The Hindu Vocabulary 18 August 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 18 August 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Fighting stereotypes: On the Handbook on Combating Gender Stereotypes".


Part of Speech/Idiom







Fight or struggle, often in a military context, against an opponent or a challenging situation.


Fight, Battle, Struggle, Conflict, Encounter, Engagement, Warfare, Duel, Skirmish, Clash

Peace, Harmony, Agreement, Cooperation, Truce, Reconciliation, Surrender, Retreat, Conciliation, Peacefulness

The soldiers were ready to combat the enemy forces with determination and bravery.



Standardized and generalized beliefs, often based on oversimplified or biased assumptions, about a particular group or category of people.

(स्थानिक प्रतिष्ठान)

Preconceptions, Assumptions, Generalizations, Prejudices, Labels, Conventions, Categorizations, Simplifications

Individuality, Uniqueness, Diversity, Originality, Open-mindedness, Adaptability, Acceptance, Nonconformity, Tolerance, Understanding

It's important to challenge stereotypes and recognize the diversity and complexity of different cultures and people.



A search, journey, or pursuit undertaken to achieve a specific goal or objective.

(किसी विशिष्ट लक्ष्य या उद्देश्य को पूरा करने के लिए आरंभ की गई खोज)

Search, Pursuit, Journey, Exploration, Adventure, Mission, Expedition, Chase, Exploration, Trek

Abandonment, Inaction, Neglect, Stagnation, Rest, Complacency, Disinterest, Apathy, Avoidance, Indifference

The brave knight set out on a quest to rescue the princess from the dragon's lair.



To make something continue indefinitely or to prolong its existence, often in the context of preserving a tradition, belief, or situation.

(स्थायी बनाना)

Continue, Maintain, Preserve, Sustain, Prolong, Keep alive, Carry on, Keep going, Persevere, Keep up

Discontinue, End, Terminate, Halt, Cease, Stop, Abandon, Break, Disrupt, Interrupt

The memorial was built to perpetuate the memory of the fallen soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the war.



Describes something as old-fashioned, outdated, or belonging to an earlier period of time.


Ancient, Outdated, Obsolete, Antiquated, Old-fashioned, Vintage, Primitive, Olden, Prehistoric, Unmodernized

Modern, Current, Contemporary, Up-to-date, Innovative, Advanced, Progressive, State-of-the-art, Recent, New

The language in the manuscript was so archaic that it required translation to be understood by modern readers.


French word

Indicate strictness, exactness, or something that is required or expected as a matter of routine or tradition.


Strictness, Rigidity, Severity, Stringency, Formality, Conformity, Obligation, Tradition, Austerity, Exactness

Flexibility, Leniency, Informality, Laxity, Relaxed, Nonconformity, Nonobligation, Informality, Variation, Easiness

In the corporate world, adhering to dress code policies is often considered rigueur to maintain a professional appearance.



Critical or disrespectful attitude towards someone or something, often intending to belittle or disparage.


Demeaning, Insulting, Disparaging, Contemptuous, Disrespectful, Belittling, Offensive, Scurrilous, Abusive, Insulting

Complimentary, Respectful, Praiseworthy, Admiring, Laudatory, Appreciative, Flattering, Constructive, Positive, Uplifting

His derogatory comments about her achievements were hurtful and uncalled for in the discussion.



Something pure, modest, or free from impurities or inappropriate behavior, often in the context of morals or behavior.


Pure, Modest, Virtuous, Innocent, Decent, Pristine, Unblemished, Moral, Untouched, Untarnished

Impure, Indecent, Immoral, Lewd, Corrupt, Defiled, Tainted, Vulgar, Profane, Obscene

Her chaste demeanor and impeccable manners left a lasting impression on everyone she met.



A man or boy who displays behaviors, characteristics, or appearance traditionally associated with femininity, often in a manner that is considered stereotypically feminine.


Effete, Feminine, Soft, Gentle, Delicate, Dainty, Unmanly, Girlish, Sensitive, Tender

Masculine, Manly, Robust, Strong, Sturdy, Bold, Rough, Virile, Muscular, Macho

The actor's effeminate mannerisms in the play were intentional, adding depth to his character's complexity.



Something done in a way that expresses disapproval, criticism, or a negative view, often using derogatory language.

(अपशब्द से)

Disparagingly, Derisively, Contemptuously, Critically, Insultingly, Offensively, Slanderously, Demeaningly, Scurrilously, Maliciously

Complimentarily, Praisefully, Respectfully, Admiringly, Positively, Kindly, Affirmatively, Encouragingly, Supportively, Constructively

He spoke pejoratively about the competition, trying to undermine their achievements and credibility.



The act of assuming something to be true without proper evidence, often leading to an unwarranted belief or conclusion.


Assumption, Supposition, Speculation, Conjecture, Hypothesis, Premise, Postulation, Inference, Guess, Presupposition

Factual, Evidence-based, Proof, Reality, Certainty, Verifiable, Truth, Corroboration, Verification, Substantiation

Without any evidence, her presumption that he was guilty led to a wrongful accusation.



The process of becoming familiar with something new, often involving learning about its features, purpose, or functioning.


Familiarization, Introduction, Induction, Acquaintance, Training, Adaptation, Initiation, Guiding, Familiarity, Guidance

Unfamiliarity, Ignorance, Disorientation, Confusion, Misdirection, Unawareness, Inexperience, Noninitiation, Unknowledgeable

The new employees underwent an orientation program to learn about the company's policies and procedures.


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