The Hindu Vocabulary 28 October 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 28 October 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Internecine squabbling: On the dissonances within the Republican Party in the U.S."


Part of Speech/Idiom







Destructive or deadly conflict within a group or organization.

(आपसी हत्या)

Intra-group, In-house, Civil, Internal, Intragroup, Fratricidal, Domestic, Strife, Internalized, Infighting

External, Peaceful, Harmonious, Inter-group, Cooperative, Amicable, Nonviolent, Externalized, Non-hostile, Concordant

The internecine feuds within the company's management team had a detrimental impact on its performance.



Noisy and petty arguments or disagreements.


Bickering, Disputing, Quarreling, Wrangling, Arguing, Contention, Spat, Discord, Altercation, Tiff

Harmony, Agreement, Accord, Peace, Conciliation, Amicability, Understanding, Cooperation, Reconciliation, Consensus

The constant squabbling between the siblings made for a tense family dinner.



Lack of harmony or a clash in sounds, ideas, or opinions.


Discord, Disharmony, Conflict, Dissension, Inharmoniousness, Clashing, Unpleasantness, Disagreement, Jarring, Strife

Harmony, Agreement, Consonance, Accord, Unity, Agreement, Consistency, Peace, Symmetry, Concord

The dissonance in their musical performance was evident as the notes clashed, creating an unpleasant sound.



To extend the duration or length of something.


Lengthen, Extend, Stretch, Continue, Drag out, Proliferate, Perpetuate, Sustain, Elongate, Protract

Shorten, Abbreviate, Curtail, Reduce, Constrict, Curtail, Decrease, Hasten, Expedite, Quicken

They decided to prolong their vacation by a few days to enjoy the beautiful beach a little longer.



General agreement or shared opinion among a group of people.


Agreement, Unanimity, Harmony, Accord, Conformity, Unity, Concurrence, Unison, Solidarity, Unanimousness

Disagreement, Discord, Dissent, Disunity, Disaccord, Conflict, Division, Variance, Disharmony, Dissonance

The consensus among the team members was that the new project proposal had great potential for success.



To divide or split into smaller, opposing groups or factions.

(गुटों में बाँटना)

Divide, Split, Fragment, Sectarianize, Balkanize, Segment, Partition, Disunite, Polarize, Dissociate

Unify, Merge, Consolidate, Harmonize, Reconcile, Amalgamate, Integrate, Coalesce, Combine, Unite

The political party's internal conflicts threatened to factionalize its members and weaken its unity.



Worthy of attention or remarkable.


Remarkable, Outstanding, Prominent, Distinguished, Eminent, Conspicuous, Noteworthy, Memorable, Important, Significant

Insignificant, Unremarkable, Obscure, Unimportant, Ordinary, Average, Common, Negligible, Minor, Trivial

Her notable achievements in the field of science earned her international recognition.



False or made-up stories or conversations, often as a result of memory issues or delusions.


Fabrications, Fictions, Delusions, Fabricated stories, Inventions, Imagined tales, Hallucinations, Untruths, Fantasies, Deceptions

Truths, Realities, Facts, Authenticities, Accurate accounts, Verities, Honest narratives, Real-life events, Nonfiction, Genuine stories

The patient's confabulations about meeting famous people were a sign of his cognitive disorder.



Approval, support, or recommendation for something or someone.


Approval, Support, Recommendation, Sanction, Backing, Approval, Authorization, Certification, Ratification, Imprimatur

Disapproval, Rejection, Opposition, Denial, Dissent, Disagreement, Veto, Refusal, Condemnation, Censure

Her endorsement of the product boosted its sales significantly.



 A signal or prompt that indicates when to begin or do something.


Signal, Prompt, Indicator, Sign, Clue, Gesture, Prompting, Hint, Reminder, Nudge

Delay, Hesitation, Confusion, Uncertainty, Inaction, Pause, Postponement, Disarray, Disorder, Randomness

The director gave the actor a cue to start the scene.



A sudden break, tear, or breach in something, typically a structure or a relationship.


Break, Tear, Breach, Split, Fracture, Cleft, Rift, Separation, Disruption, Snap

Connection, Continuity, Repair, Reconciliation, Unity, Mend, Fix, Healing, Reconciliation, Harmony

The rupture in the water pipe caused a flood in the basement.



To block or hinder progress, movement, or vision.

(बाधा डालना)

Blocking, Hindering, Impeding, Interfering, Obstructive, Clogging, Jamming, Inhibiting, Stalling, Stopping

Assisting, Facilitating, Clearing, Enabling, Supporting, Promoting, Aiding, Advancing, Easing, Expediting

The fallen tree was obstructing the road, causing traffic to come to a standstill.



To display or show clearly, often something hidden or evident.

(प्रत्यक्ष करना)

Display, Reveal, Show, Demonstrate, Exhibit, Disclose, Present, Unveil, Express, Emerge

Conceal, Hide, Suppress, Mask, Camouflage, Cover, Obfuscate, Disguise, Bury, Veil

The artist's work manifested his emotions and creativity for all to see.



To discredit or question the legitimacy of something or someone.

(विधित को कलंकित करना)

Discredit, Invalidate, Undermine, Disqualify, Challenge, Question, Tarnish, Disavow, Denounce, Disprove

Validate, Legitimize, Confirm, Approve, Support, Authenticate, Sanction, Uphold, Ratify, Corroborate

The scandal did much to delegitimize the politician's claims of honesty and integrity.


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