The Hindu Vocabulary 13 June 2022


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 13 June 2022 is from the Editorial titled ‘Threat to democracy: On the U.S. House panel probe into January 6 Capitol riots.’


Part of Speech/Idiom







A crucial investigation.


Examination, Exploration, Inquest, Research

Answer, Misunderstand

A probe is going on in the National Herald case.


To search and explore thoroughly.

(परख करना)

Dig, Examine, Inquire, Penetrate

Ignore, Reply

The ED has probed into the matter concerning the money launderers.



Lacking teeth or edges.

Lacking in sharpness or ineffectual.

(दंतहीन/ बिना दांत के)

Flat, Blunt, Edgeless, Round

Active, Bright, Knifelike, Clear

Your suggestions were nothing but toothless.



A checking of progress.

An instance of setting back.

A reversal in progress.

(नाकामयाबी/ देर/ विलंब/ गिरना)

Blow, Defeat, Delay, Difficulty, Hindrance, Impediment, Misfortune, Obstacle

Advance, Assistance, Advantage, Aid

The errors on the portal are a setback for our company.



Involving the agreement of two political parties that usually oppose each other.

Relating to two political parties.


Amphibian, Binary, Diploid, Amphibious, Bicameral


The Tax Cut Bill is getting bipartisan support.



A disorderly crowd.

A crowd engaged in lawlessness.

A large number of people.

(भीड़/ नीच मनुष्य लोग/ उपद्रवी आदमी की भीड़/ कोलाहल करनेवालों की भीड़)

Clan, Crowd, Flock, Gang, Horde, Mass, Riot

Individual, Single

The mob was marching towards the shopping mall.


To crowd noisily.

To attack in a violent mob.

To crowd about and attack.

(उपद्रव करना/ भीड़ लगाना/ कोलाहल करना/ आक्रमण करना)

Jostle, Swarm, Attack, Cram

Retreat, Ignore, Shun, Avoid

The actor was mobbed by the paparazzi.


Relating to the riotous crowd.

(दंगाई भीड़ से संबंधित।)



The mob mentality is to get them listened to and not to listen to others.



To cause by incitement.

To provoke.

(भड़काना/ उत्तेजित करना/ बहकाना/ उकसाना)

Abet, Brew, Ferment, Foment, Incite, Pick, Initiate, Inflame, Kindle

Deter, Discourage, Dissuade, Halt, Neglect, Stop, Ignore, Calm

He has instigated anger in her towards her sister.



Hold on tightly to something.

To adhere closely.

To remain close.

To remain attached.

(चिपटना/ अडिग रहना/ दृढ़ पकड़ना/ चिमटना)

Hold onto, Clutch, Grip, Grasp, Clench, Adhere, Fasten, Cohere

Loose, Halt, Let go, Unfasten, Release

I went to Rahul’s house and saw a dozen of fridge magnets clinging to his refrigerator.


An instance of clinging.

A sheet of material designed to adhere to a flat surface.

(चिपके रहने का एक उदाहरण।/ एक सपाट सतह से चिपकने करने के लिए डिज़ाइन की गई सामग्री की एक शीट।)

Adherence, Adhesion, Bonding


The plastic wrap of this lot has very little cling.



A type of government by the people in which the supreme power is vested in the people.

A political unit that has a democratic government.

(लोकतंत्र/ प्रजातंत्र/ जनतंत्र/ प्रजासत्तात्मक राज्य)

Republic, Self-government, Self-rule, Equality, Freedom, Justice


India is the largest democracy in the world.



Inclined to criticize severely.

Exercising judicious evaluation.

Of the nature of a crisis.

Some important juncture.

(गंभीर/ आलोचनात्मक/ नाजुक/ फुलाना/ आलोचनावादी)

Demanding, Analytical, Belittling, Biting, Crucial, Dangerous, Decisive, Dire, Carping, Rejective

Complimentary, Praisig, Trivial, Laudatory, Certain, Inessential, Minor, Safe, Uncritical

All the critical parameters are fine in our manufacturing plant.



A person or thing that has been left out.

The act of omitting.

Something that has been neglected.

(चूक/ लोप/ अनुपस्थिति/ छोड़ देना/ चूकना/ ख़ाली जगह)

Breach, Carelessness, Exclusion, Failing, Lapse, Oversight, Deletion, Elision

Success, Accomplishment, Achievement, Allowance, Juncture

There are some omissions in the list of important dignitaries.



To come between disputing people.

To occur between two things.

To lie between two things.

(हस्तक्षेप करना/ बीच में पड़ना)

Arbitrate, Intercede, Interfere, Involve, Meddle, Negotiate, Befall, Ensue

Combine, Connect, Join, Precede, Ignore

I don’t like intervening in someone’s personal matters.



To mar the surface of something.

To injure the surface to make it illegible.

(बदनाम करना/ बिगाड़ना/ हानि पहुंच देना/ ग़लत मानी लेना)

Disfigurement, Impairment, Vandalism, Trash

Conserve, Preserve, Protect, Save

All violent persons should be fined for defacing public property.



To make an attack.

(हमला करना/ आक्रमण करना/ धावा करना/ धर्षण करना)

Abuse, Invade, Violate, Shoot down, Rape, Jump, Avance, Assail

Decrease, Praise, Retreat

The politician assaulted a police officer.


A sudden violent attack.

(धावा/ वार/ चढ़ाई/ धर्षण)

Aggression, Onslaught, Rape, Strike, Charge, Incursion, Invasion, Offensive


They planned an assault on the enemy’s military base.



One who assists a member of the clergy in a liturgical service.

One who assists a leader.

(गिर्जे का सहायक/ अनुचर/ पादरी का सहकारी/ सहायक)

Follower, Aid, Assistant, Helper


The minister had dinner with his acolytes.



To criticize someone or something unfairly or badly.

To attack the reputation of someone or something.

To speak damagingly about someone or something.

To treat as lacking in value.

(बदनाम करना/ कलंक लगाना/ बदनामी लगाना/ अपवाद करना)

Besmirch, Defame, Disparage, Impugn, Slander, Vilify, Minimize, Trash

Acclaim, Exalt, Extol, Laud, Glorify, Magnify, Praise

Rakesh has denigrated Rashmi’s character.



To go on stubbornly.

To continue steadfastly.

To last tenaciously.

To be insistent in a statement.

(दृढ़ रहना/ क़ायम रहना/ बच निकलना/ ज़िद करना)

Continue, Endure, Linger, Persevere, Pursue, Recur, Remain, Repeat, Stay

Submit, Waver, Cease, Falter, Discontinue, Go, Halt, Leave

I persisted and asked her again for a date.



The impeaching of a public official.

The process of charging with a crime that someone has done and makes them unfit for the office.

(आयात सामग्री का)

Allegation, Complaint, Denunciation, Indictment, Recrimination, Arraignment, Criticism, Animadversion

Acquittal, Approval, Praise, Commendation, Endorsement, Flattery, Harmony, Compliment, Ratification

The impeachment of Donald Trump was a matter of discussion after the Capitol Hill incident.



Showing dislike or opposition.

(विरोधी/ प्रतिरोधी/ विपक्षी/ प्रतिकूल)

Combative, Hostile, Inimical, Unfriendly

Agreeable, Friendly, Kind, Nice

Our representative said that it is impossible to finalize any deal with you because of your antagonistic attitude.



A minor change or addition designed to improve a text, piece of legislation, etc.


Modification, Revision, Suggestion, Addendum

Repose, Rest, Worsening

The CEO is in no mood for amendments to his plan.

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