The Hindu Vocabulary 24 July 2022


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 24 July 2022 is from the Editorial titled ‘A coalition of the sanctioned: On Russia and Iran.’


Part of Speech/Idiom







To search for something.

To try to discover by questioning or searching.

To try to obtain.

To make an inquiry.

To ask for.

(तलाश करना/ मांगना/ खोजना/ अनुसरण करना)

Explore, Follow, Investigate, Pursue, Chase, Comb, Dragnet, Pursue, Offer, Aim, Essay, Undertake, Request, Solicit, Petition, Beg

Ignore, Answer, Neglect, Reply, Find, Shun, Forget, Laze

They are seeking a new project from the Multinational company.



A person or thing that is set apart.

A person who lacks social skills or is shy and avoids the company of others.


Anchorite, Eremite, Hermit, Recluse

Desegregate, Integrate, Reintegrate

Rajni have kept the isolate of the rice flour in a separate bag.


To set apart.

To detach.

(अलग रखना/ अलग कर देना/ पृथक करना/ शोधना)

Confine, Detach, Disconnect, Disengage, Divide, Insulate, Remove, Segregate, Separate, Sequester, Abstract, Divorce, Part, Quarantine

Attach, Combine, Connect, Couple, Desegregate

The orders to isolate the rebels were imposed.



Being alone.

(अकेले होना)

Change, Enlargement, Expansion, Growth, Progression, Transformation, Flowering, Increase, Maturation, Development, Elaboration, Advancement, Blossoming, Emergence

Decrease, Lessening, Reduction, Shrinkage, Blockage, Halt, Stoppage, Backslide, Degeneration, Ebbing. Regress, Retrogression

Rahul has to self-isolate himself due to government policies in action.



Relating to geopolitics.




The geopolitical situation in Asia is complex.



Having the same pretentions.

Standing in rivalry.

(प्रतिद्वंद्विता में खड़े होना)

Competing, Battling, Combatant, Conflicting

Assisting, Associate, Supporting

I don’t want to operate rival business.


A person who is striving to obtain or achieve something that others are trying.


Adversary, Challenger, Competitor, Competition, Contender, Opponent

Ally, Difference, Associate, Helper

Russia and US are rivals.


To compete with someone to excel.

(प्रतिद्वंद्वी होना)

Emulate, Equal, Resemble, Amount, Battle, Compete, Contend, Vie

Disconnect, Support, Cooperate, Leave

Our product quality will rival old players in the market.



A difficult situation with no possible solution.

A road that has no further way.

(गतिरोध/ कठिन स्थिति/ बन्द गली/ जटिल समस्या)

Deadlock, Dilemma, Gridlock, Predicament, Stalemate, Standoff, Standstill, Halt, Logjam

Solution, Breakthrough, Agreement, Boon

The impasse between the brothers was ended by their mother.



To unite formally as by treaty or marriage.

To associate by some mutual relationship.

To enter into an alliance.

(संबद्ध करना/ जोड़ना/ मैत्री करना/ मिलाना)

Associate, Club, Coalesce, Federate, League, Conjoin, Cooperate, Unite

Break up, Disband

Russia has allied with Turkey.


A person that is associated with another person.


Associate, Accessory, Accomplice, Co-worker, Colleague, Friend, Partner

Antagonist, Enemy, Opponent, Detractor

India has formed a group with its allies.



An alliance for combined action, especially a temporary alliance of political parties forming a government or of states. (गठबंधन)

Alliance, Merger, Union, Partnership, Bloc

Detachment, Disconnection, Division, Separation

The two rival companies entered into a coalition after the market crashed down.




Official permission or approval for an action.


Authorization, Consent, Leave, Permission, Authority

Prohibition, Ban, Prohibit, Obstruct, Hinder

The authorities put a range of sanctions on the certain goods.  


To approve.

(आज्ञा देना)

Accredit, Approve, Clear, Warrant

Decline, Deny, Negative, Turn

His appointment to the new office has been sanctioned by the board.



Relating to the identification of long-term or overall aims and interests and the means of achieving them.


Planned, Calculated, Deliberate, Tactical, Judicious, Critical

Inessential, Insignificant, Trivial, Unplanned

The government should take strategic actions to deal with climate change.



A written message in business or diplomacy.


Announcement, Letter, Memo, Notice


A memorandum of understanding was signed between CSIR and POWERGRID.




In spite of

(इसके बावजूद)

Regardless of, Although, Even though, Notwithstanding


He promised me lunch, despite having an important meeting.


The feeling of despising someone or insulting.


Contempt, Contemptuousness, Disdain, Misprision

Respect, Regard, Favour, Estimation

I was feeling despite at the award function.



Strike repeatedly with hard blows.


Bash, Beat, Bruise, Buffet, Clobber, Cripple, Crush

Aid, Assist, Build, Compliment, Construct, Fail, Fix

Some students began to batter the wall to get out of the room.





The highest point.

A conference or meeting of diplomats. (शिखर / शिखर सम्मेलन)

Acme, Apex, Apogee, Capstone

Base, Bottom, Nadir

PM Modi participated in the 14th BRICS Summit.  


To participate in a summit meeting.

To reach a summit.

(चोटी तक पहूंचना)



Rohan and Rajan are planning to summit next month.


Of or relating to summit meetings.

(शिखर बैठकों से संबंधित।)



The summit documents were sent to individual countries.


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