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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 8 August 2020

Question 1

PM SVANidhi Scheme of Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs will continue till which year?

Question 2

Who has been appointed as new chairman of UPSC?

Question 3

PM will inaugurate a submarine Optical Fibre Cable that will connect Port Blair with which of the following?

Question 4

In which year did rural areas in all States declare themselves Open Defection (ODF) Free?

Question 5

Bangladesh has decided to construct memorial for Indian soldiers, who have died in liberation war of Bangladesh. In which year was liberation war fought?

Question 6

Who is not among the male paddlers that were recently chosen for TOPS and that come from Gujarat?

Question 7

Where will ICC Men’s T20 World Cup for year 2020 be held in 2022?

Question 8

When was Quit India movement started?

Question 9

Which Indian international airport has developed first-of-its kind portal for international arriving passengers?

Question 10

Which country is the only country in the world to start online exit examination for seafarers?

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