The Hindu Vocabulary 15 August 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 15 August 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Glaring omission: On the import of executive majority in ECI selection process."


Part of Speech/Idiom







Extremely obvious, strikingly bright, or attention-grabbing in a negative or unpleasant way.

(स्तब्धकारी/ सुस्पष्ट/ अतिस्पष्ट/ स्पष्ट)

Blatant, Obvious, Evident, Conspicuous, Flagrant, Prominent, Bold, Overt, Apparent, Clear

Subtle, Inconspicuous, Hidden, Indistinct, Unobtrusive, Mild, Obscure, Faint, Modest, Discreet

The spelling mistakes in the presentation were glaring.



The act of leaving out or neglecting to include something, usually information or action.


Neglect, Oversight, Exclusion, Skip, Non-inclusion, Omission of duty, Abstention, Elision, Nonattendance, Lapse

Inclusion, Addition, Incorporation, Fulfillment, Completion, Execution, Performance, Accomplishment, Attendance, Fulfilment

The omission of critical details in the report led to misunderstandings.



The highest point or peak of something, often referring to the topmost part or culmination of a structure, organization, or concept.


Summit, Pinnacle, Zenith, Acme, Culmination, Peak, Vertex, Crest, Apogee, Climax

Nadir, Bottom, Base, Foot, Depths, Bottommost, Low, point, Base level,Rock bottom,Valley

The mountaineers reached the apex of the mountain.



To be helpful or serve a purpose in achieving a particular goal, often in a subordinate or supportive role.

(आगे बढ़ाना)

Assist, Serve, Support, Aid, Promote, Facilitate, Contribute, Further, Foster, Help

Hinder, Obstruct, lmpede, Counteract, Thwart, Block, Sabotage, Prevent, Inhibit, Disrupt

The new software was designed to subserve the company's efficiency.



To contemplate, visualize, or imagine something, often as a future possibility or plan.

(परिकल्पना करना)

Imagine, Visualize, Foresee, Anticipate, Envision, Conceive, Project, Picture, See, Plan

Disregard, Overlook, Neglect, Ignore, Miss, Forget, Neglect, Abandon, Reject, Dismiss

The architect could envisage a stunning skyscraper.



To hold on to, keep possession of, or maintain something over a period of time.

(बनाए रखना)

Keep, Preserve, Hold, Maintain, Conserve,  Sustain, Retain possession of Store, Hang on to


Release, Surrender, Relinquish, Give up, Yield, Abandon, Dismiss, Let go, Lose, Forfeit

The company decided to retain its top employees.



The current holder of a particular office, position, or role.


Present, Current, Holder, Occupant, Officeholder, Keeper, Possessor, Resident, Inhabitant, Steward

Former, Past, Ex-holder, Ex-resident, Outgoing, Predecessor, Departed, Nonresident, Stranger, Outsider

The incumbent mayor is running for re-election in the upcoming city elections.



Physical or mental weakness or ailment that limits a person's ability to function normally.


Weakness, Debility, Frailty, Ailment, Illness, Malady, Disorder, Sickness, Feebleness, Deficiency

Strength, Vitality, Health, Robustness, Wellness, Vigor, Soundness, Fitness, Hardiness, Resilience

Despite his infirmity, she continued to pursue her passions.



Feeling of doubt, suspicion, or apprehension, especially about a future event or action.

(अविश्वास/ संदेह)

Doubt, Apprehension, Suspicion, Unease Anxiety, Distrust, Reservation, Skepticism, Hesitation, Uncertainty

Confidence, Assurance, Trust, Conviction, Certainty, Belief, Faith, Reassurance, Positivity, Encouragement

Despite her initial misgivings, she decided to take a chance on the new job opportunity.



The expression of disagreement or a difference of opinion with a majority or prevailing viewpoint.




Disagreement, Opposition, Disapproval, Contradiction, Discord, Conflict, Resistance, Nonconformity, Variance, Unfavorable, Opinion

Agreement, Consent, Accord, Harmony, Conformity, Unity, Compliance, Concurrence, Approval, Agreement

Some members of the committee voiced their dissent regarding the proposed policy changes



Something that is not level, regular, or consistent in terms of surface, quality, or distribution.


Irregular, Unequal, Jagged, Bumpy, Rough, Inconsistent, Variable, Patchy, Unbalanced, Disproportionate

Even, Smooth, Regular, Uniform, Consistent, Balanced, Stable, Level, Symmetrical, Homogeneous

The path through the forest was uneven.



Reduction in rank, status, quality, or value, typically to a lower level.

(किसी के पद या महत्व को घटा देना)

Lower, Reduce, Demote, Degrade, Diminish, Depreciate, Devalue, Cheapen, Lessen, Devaluate

Upgrade, Elevate, Promote, Enhance, Improve, Heighten, Raise, Boost, Advance, Appreciate

The economic downturn caused the company's stock to experience a significant downgrade, resulting in a drop in its market value.

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