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Daily Banking Awareness Quiz | 23, 24 and 25 May 2023

Question 1

Cryptocurrency exchange CoinDCX has recently launched a decentralised finance wallet. What is its name?

Question 2

In May 2023, Jayakumar S. Pillai’s appointment as Deputy Managing Director on the board of ________ has been approved. 

Question 3

As part of relaxation of the norms for surety bonds, IRDAI has removed _____ exposure limit on each contract underwritten by insurers.

Question 4

According to research by SBI’s economic research department (ERD), rural and semi-urban areas are now accounting for ______ of share in UPI value/ volume.

Question 5

According to the RBI, gross FDI in FY23 declined from $84.8 billion in FY22 to __________ in FY23.

Question 6

Finance Ministry has announced an increase in the maximum limit for encashment of earned leave for income tax exemption. What is the new limit?

Question 7

Consider the following statements regarding steel production worldwide.

1. Production in the 63 countries declined to 161.4 million tonnes (mt).

2. Top producer China reported a decline of 1.5% compared to a year-ago period.

3. India reported a 3.2% rise in production at 10.7 mt.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

Question 8

RBI’s economic activity index (EAI) has nowcast GDP growth for Q1 of FY24 at _____.

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