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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 30 and 31 August 2020

Question 1

The annual harvest festival Onam is the major festival of which state?

Question 2

On which day is the International Day Against Nuclear Tests observed every year?

Question 3

Under the Chhavni Covid Yodha Sanrakshan Scheme, how much amount of insurance cover will be provided to every employee in the event of a disaster?

Question 4

What is the gradual accumulation of substances like pesticides or other chemicals in an organism known as?

Question 5

Kavkaz 2020 is a _______?

Question 6

The art of making dolls, Etikoppaka, is related to which state?

Question 7

Gidugu Venkata Ramamurthy was a poet of which language?

Question 8

Recently Mustafa Adib has been appointed the new Prime Minister of which country?

Question 9

Purshottam Rai passed away recently. He was related to which field?

Question 10

Which edition of the Tour de France cycle race is being held in 2020?

Question 11

India has been declared a joint winner along with which country in the online FIDE Chess Olympiad 2020?

Question 12

Tyto alba is a species of which organism?

Question 13

Recently in which river a new freshwater fish, Systomus gracilus, has been identified?

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