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Daily Current Affairs Quiz | 24-25 May 2020

Question 1

India will supply Malathion Technical to which country under locust control program ?

Question 2

What is the maximum temperature under severe heatwave?

Question 3

Which country has expressed the possibility of coming out of the Open Sky Treaty recently?

Question 4

Space X Demo-2 is the mission of which country's space agency?

Question 5

Recently which country's central bank introduced digital currency?

Question 6

Under which ministry is the Hunar Haat organized?

Question 7

How many Vidhan Sabha seats are there in the state of Madhya Pradesh?

Question 8

In which year was the Serum Institute of India established?

Question 9

Where is the headquarters of Nano and Soft Materials Science Center located?

Question 10

On which day is Commonwealth Day celebrated in India every year?

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