The Hindu Vocabulary 26 May 2022


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 26 May 2022 is from the Editorial titled ‘Caution and clarity: On the U.S.-led Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity.’


Part of Speech/Idiom







Alertness and prudence in a hazardous situation to minimize risk.

A person or thing that astonishes apprehension.

Care taken to avoid danger.

A warning against danger.

(चेतावनी/ सावधानी/सतर्कता/ एहतियात)

Attention, Care, Discretion, Foresight, Advice, Caveat, Counsel, Gingerliness

Carelessness, Indiscretion, Neglect, Disregard, Ignorance, Heedlessness, Imprudence

We need to drive with caution on the hill roads.


To give a warning to someone to be careful.

(चेतावनी देना/ सजग करना/ सचेत करना/ आगाह करना)

Admonish, Alert, Exhort, Forewarn

Imperil, Risk

My father cautioned me to drive slowly during the rain.



The quality of being clear.

The clearness as to understanding.

Free from ambiguity.

(स्पष्टता/ शुद्धता/ सफ़ाई/ सुथराई)

Accuracy, Brightness, Certainty, Directness, Lucidity, Precision, Limpidness, Transparency

Inaccuracy, Dirtiness, Obscurity, Unintelligibility, Cloudiness, Opaqueness

There is a lack of clarity in your article.



Justified in terms of profitability.

About the use of wealth and commodities.

Relating to the economy.

(आर्थिक/ अर्थ संबंधी/ अर्थशास्त्रीय/ लाभदायक/ लाभकर)

Budgetary, Commercial, Fiscal, Industrial, Monetary, Juicy, Lucrative, Remunerative


The economic conditions in the country are currently good.



A basic structure or plan of concepts or rules.

A basic conceptional structure of ideas.

The large branches of the tree that determine its shape.

(रूपरेखा/ ढांचा/ तंत्र/ बनावट/ चौखटा)

Groundwork, Plan, Scheme, Structure, Cage, Architecture, Cadre, Edifice, Infrastructure, Skeleton


An iron framework was made to surround the entire structure.




The condition of being successful, especially in terms of finances or fortune.

(समृद्धि/ सफलता/ कुशल/ सौभाग्य)

Accomplishment, Benefit, Boom, Expansion, Inflation, Success, Wealth, Welfare

Decrease, Loss, Shrinkage, Stagnation, Disadvantage, Failure, Lessening, Lack

I wish you peace and prosperity in your life.



Birth or Origin.


Alpha, Baseline, Beginning, Birth, Onset, Outset, Start, Dawn

Completion, Conclusion, Death, Effect, Finale, Finish, Goal, Outcome, End

Our startup in its nascence needs some funding.



Capable of being felt by the sense of touch.

Real or actual and not imaginary.

Capable of being identified or realized by the mind.

Capable of being appraised at an actual value.

(वास्तविक/ असली/ हक़ीक़ी)

Palpable, Touchable, Actual, Appreciable

Abstract, Imperceptible, Intangible, Conceptual

There is no tangible basis for suspecting his intentions.


Something capable of being touched.

An asset capable of being appraised at an actual value.

(कुछ ऐसा जो छूने में सक्षम हो।/ एक वास्तविक मूल्य पर मूल्यांकन करने में सक्षम संपत्ति।)



All my tangibles in form of real estate value up to 1 crore.



The way a thing turns out


Result, Consequence, Conclusion, Net result, Product

Cause, Origin, Beginning, Source, Start

The outcome of dedication and hard work is always success whether quick or late.



Associated in close relations.

Very private.

Engaged in sexual relations.

Relating to the inmost depth of the mind.

Marked by a warm friendship.

(अन्तरंग/ परिचित/ अभिन्न/ सुपरिचित)

Confidential, Affectionate, Cozy, Loving, Warm, Bosom, Profound, Visceral

Ignorant, Known, Open, Cold, Cool, Disliking, Away

I went to the party with my intimate friends.


A very close friend.

(एक बहुत करीबी दोस्त।)

Confidant, Confidante, Crony, Associate, Chum, Companion

Enemy, Opponent, Stranger, Foe

He shares his thoughts only with his intimates.


To communicate indirectly.

(सूचित करना/ बताना/ सूचना देना)

Affirm, Assert, Impart, Imply, Air, Allude, Announce, Indicate

Deny, Conceal, Cover, Hide

They intimated to me of their decision only at the last moment.



