myriad, Disparate, Manifold

Uniform, Homogeneous, Similar, Identical, Alike, Monotonous, Consistent, Unvarying, Unchanging, Identical

The group of friends had diverse interests, ranging from art to sports, making their conversations interesting and engaging.



To wake up, stir, or excite someone from a state of rest or inactivity.


Awaken, Stir, Wake, Arise, Stimulate, Incite, Arouse, Revive, Energize, Galvanize

Calm, Soothe, Sedate, Lull, Quell, Pacify, Subdue, Suppress, Tranquilize, Relax

The loud noise outside the window roused her from her deep sleep.



The highest or most intense point in a series of events or the most exciting part of a story.

(चरम बिंदु)

Peak, Pinnacle, Summit, Zenith, Apex, Culmination, Height, Apogee, Crescendo, High point

Nadir, Bottom, Low point, Trough, Base, Start, Beginning, Intro, Initiation, Onset, Commencement

The concert reached its climax when the band played their hit song, and the crowd went wild with excitement.



To raise or lift something, often using ropes or mechanical means.

(ऊपर उठाना)

Lift, Raise, Elevate, Upheave, Winch, Upturn, Uplift, Heave, Boost, Crane

Lower, Drop, Lower down, Depress, Bring down, Descend, Decline, Set down, Lowering, Sink

They used a pulley system to hoist the heavy equipment to the top of the building.



To overcome with a great force or emotion, often to the point of feeling helpless.

(अत्यधिक बोझ)

Deluge, Submerge, Flood, Swamped, Engulf, Overpower, Crush, Saturate, Overrun, Drown

Underwhelm, Under power, Understate, Subdue, Control, Manage, Compose, Handle, Conquer, Master

The sheer volume of work can overwhelm even the most organized individuals.



The prevailing fashion or style at a particular time.


Trend, Fashion, Style, Craze, Fad, Mode, Trendiness, Popularity, Acceptance, In-thing

Outdated, Unfashionable, Obsolete, Passé, Unpopular, Old-fashioned, Antique, Retro, Ineffectual, Unstylish

The retro style from the 80s is making a comeback in vogue this season.







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