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Daily Banking Awareness Quiz | 23, 24 and 25 October 2021

Question 1

Who has assumed charge as chairperson of Chennai Port Trust (ChPT)?

Question 2

Where will Bio-Agri Input Producers Association (BIPA) organize a two-day Bio-Agri Conference starting from October 28?

Question 3

In October 2021, APEDA has barred how many agencies from registering any new processor or exporter for organic products certification?

Question 4

Board of Approvals for SEZs has recently said that approval to plastic recycling units has to be renewed every _______.

Question 5

Textile ministry has notified setting up of how many PM Mega Integrated Textile Region and Apparel (PM MITRA) parks?

Question 6

Recently, RBI has capped IPO funding by NBFCs at _______ per borrower.

Question 7

In October 2021, RBI has decided to extend Basel-III Capital framework to ________.

Question 8

Which of the following has inaugurated its first offshore office in India at International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) at GIFT City?

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