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Daily Current Affairs Quiz | 30 May 2020

Question 1

Under which of the following projects, the Ministry of Labour and Employment has started online Career Skills Training in partnership with TCS ION for registered job-seekers?

Question 2

National Career Service has partnered with which platform to provide the functionality of online creation of video profiles for job-seekers?

Question 3

Which of the following ministries is the implementing agency of the National Career Services Project?

Question 4

The foundation stone for which the missile park has been laid at INS Kalinga?

Question 5

When did INS Kalinga commission into the Indian Navy?

Question 6

India is the _______ largest energy consumer in the world.

Question 7

Recently, how many Minor Forest Produce items have been added to the Minimum Support Price Scheme of Ministry of Tribal Affairs?

Question 8

Which of the following Minor Forest Produce items has been included in the Minimum Support Price List?

Question 9

Which Indian Navy Ship has entered the port of Madagascar to provide COVID related essential medicines as part of Mission Sagar?

Question 10

US President has recently announced to terminate the relationship between the US and which organisation over its response to COVID-19 pandemic?

Question 11

Dekho Apna Desh is an initiative of which ministry?

Question 12

Dzukou Valley is a crater base of an extinct volcano located between which two northeastern states?

Question 13

Which country represents S in BRICS group?

Question 14

Which of the following statements is incorrect about PAN?

Question 15

Who was the first Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh who passed away recently?

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