The Hindu Vocabulary 14 June 2022


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 14 June 2022 is from the Editorial titled ‘Beyond the numbers: On the Rajya Sabha elections.’


Part of Speech/Idiom







Strong disagreement.

The difference in opinion.

(कलह/ मतभेद/ विरोध/ विचार-विभिन्नता)

Bickering, Controversy, Disagreement, Discord, Dissent, Disunity, Factionalism, Conflict

Agreement, Harmony, Unity, Approval, Peace, Conformity, Accord, Concordance

The incident has created dissension within our organization.



To bring to an end.

To say in conclusion.

To finish.

To bring to an end with a particular action.

To bring about as a result.

To form a final judgment.

To arrive at an opinion.

(निष्कर्ष निकालना/ समापन करना/ समाप्त होना/ अंतिम रूप से तय करना)

Close, Complete, End, Finish, Terminate, Achieve, Halt, Make, Accomplish, Confirm, Decide

Begin, Commence, Inaugurate, Open, Start, Continue, Disbelieve, Disperse, Distribute, Divide, Destroy, Disprove, Fail, Hesitate

He concluded the meeting with his closing remarks.



To go along in company.

To exist in an association.

To put in a company with.

To cause to be in association.

(साथ/ संगत करना/ सहचारी होना/ साथ चलना)

Attend, Escort, Follow, Guide, Lead, Chaperon, Conduct, Convoy, Escort, Add Characterize, Follow

Subtract, Desert, Leave, Abandon, Disregard, Lose, Neglect, Ignore, Succeed

Chris accompanied me to the party.



To injure by attacking.

(नुक़सान पहुंचाना/ गड़बड़ करना)

Cripple, Destroy, Disrupt, Hamper, Hinder, Obstruct, Subvert, Torpedo

Aid, Allow, Assist, Build, Create

The aircrafts sabotaged the enemy’s oil wells.


Destruction of employer’s property hindering the production by discontented workers.

An act tending to hurt.

Deliberate subversion.


Destruction, Disruption, Subversion, Treachery, Vandalism, Treason

Devotion, Loyalty, Faithfulness, Fidelity

I think the angry laborers were the ones who are responsible for the sabotage of our plant.



Special or extra importance given to the activity.

Special stress laid upon anything.

Something that is given great importance.

The intensity of expression.

(ज़ोर/ बल/ प्रमुखता/ ओजपूर्ण कथन)

Attention, Insistence, Intensity, Priority, Significance, Weight, Strength, Stress

Ignorance, Lethargy, Unimportance, Triviality

Our school has a reputation for an emphasis on sports.



A large public outcry.

Noisy shouting.

A loud continuous noise.

(कोलाहल/ शोर)

Agitation, Buzz, Ferment, Noise

Calm, Peace, Silence, Order

There was a clamour of a waterfall at the hill and it increased as we moved towards it.


To shout loudly and make a public demand.

(शोर मचाना/ चिल्लाना/ धूम मचाना)



There was a strong movement and a lot of people clamoured for Donald Trump’s impeachment.



The improvement of what is wrong.

Removal of errors.

(सुधार/ दोषनिवृत्ति)

Improvement, Advancement, Change, Development

Decline, Decrease, Deterioration, Diminishment

The political reforms that the country has witnessed in the past decade have changed the view about elections.


To change into an improved form.

To put an end by enforcing a better course of action.

To become improved.

(सुधारना/ फिर से बनाना/ दोष हटाना/ सुधार करना)

Amend, Improve, Rebuild, Rehabilitate, Remake, Renovate, Reorganize, Resolve

Break, Damage, Destroy, Harm, Hurt, Injure, Ruin, Abandon

My son has been reformed after joining the cricket academy.


Relating to favouring reforms.

(सुधारों में सहयोग करने वाला |)



The pro-reform leaders will have an edge in the upcoming elections.



A military movement.

Evasive movement or tactics.

An action taken to gain a tactical advantage.

(पैंतरेबाज़ी/ तिकड़म/ कुशलता/ कौशल)

Action, Gimmick, Manipulation, Measure, Movement, Plot, Ploy, Battle, Deployment, Drill, Exercise

Cessation, Inactivity, Ignorance, Inaction

Our pilots are known for their maneuvers.


