The Hindu Vocabulary 16 August 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 16 August 2023 is from the Editorial titled “From the ramparts: On Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Independence Day address.”


Part of Speech/Idiom







The defensive walls or embankments, often with a parapet at the top, built around a castle, fort, or city to provide protection against attacks.

(किले की दीवारें या भीतर की धरोहरें)

Bulwarks, Fortifications, Bastions, Parapets, Walls, Embankments, Defenses, Barricades, Fences, Palisades


Breach, Opening, Vulnerability, Weakness, Insecurity, Unprotected, Exposed, Vulnerable, Unfortified, Defenseless


The soldiers patrolled the ramparts, watching for any signs of approaching enemies.



Expressing congratulations or offering good wishes to someone who has achieved something or experienced a positive event.

(बधाई का)

Complimentary, Felicitatory, Applauding, Praising, Celebratory, Acknowledging, Salutatory, Adulatory, Joyful, Cheering


Critical, Disapproving, Censuring, Demeaning, Unappreciative, Uncomplimentary, Insulting, Derogatory, Unflattering, Condemning


The team sent a congratulatory message to their colleague for winning the prestigious award.



According to custom.


Usual,Traditional, Habitual, Conventional, Routine, Regular, Typical, Accustomed, Standard, Established

Unusual, Unconventional, Nontraditional, Atypical, Uncustomary, Rare, Exceptional, Irregular, Uncommon, Novel

It is customary to exchange gifts during the holiday season.



To systematically organize and record items or information in a structured manner for easy retrieval and reference.

(सूची बनाना)

Categorization, Classification, Indexing, Organization, Arrangement, Listing, Registering, Inventory, Recording, Archiving

Disarray, Disorganization, Chaos, Disorder, Mess, Confusion, Randomness, Unsystematic, Unplanned, Neglect

The librarian spent hours cataloguing the new books.



A vigorous and determined effort, often a campaign or movement, to achieve a particular goal, especially one that involves strong beliefs or principles.

(नैतिक मूल्‍यों के संरक्षण के लिए या अनीति के विरोध के लिए संघर्ष)

Campaign, Movement, Initiative, Drive, Quest, Mission, Expedition, Movement, Venture, Battle

Retreat, Surrender, Abandonment, Indifference, Inaction, Inactivity, Stagnation, Disinterest, Apathy, Lethargy

The environmentalist led a crusade to raise awareness about plastic pollution.



To praise applaud, or express admiration for someone or something.

(प्रशंसा करना)

Praise, Applaud, Extol, Compliment, Admire, Approve, Honor, Acclaim, Celebrate, Exalt

Criticize, Condemn, Disapprove, Denounce, Censure, Blame, Degrade, Insult, Scold, Reproach

The audience was quick to laud the actor's exceptional performance.



The act of satisfying or pacifying someone's demands or grievances, often with the intention of avoiding conflict or hostility.

(क्रोधित इत्यादि को) ठंढा करना)

Conciliation, Pacification, Accommodation, Compliance, Submissiveness, Peacekeeping, Mediation, Reconciliation, Placation, Appealing

Resistance, Opposition, Defiance, Disapproval, Dissent, Assertion, Insistence, Noncompliance, Defiance, Protest

The diplomat's skillful appeasement tactics helped prevent the tense situation from escalating.



To deal with, handle, or approach a challenge or situation.

(कठिन स्थिति या समस्‍या का हल निकालने का प्रयास करना)

Address, Confront, Handle, Manage, Approach, Grapple, Deal with, Attend to, Cope with, Undertake

Avoid, Ignore, Neglect, Evade, Shirk, Surrender, Abandon, Disregard, Overlook, Give up

She decided to tackle the overwhelming project by breaking it down into smaller steps.



Describe someone who remains resolute and persistent despite challenges, obstacles, or setbacks.


Unwavering, Determined, Unflinching, Steadfast, Unyielding, Persistent, Tenacious, Resolute, Indomitable, Unshaken

Deterred, Discouraged, Hesitant, Vacillating, Yielding, Fickle, Unsteady, Surrendering, Defeated, Timid

Despite facing repeated rejections, she remained undeterred in her pursuit of becoming a successful author.



To place something in a horizontal or flat position, typically on a surface.


Place, Put, Position, Arrange, Set, Install, Depose, Rest, Settle, Plant

Lift, Raise, Elevate, Remove, Take, Uplift, Extract, Displace, Withdraw, Levitate

He carefully lay the blanket over the sleeping child.



An act of twisting, altering, or misrepresenting something from its original state, often resulting in a misleading or inaccurate representation.

(किसी चीज़ को उसकी मूल आकृति, रूप या अर्थ से बाहर करने की क्रिया)

Deformation, Contortion, Twisting, Warping, Deviousness, Misrepresentation, Misinterpretation, Deviation, Aberration, Anomaly

Accuracy, Authenticity, Precision, Truth, Reality, Clarity, Clearness, Correctness, Integrity, Conformity

Aman intentionally added a touch of distortion to the painting.



To blend or combine two or more things, ideas, or concepts into a single entity, often leading to confusion or misrepresentation.


Merge, Blend, Combine, Fuse, Integrate, Mix, Amalgamate, Synthesize, Incorporate, Unify

Differentiate, Separate, Divide, Isolate, Distinguish, Dissect, Segregate, Disentangle, Analyze, Decouple

The article conflates two unrelated incidents, creating a misleading narrative.



To evoke a strong emotion, belief, or response in someone or something, often due to a similarity or shared quality.

(प्रतिध्वनित होना)

Evoke, Resound, Echo, Strike a chord, Reverberate, Ring true, Connect, Harmonize, Reflect, Correspond

Dissociate, Disconnect, Dissonate, Clash, Disagree, Discord, Jar, Diverge, Conflict, Repel

The message of unity and collaboration resonated deeply with the audience, inspiring them to work together for a common goal.

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