Remove a veil or covering from, in particular, uncover (a new monument or work of art) as part of a public ceremony.

(अनावरण करना)

Reveal, Disclose, Open, Tell, Expose, Uncover, Discover

Conceal, Cover, Hide, Secrete, Withhold, Protect

We unveiled our father’s statue on his death anniversary.




Importance or significance.

(वज़न/ भार/ अधिकांश/ उठाना)

Bulk, Amount, Bundle, Capacity, Consignment, Ballast, Load, Ferry, Give, Haul

Avoid, Dodge, Lower, Maintain, Drop, Fix, Triviality, Unimportance

This looked like having very much heft, but it turned out to be fake dumbbells.


To heave up.

To lift upward.

(तौलना/ आधा उठाना/ वज़न करना/ थोड़ा-थोड़ा उठाना)

Boost, Heave, Hoist, Upheave

Decrease, Fall, Lessen, Descend, Drop, Disenchant, Discontinue

We were hefting items from the stack.



The business of buying and selling commodities.

The act of buying, selling, or exchanging stocks, currency or bonds.

(व्यापार/ धंधा/ तिजारत)

Business, Commerce, Contract, Deal

Disagreement, Idleness, Unemployment, Indolence

The trade in the tourism industry has now gone global.


To give one thing in exchange for another.

(व्यापार करना/ तिजारत करना/ विक्रय करना)

Deal, Traffic


I traded my old watch for a new one.


Related to trade.

Limited to persons in the industry.

(व्यापारिक/ तिजारती/ व्यवसाय)



We have formed a trade committee.



The place or post of control.


Chair, Head, Rein


The new principal is at the helm of our college.



To direct a ship with a lever.

To direct or control.

(रास्ते पर लाना/ मार्ग पर लाना/ संचालन करना/ निशाना लगाना)

Conn, Navigate, Pilot, Steer


He is an expert in helming action scenes.



The act of agreeing to a mutual decision.

The act of agreeing.

The state of being in accord.

(समझौता/ शर्त/ सुलह)

Accord, Arrangement, Compliance, Compromise, Approval, Charter, Covenant, Lease

Denial, Difference, Disagreement, Dissension, Misunderstanding, Refusal

The agreement has finally been signed.



Relating to initiation.

(पहल का)



His initiative thoughts surprised everyone.


A leading action.

One’s personal decision.


Action, Drive, Leadership, Push

Apathy, Cowardice, Indifference, Idleness

My grandfather took the initiative to turn the dumping ground into a beautiful park.



Critical observation or examination.

A close look.

(छानबीन/ समीक्षा)

Inspection, Survey, Scan, Study


The IT department has kept all your transactions under scrutiny for one month.




In spite of

(इसके बावजूद)

Regardless of, Although, Even though, Notwithstanding


Despite knowing that your credibility is low, I am giving you the loan.


The feeling of despising someone or insulting.


Contempt, Contemptuousness, Disdain, Misprision

Respect, Regard, Favour, Estimation

The feeling of despite being at Rohan’s house made him realize that he should not be friends with Rohan anymore.



The art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially the use of figures of speech and other compositional techniques. (वक्रपटुता)

Elocution, Hyperbole, Oratory, Address

Quiet, Conciseness

The promise to clean the river was just empty rhetoric.



To wear by rubbing.

To feel irritation.

To warm by rubbing.

(मसलना/ पीसना/ मालिश करना/ रगड की गर्म)

Irritate, Abrade, Bark, Corrode, Excoriate, Fret, Gall

Aid, Fix, Assist, Heal, Help, Build, Calm, Cheer

The strap chafed the baby’s waist as it was tight.


Injury caused by rubbing.

(घिसने के कारण क्षति)



The seats were so soft that the journey of 10 hours was chafe-free.



Shortage of something required


Loss, Shortfall, Arrears, Default, Deficiency, Dues

Abundance, Adequacy, Advantage, Enough, Plenty

The deficit in annual rainfall has hurt the farmers of the country.



The quality of being believable.

(साख/ विश्वसनीयता)

Chance, Integrity, Prospect, Reliability

Unlikelihood, Improbability, Unreasonableness, Implausibility

I trust your credibility.

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