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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 17 April 2021

Question 1

World Hemophilia Day is celebrated every year on _____________.

Question 2

Recently, who among the following has won the Gold medal in the Asian Wrestling Championship 2021?

Question 3

Recently, the Indian Air Force Commanders’ Conference 2021 held in____________.

Question 4

The government has approved the ROPAX jetty project on the Dhamra River in ___________.

Question 5

Which of the following statement is correct about Save the Elephant Day?

1. It is celebrated on 16 April.

2. This day was established by the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation.

Select the correct code:

Question 6

Recently, India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted that the monsoon will be normal in 2021. India receives most of its rainfall from the _______________.

Question 7

Recently, Ranjit Sinha died at the age of 68. He was the former _____________.

Question 8

Which of the following statement is correct about the S-400 missile defence system?

1. It is a surface-to-air missile system.

2. India will receive the S-400 air defence system from France.

Select the correct code:

Question 9

Economist Intelligence Unit has released Inclusive Internet Index in partnership with which organization?

Question 10

What is the theme of World Voice Day 2021?

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