The Hindu Vocabulary 17 August 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 17 August 2023 is from the Editorial titled “A necessary brake: On altered weather patterns and infrastructure development."


Part of Speech/Idiom







Something done or occurring randomly, without a planned or organized structure.


Random, Arbitrary, Disorderly, Chaotic, Unsystematic, Unplanned, Casual, Unorganized, Irregular, Accidental

Organized, Systematic, Methodical, Planned, Ordered, Structured, Coordinated, Regulated, Arranged, Intentional

The haphazard arrangement of the items on the shelf made it difficult to find what I was looking for.



Something that is thinly scattered, not densely populated, or lacking in quantity or density.

(बिखरा हुआ)

Scant, Thin, Limited, Meager, Scarce, Infrequent, Rare, Few, Scattered

Abundant, Plentiful, Dense, Crowded, Overflowing, Profuse, Ample, Numerous, Packed, Full

The desert landscape was marked by sparse vegetation and vast stretches of sand.



To accidentally causing a liquid or substance to flow or overflow from its container.


Overflow, Pour, Leak, Drip, Flow, Stream, Run, Gush, Discharge, Splash

Contain, Retain, Keep, Hold, Collect, Store, Preserve, Safeguard, Maintain, Confine

She accidentally spilled her coffee on the laptop.



To break or fall apart into small fragments, often due to weakness or decay.


Break apart, Fragment, Disintegrate, Crumb, Collapse, Deteriorate, Break down, Break up, Fragmentize, Decay

Hold together, Strengthen, Solidify, Integrate, Build, Assemble, Mend, Repair, Construct, Restore

The old book's pages had started to crumble.



Something that is abundant in quantity or volume, often to a point of excess.


Plentiful, Abundant, Profuse, Overflowing, Ample, Bountiful, Lavish, Rich, Sufficient, Generous

Scant, Sparse, Insufficient, Meager, Limited, Rare, Inadequate, Dearth, Deficient, Scarce

The garden was filled with copious blooms of various colors.



An excessive amount of something, often leading to discomfort, overindulgence, or an overwhelming feeling.

(अधिशयन/ अतिरेक/ आधिक्य/ ऊब)

Overabundance, Glut, Abundance, Profusion, Overflow, Redundance, Superfluity, Saturation, Overkill

Deficiency, Shortage, Scarcity, Insufficiency, Lack, Want, Need, Deficit, Deprivation, Underage

After the lavish dinner, she felt a surfeit of rich food and decided to go for a long walk to ease her discomfort.



Describe something that is unpredictable, irregular, or inconsistent in behavior, movement, or pattern.


Unpredictable, Inconsistent, Unstable, Irregular, Unreliable, Capricious, Unsteady, Volatile, Uncontrolled, Whimsical

Predictable, Consistent, Stable, Regular, Reliable, Steady, Uniform, Controlled, Orderly, Systematic

His erratic driving made other drivers on the road nervous as they couldn't anticipate his next move.



An unusual or abnormal occurrence, behavior, or phenomenon, often characterized by its deviation from the norm.


Aberration, Anomaly, Oddity, Quirk, Peculiarity, Deviation, Abnormality, Rarity, Curiosity, Exception

Norm, Standard, Regularity, Conformity, Consistency, Usual, Typical, Common, Ordinary, Conventional

The sudden rainstorm during the dry season was a freak event that surprised everyone in the city.



A significant and often sudden change, disruption, or disturbance in a situation, system, or society.


Disruption, Turmoil, Disturbance, Upset, Disorder, Chaos, Instability, Tumult, Agitation, Commotion

Stability, Calm, Order, Peace, Tranquility, Harmony, Equilibrium, Serenity, Stillness, Rest

The political upheaval led to protests and demonstrations across the country as citizens demanded change.



Something that has gone wrong or deviated from the expected course, plan, or order.


Amiss, Wrong, Crooked, Aslant, Off course, Skewed, Askew, Twisted, Deviant, Misaligned

Right, Straight, Correct, On course, Aligned, Accurate, True, In line, Proper, Orderly

Her calculations went awry, leading to unexpected results in the experiment.



Serious danger or risk, often involving the potential for harm, injury, or loss.


Danger, Hazard, Risk, Jeopardy, Threat, Menace, Endangerment, Imminence, Insecurity, Vulnerability

Safety, Security, Protection, Shelter, Assurance, Guarantee, Safeguard, Surety, Comfort, Ease

The hikers faced peril when they got caught in the sudden storm without proper gear.



Something that is reckless, deliberate, or malicious in its behavior or actions, often without consideration for consequences.


Reckless, Uncontrolled, Indulgent, Unrestrained, Immoral, Dissolute, Abandoned, Unbridled, Iniquitous, Shameless

Principled, Restrained, Controlled, Moral, Disciplined, Virtuous, Decent, Ethical, Responsible, Considerate

His wanton destruction of the property angered everyone in the neighborhood.



A large, solid piece or part of something, typically broken or separated from a larger whole.


Piece, Hunk, Chunklet, Block, Lump, Segment, Portion, Part, Mass, Slab

Fragment, Particle, Speck, Bit, Smidgen, Trace, Atom, Crumb, Minuscule, Tiny

She took a chunk of chocolate from the bar and savored its rich flavor.



To provide, present, or deliver something in a particular way, often involving the act of offering or producing something.

(प्रस्तुत करना)

Provide, Present, Offer, Deliver, Supply, Give, Exhibit, Produce, Show, Contribute

Withhold, Keep, Conceal, Suppress, Hide, Retain, Hold back, Neglect, Refrain, Deprive

The chef will render a unique twist to the traditional dish by adding exotic spices.

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