The Hindu Vocabulary 27 October 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 27 October 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Warming ties: On Bhutan-China relations and India’s concerns".


Part of Speech/Idiom







Never done or known before; without previous example.


Unexampled, Unique, Unparalleled, Exceptional, Extraordinary, Novel, Unmatched, Unrivaled, Record-breaking, Without Equal

Common, Usual, Typical, Standard, Familiar, Ordinary, Conventional, Traditional, Routine, Regular

The scale of destruction caused by the hurricane was unprecedented in the region's history.



Having a firm basis in reality and being important or meaningful.

(मूल स्वरूप)

Essential, Important, Significant, Meaningful, Fundamental, Substantial, Real, Concrete, Material, Solid

Insignificant, Trivial, Unimportant, Inconsequential, Minor, Superficial, Nonessential, Unsubstantial, Incidental, Frivolous

The new evidence provided substantive support for the defendant's innocence.



The process of fixing the limits or boundaries of an area or a political constituency.


Limitation, Demarcation, Bordering, Delimit, Restriction, Setting Bounds, Confining, Defining, Limiting

Expansion, Extension, Enlargement, Widen, Increase, Broadening, Growth, Addition, Augmentation, Spreading

The delimitation of constituencies was necessary to ensure fair political representation.



The action of fixing the boundary or limits of something.


Boundary, Border, Limit, Division, Separation, Marking, Definition, Borderline, Delimitation

Union, Amalgamation, Blurring, Merging, Confluence, Conflation, Fusion, Integration, Connection, Communion

The demarcation between the two properties was unclear, leading to disputes among the neighbors.



The process of discussing and reaching an agreement, typically between two or more parties.


Discussion, Bargaining, Agreement, Deal, Compromise, Conference, Mediation, Diplomacy, Parley, Consultation

Disagreement, Dispute, Struggle, Confrontation, Contest, Discontent, Discord, Hostility, Opposition, Clash

The negotiation between the labor union and management resulted in a fair pay raise for the workers.



The act of setting up something, such as an organization or a system, or the place where this is done.


Institution, Organization, Foundation, Formation, Creation, Setup, Foundation, Initiation, Inauguration, Origin, Installation

Disbandment, Closure, Dissolution, Dismantling, Termination, Demolition, Breakdown, Abolition, Abolishment, Destruction

The establishment of the new university was a significant achievement for the town.



Certain to happen; unavoidable.


Unavoidable, Inexorable, Unpreventable, Certain, Irresistible, Imminent, Bound to Happen, Sure, Ineluctable, Fated

Avoidable, Preventable, Uncertain, Avoided, Controllable, Optional, Flexible, Changeable, Reversible, Dubious

Change is the only inevitable thing in life; we must adapt to it.



Harmony or conformity in feelings, principles, opinions, or interests; a mutual understanding or arrangement.


Accord, Concord, Harmony, Consensus, Understanding, Treaty, Deal, Settlement, Conformity, Unity

Disagreement, Dispute, Discord, Dissent, Conflict, Nonconformity, Disunity, Friction, Clash, Division

They reached an agreement on the terms of the contract.



Moving slowly or making very slight progress.

(धीरे-धीरे बढ़ता हुआ)

Creeping, Crawling, Slogging, Plodding, Gradual, Shuffling, Sluggish, Dawdling, Trudging, Moving slowly

Rushing, Speeding, Zooming, Surging, Bolting, Sprinting, Galloping, Hastening, Dashing, Flying

The snail was inching its way across the garden.



The act of describing or outlining something in detail.


Description, Explanation, Depiction, Portrayal, Definition, Representation, Exposition, Interpretation, Illustration, Sketch

Obscuring, Vagueness, Ambiguity, Confusion, Incoherence, Unclearness, Murkiness, Abstraction, Indistinctness, Ambivalence

The artist's delineation of the landscape was incredibly detailed and lifelike.



To state a fact or belief confidently and forcefully.

(दृढ़ कथन करना)

Affirm, Declare, Proclaim, Maintain, Pronounce, Avow, State, Insist, Allege, Claim

Deny, Refute, Disclaim, Reject, Contradict, Disavow, Dispute, Question, Disagree, Oppose

She had to assert her authority as the team leader to maintain discipline.



Having a very high degree of a particular quality or feeling.


Extreme, Fierce, Severe, Acute, Profound, Excessive, Intensified, Immense, Strong, Vigorous

Mild, Gentle, Weak, Subdued, Moderate, Light, Relaxed, Calm, Soothing, Tranquil

The intense heat of the summer made it unbearable to stay outside for long.


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