To execute tactical movements.

To manage into a position.

To guide with adroitness.

(पैंतरेबाज़ी करना/ छल करना/ सेना अथवा जहाज़ों का स्थान बदलना/ चतुराई से साथ प्रबंध करना)

Exploit, Jockey, Manipulate, Navigate, Operate, Deploy, Negotiate, Swing

Destroy, Disorganize, Neglect, Forget, Discourage, Dissuade

The company maneuvered for weeks before the final attack.

Eat Humble Pie


To admit that one was wrong.

To accept one’s mistakes forcefully.

(अपनी गलतियों को जबरदस्ती स्वीकार करना।)



The scamsters had to eat the humble pie when they saw all the evidence in the court.



A union between people, groups, countries, etc.

The act of allying to someone.

A formal agreement between two or more nations for a specific purpose.

(गठबंधन/ संधि)

Accord, Compact, Convention, Pact, Affiliation, Affinity, Betrothal, Coalition

Antagonism, Divorce, Detachment, Disconnection

EdTech is an alliance between Technology and Education.



Divide into three parts.

Involving three parties.


Ternary, Third, Treble, Trilateral, Trinitarian


We executed a tripartite agreement between us, the bank, and the builder.



A low indistinct but continuous sound.

A soft or gentle utterance.

A mumbled expression of discontent.

(बड़बड़ाहट/ गुनगुनाहट/ मंद ध्वनी/ असंतोष की ध्वनी)

Buzz, Hum, Muttering, Rumble, Whisper, Babble


He got irritated by the murmur of the crowd.


To make a murmur.

To make a low indistinct sound.

To utter in a low tone.

(कुड़कुड़ाना/ असंतोष प्रकट करना/ बड़बड़ाना/ बुदबुदाना)

Babble, Burble, Growl, Gurgle, Hum, Moan, Mumble, Mutter, Purr

Speak clearly, Be quiet

He murmured something about personal loans.



A desire for something that someone does not have.

A sense of grievance.

One who is dissatisfied.

(असंतोष/ असंतुष्ट/ नाराज़गी/ चिढ़)

Displeasure, Regret, Restlessness, Uneasiness, Unhappiness

Calm, Satisfaction, Contentedness, Happiness

There are reports about widespread discontent among the leaders of the ruling party.


To make discontented.

(असंतुष्ट करना)

Disaffect, Disgruntle, Displease, Dissatisfy

Content, Gratify, Please, Satisfy

He felt discontented about the lack of decent food.



(असंतुष्ट/ नाराज़/ तंग किया हुआ/ खिजलाया हुआ)

Aggrieved, Discontented, Disgruntled, Displeased

Content, Contented, Gratified, Pleased, Satisfied

He wrote a novel about a woman who is desperately discontent with her small-town life.



Angry or dissatisfied.

(असंतुष्ट/ नाराज़/ चिड़चिड़ा/ क्रोधी)

Annoyed, Irritated, Testy, Disappointed, Grousing

Contented, Happy, Satisfied, Pleased

Her disgruntled brother refused my help.



To strengthen.

To make more effective.

To strengthen by new additions.

(सुदृढ बनाना/ प्रबलित करना)

Bolster, Boost, Buttress, Enlarge, Corroborate, Substantiate, Support, Increase

Decrease, Diminish, Discourage, Hinder

The Chief Minister has ordered to reinforce efforts to stop the violence.


Something that reinforces.

(कुछ ऐसा जो पुष्ट करता है)



The new leader from the opposition party who is joining is a reinforce to us.




A quarrel.

A mutual prolonged quarrel.

(झगड़ा / सामंत/ चिरस्थायी कलह/ सांघातिक विरोध)

Altercation, Dissension, Enmity, Fight, Fracas, Bickering, Conflict, Discord

Accord, Agreement, Calm, Concord

Our family feud has been started by our great-great-grandfather.


To engage in a feud.

To take part in a prolonged quarrel.

(झगड़े में शामिल होना)

Bicker, Clash, Quarrel, Squabble, Dispute, Brawl

Agree, Socialize, Peace

The two groups have feuded for years now.

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