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April 2020 Current Affairs Compilation Part 1

Question 1

Azithromycin is used in treatment of which type of infection?

Question 2

What is not true in relation to Acute Encephalitis Syndrome?

Question 3

What is the Tablighi Jamaat which has been in the news recently?

Question 4

Which of the following Indian states does not form a border with China?

Question 5

To prevent infection of COVID-19, which app will be used to detect the violators who have been quarantined?

Question 6

In which country is the Asian Games 2022 proposed to be held?

Question 7

Recently Indian government has launched which app to track COVID-19 infection?

Question 8

A 10-day conference COP-25 was held in 2019 in which country?

Question 9

Recently Tony Lewis died at the age of 78, he was associated with which sport?

Question 10

What is the recently developed Pran-Vayu?

Question 11

Who is the current Director General of Indian Council of Medical Research?

Question 12

In which year was the National Security Act introduced?

Question 13

In which year National Highways Authority of India was established?

Question 14

Recently Ministry of Health has released analysis of COVID-19 cases, what is not right in this regard?

Question 15

Recently Brahma Kanchibhotla died due to coronavirus infection, which field did he belong to?

Question 16

Where is the National Institute of Virology located?

Question 17

What is correct regarding Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)?

Question 18

Which of these countries does not share the border with Iraq?

Question 19

Where is OPEC headquarters located?

Question 20

Cheiraoba is the festival of which Indian state?

Question 21

On what day did the sun shine above the earth and no shadow of any object was formed?

Question 22

In which state is Meru Jatra festival celebrated?

Question 23

Recently MB Desai passed away, he was related to which field?

Question 24

Which statement is correct regarding Dr. Ambedkar?

Question 25

H-1B visa is issued by which country?

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