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Daily Banking Awareness Quiz | 4, 5 and 6 September 2021

Question 1

International Monetary Fund (IMF) has recently increased India’s special drawing rights (SDR) quota. Total SDR holdings of India now stand at ________________.

Question 2

Who has assumed charge as the Director (Offshore) of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC)?

Question 3

Who among the following has joined Poonawalla Fincorp Limited as Group Chief Technology Officer (Group CTO)?

Question 4

How much amount can a customer hold with Payment Bank in the form of maximum end of the day balance?

Question 5

Recently, the United Nations General Assembly has passed the resolution to celebrate the International Year of Millets (IYM) in which of the following years?

Question 6

Which state government has launched ‘Vatan Prem Yojana’ for rural development?

Question 7

Where has the government started work to build a container transshipment terminal?

Question 8

Which of the following is set to become the first landlord port?

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