The Hindu Vocabulary 15 July 2022


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 15 July 2022 is from the Editorial titled ‘Bridging the gap: On India’s gender inequality.’


Part of Speech/Idiom







A brace or an arrangement fixed between floors, roofs or pathways to keep them in place. 

A fixture between floor or roof joists to stiffen the construction. 

(फर्श, छत या रास्ते के बीच उन्हें रखने के लिए एक ब्रेस या व्यवस्था।) 

Associating, Attaching, Combining, Coupling 

We are planning on bridging the two neighbouring buildings at their rooftops. 



The condition of being unequal.

Unevenness in something.

Unequal or uneven due to social or economic disparity.

An instance of being unequal.

(असमानता / विषमता/ असमता/ भिन्नता)

Bias, Difference, Discrimination, Disparity, Diversity, Injustice, Unfairness, Asperity, Contrast, Disproportion, Dissimilarity, Dissimilitude, Irregularity

Alikeness, Equality, Fairness, Sameness, Similarity, Uniformity, Agreement, Evenness, Impartiality, Likeness

The inequality in the gender gap needs to be bridged.



To experience good treatment.

To travel.

To eat and drink.

(यात्रा करना/ यात्रा होना/ भोजन करना/ बसर होना)

Cope, Manage, Shift, Dine, Glut, Board, Picnic

Dig up, Strip, Collapse, Fail, Decline, Arrest, Repress, Delay, Cramp, Remain, diet, Fast

Ronald fared well in his profession.


Money that is paid for a journey that is being made in a bus, train, taxi, etc.

Food served in a restaurant.

(किराया/ भाड़ा/ भोजन/ आहार)

Bread, Chow, Grub, Provisions, Victuals

Bane, Poison, Toxin, Venom

Richmond postponed his travel to Atlanta due to high fares.



Something that serves as a standard by which others may be measured.

A standard of excellence against which similar things are measured.

(तल चिह्न / सतह / सीधा/ बहुत ढालवाँ)

Criterion, Gauge, Standard, Measure, Touchstone, Yardstick, Bar, Grade, Metric


This movie has become a benchmark, now all movies will be compared to it.


To study a competitor to improve the performance of one’s own.

To test something to develop software.

(अपने स्वयं के प्रदर्शन को बेहतर बनाने के लिए एक प्रतियोगी का अध्ययन करना।)



The company has benchmarked the new product.



Relating to a benchmark.

(एक बेंचमार्क से संबंधित ।)



The benchmark test is being conducted by only these two companies.



Any process of development.

A product developed in an evolved process.

A process of gradual development as in social or economic institutions.

A pattern formed by a series of movements.

The historical development of a biological group.

The process of change in a certain direction.

(क्रमागत उन्नति/ विकास/ उद्भव/ उत्क्रांति/ क्रम-विकास/ वृद्धि)

Change, Enlargement, Expansion, Growth, Progression, Transformation, Flowering, Increase, Maturation, Development, Elaboration, Advancement, Blossoming, Emergence

Decrease, Lessening, Reduction, Shrinkage, Blockage, Halt, Stoppage, Backslide, Degeneration, Ebbing. Regress, Retrogression

The evolution of our start-up into a giant company will take some time.



The quality of being equal.

Equivalence of a commodity price expressed in one currency to its price expressed in another.

Equivalence in something.

(समानता/ समता/ अनुरूपता/ मूल्यों का अनुपात/ मेल/ सानुकूल्य)

Consistency, Uniformity, Unity, Affinity, Agreement, Analogy, Closeness Congruity, Likeness, Nearness, Equivalence, Parallelism, Resemblance, Conformity

Variation, Dissimilarity, Difference, Unlikeness, Imbalance, Inequality, Disagreement

The struggle of women for parity with men is a prolonged one.



The state of not moving.

A stagnant state or condition.

A foulness or staleness.

A failure to progress or advance.

The state of feeling sluggish or dull.

(स्थिरता / गतिहीनता/ विकासहीनता / अकर्मण्यता)

Sluggishness, Calm, Dullness, Quiescence, Status

Boom, Rise

Three years after working in the same industry, it looks like there is a period of economic stagnation going on.



To hesitate in speech, action, or intent.

To walk unsteadily.


Balance, Dither, Scruple, Teeter, Anile, Senile

Certain, Clear, Decisive, Definite

Our neighbouring island nation has faltered due to nepotism in politics.



A time of extreme difficulty.

A situation that has reached a critical phase.


Catastrophe, Change, Crunch, Emergency

Agreement, Benefit, Blessing, Breakthrough, Calm

The crisis in Sri Lanka has worsened in the last week.




(सर्वव्यापी महामारी)

Board, Common, Comprehensive, Generic

Abnormal, Exclusive, Incomplete, Infrequent

The pandemic has affected poor people in a very hard manner.



Extremely hopeless.

Extremely bad or severe.

Immeasurably low or wretched.

(मात्र/ अथाह/ अति-गहन)

Boundless, Bottomless, Complete, Deep, Endless, Extreme, Illimitable, Incalculable, Infinite, Fathomless, Plumbless

Finite, Low, Shallow, Superficial, Surface, Depthless, Confined

A sound was echoing from the abysmal reaches of the caves.



Something unavoidable or urgent.

An obligatory duty.

(कुछ ऐसा जो अपरिहार्य हो।)

Behest, Charge, Command, Decree, Edict, Injunction

Appeal, Entreaty, Petition, Plea, Recommendation, Grace, Ease

He considered helping his brother a moral imperative.


Absolutely Unavoidable avoided.

(अनिवार्य/ आदेशात्मक/ आत्यावश्यक/ आज्ञार्थक)

Compulsory, Obligatory, Critical, Crucial, Essential, Bidding, Dominant, Incumbent, Required

Inessential, Insignificant, Nonessential, Optional, Elective

It is our imperative duty of ours to help anyone in need.



The practice of making only a symbolic effort.

An action that is just done to show some intention or to impress a particular type of person.


Duplicity, Hypocrisy, Lie, Insincerity, Jive, Sham, Unctuousness


Opening the club for women for an hour each day is an act of tokenism.



To astonish or deeply shock.

To shock with amazement.

To cause to become unsteady.

To falter as in an argument.

To cause to doubt.

(चौंका देना)

Astonish, Amaze, Shock, Astound, Surprise, Stupefy, Startle, Lurch, Reel, Shake, Teeter, Devastate, Dumbfound, Overwhelm, Shatter

Aware, Clear, Orient, Understand, Continue, Stay, Expect, Explain, Clarify, Help, Enlighten

This much load will stagger the truck.


The act of staggering.

A staggered arrangement.

A staggered arrangement of wings.

An unsteady walk.

(विचलता/ लड़खड़ाहट)


Stable, Calm

Rashmi walked with a slight stagger while asleep.



Something that is intended to block passage.

A natural structure that prevents movement or action.

A limit or boundary.

Any natural obstacle.

(रुकावट/ अवरोध/ आड़/ प्रतिबंध)

Barricade, Blockade, Boundary, Fence, Hurdle, Impediment, Difficulty, Drawback, Handicap, Hindrance, Restraint, Obstacle

Assistance, Help, Opening, Open, Advantage, Aid, Freedom

Globalization is not possible with existing trade barriers.

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