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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 18 and 19 October 2020

Question 1

Which of the following statements is/are correct about BRAHMOS?

  1. It is a medium-range supersonic missile that can be fired from Air and Land only.
  2. It operates on the principle of ‘Fire and Forget’.

Select the correct code:

Question 2

SLINEX is an annual bilateral maritime exercise between _________ and __________.

Question 3

Who among the following is the author of ‘C is for Cat and D is for Depression’?

Question 4

Recently, a webinar was held on the 44th death anniversary of which of the following Telugu writers?

Question 5

Which of the following statements is/are correct about Global Grand Challenges?

  1. It is a family of initiatives fostering innovation to solve key global health and development problems.
  2. It was founded in 2003 by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Select the correct code:

Question 6

A pair of Asian king vultures have been sighted in Sigur plateau. Sigur plateau is located in which of the following states?

Question 7

Israel and Bahrain have formally established diplomatic ties after reaching an agreement with the help of US. What is the capital of Bahrain?

Question 8

Who has won Women’s Singles title at Denmark Open 2020 by defeating three-time world champion, Carolina Marin?

Question 9

Recently, Dr. Joseph Mar Thomas passed away. He was related to which Profession?

Question 10

The Prime minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, belongs to which party?

Question 11

What is the rank of India in the Global Hunger Index 2020?

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