The Hindu Vocabulary 31 October 2022


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 31 October 2022 is from the Editorial titled ‘A bird in the hand: On Twitter under Elon Musk.’



Part of Speech/Idiom







The process of becoming progressively worse.


Decline, Degradation, Depreciation, Devaluation, Disintegration

Increase, Improvement, Ascent, Development, Growth

The deterioration in the quality of air in Delhi has raised alarms.



Any creature or thing of monstrous size or power

(राक्षसी आकार, शक्ति या उपस्थिति का कुछ)

Mammoth, Huge, Giant, Leviathan

Diminutive, Dwarf

The truck parked outside his house is a behemoth.



Huge or Very great.


Colossal, Enormous, Galactic, Mammoth

Bantam, Diminutive, Teensy, Wee

His father inherited an immense fortune from his grandfather.



The act of disseminating.

The act of spreading something.

(प्रसार/ प्रचार/ विस्तार/ फैलाव)

Circulation, Diffusion, Promulgation, Propagation

Collection, Gathering

I did not like the idea of dissemination of the product on the social media platforms.



The act or process of preparing something for action.

(गतिमान करना)

Rally, Active service, Assemblage, Compilation. Lot

Division, Individual, Separation

The government aims to make India a developed nation by 2024 through the mobilization of resources.  



a purchase of one company by another.


Purchase, Acquire, Take over, Buy, Investment

Abandon, Quit, Give in, Give up, Leave, Desert, Cast aside

Why there has been a delay in land acquisition?



Person who takes chances


Bohemian, Dissenter, Extremist, Malcontent, Radical

Conservative, Moderate

A book titled “Maverick Messiah” has been released.



Having no fixed course or pattern.

Inconsistent or irregular.

Transported from an original resting place by a glacier.

(अनियमित/ अस्थिर/ अनियत)

Abnormal, Arbitrary, Bizarre, Capricious, Eccentric, Inconsistent, Irregular, Aberrant, Anomalous, Changeable, Desultory, Volatile, Weird

Calm, Common, Normal, Reasonable, Standard, Steadfast, Steady, Unchanging, Regular, Sensible, Stable

Her parents were upset with her erratic behaviour.



To contract the brow as in displeasure.

To give evidence of displeasure.

(घुड़की/ तेवर)

Glare, Gloom, Glower, Grimace, Deprecate, Discountenance, Discourage, Disesteem

Grin, Smile, Approve, Condone, Encourage, Beam

She was frowning so I cracked a joke.



Used to setting a property on fire.

Tending to arouse strife.

(आग लगाने वाला/ आग भड़कानेवाला)

Inflammatory, Seditious, Provocative, Subversive, Treacherous, Dangerous

Loyal, Peace-making

Rock Music is considered an incendiary genre.



Make (a problem, bad situation, or negative feeling) worse.

(बिगाड़ देना)

Aggravate, Worsen, Inflame, Compound, Intensify, Increase, Magnify

Calm, Reduce, Settle, Lower, Lessen, Set, Pacify

The Russia-Ukraine crisis is getting exacerbated due to the involvement of different nations.



a person's state of mind seen in terms of their being angry or calm.


the degree of hardness and elasticity in steel or other metal.

Attitude, Climate, Humor, Mood, Personality, Temperament, Drift, Anger, Fury, Ire, Impatience, Rage

Calmness, Contentment, Happiness, Peace

You will regret it if you lose your temper in front of our guests.



Improve the hardness and elasticity of (steel or other metal) by reheating and then cooling it.

(स्टील या अन्य धातु को गरमा करके और फिर ठंडा करके उनकी कठोरता और लोच में सुधार करना)

Act as a neutralizing or counterbalancing force to (something)

(किसी के लिए एक तटस्थ या प्रतिसंतुलन बल के रूप में कार्य करना)

Braze, Cement, Chill, Dry, Mold, Petrify, Set, Abate, Alleviate, Cool

Liquefy, Melt, Separate, Soften, Weaken, Discourage, Dissuade

They tempered the steel to make it hard.



Apparently and Seemingly

 (प्रकट रूप से)

Evidently, Presumably, Putatively, Supposedly

Improbably, Obscurely, Unlikely

Indresh said that he will deliver the work by 6 PM, but ostensibly he is not delivering.



Untouched by anything that harms.

(बरकरार/ पूर्ण)

Comprehensive, Entire, Full, Perfect, Total, Flawless, Unblemished, Unbroken

Imperfect, Incomplete, Flawed

He has been successful in keeping his team intact.



To consider as part of a more comprehensive one.

To bring under a larger part.

To encompass a component element.

(किसी नियम के अंतर्गत करना र)

Carry, Comprehend, Contain, Embrace, Include, Involve, Classify, Contain, Incorporate

Exclude, Leave out, Miss out, Omit

Charger and Earphones are subsumed in your purchase.

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