The Hindu Vocabulary 25 May 2022


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 25 May 2022 is from the Editorial titled ‘Grand slam: On ATP and WTA stripping of Wimbledon ranking points.’


Part of Speech/Idiom







A long narrow piece of metal.

A commercial area along a highway.

An act of undressing.

(पट्टी/ धज्जा/भूभाग/ तख़्ता)

Band, Bar, Belt, Bit, Layer. Ribbon


He wrapped my wound with a strip of cloth.


To remove clothing.

To remove furniture or equipment.

To remove one’s clothes.

To deprive of covering.

(नंगा करना/ नंगा होना/ उघाड़ना/ वंचित करना)

Deprive, Dismantle, Divest, Empty, Striptease, Peel

Cover, Fill, Fix, Give, Dress, Robe

The prisoners were stripped to check for weapons.



To exercise sovereign authority.

To control the actions.

To rule by right of authority.

To exercise the functioning of the government.

To conduct the policy and actions of an organization.

(शासन करना/ परिचातित करना/दमन करना/ विधान करना)

Administer, Conduct, Control, Dictate, Guide, Control, Curb, Decide, Determine, Handle

Abandon, Leave, Mismanage, Neglect, Fail, Aid, Liberate, Assist, Help

The current regime is very much capable of handling complex matters.



Unpleasantly severe.

Causing a disagreeable sensory reaction.

Physically uncomfortable.

Cruel or severe.

Excessively negative.

(कठोर/ कड़ा/ तेज़/ निष्ठुर)

Bitter, Bleak, Grim, Hard, Rigid, Sharp, Punitive, Brutal, Relentless, Ruthless

Bland, Bright, Low, Mild, Calm, Agreeable, Bland, Cheerful

He used harsh words toward his rivals.



An expression of sharp disapproval or criticism.


Reprimand, Reproach, Scolding, Admonishment, Remonstration,

Approval, Exoneration, Commendation, Flattery

His words were given as advice but they felt like a rebuke.


Express sharp disapproval or criticism of (someone) because of their behavior or actions.

To criticize sharply.

(निन्दा करना)

Scold, Admonish, Reprove, Chide, Pull up, Castigate

Approve, Flatter, Laud, Praise, Compliment

My husband rebuked me for making tasteless food.




Having the power of self-government.

Carried on without outside control.

Subject to its own laws.

Having autonomy.

(स्वायत्तशासी/ स्वायत्त/ स्वशासी/ स्वराज्य के अधीन)

Self-governing, Free, Self-determining, Sovereign

Subservient, Dependent, Subject, Dependent, Nonautonomous

Mark has created an autonomous institution for educating kids.



To become less in amount.

To slope downward.

To tend toward an inferior state.

To express inability to accept.

To withhold consent.

(अस्वीकार करना/ झुकना/ अन्त होना)

Deselect, Disapprove, Negative, Nix, Pass, Refuse, Deny, Dismiss, Reject, Demur

Comeback, Improvement, Rally, Recovery, Recuperation, Rehabilitation, Approve, Grant, Advance, Ascend, Increase, Develop, Enlarge

She declined my proposal for a business partnership.


A period in which something deteriorates.

A downward slope.

A continuous loss of strength.

(पतन/ अवनति/ क्षय/ ढलान)

Debilitation, Decay, Declension, Degeneration, Ebbing, Lessening, Fall, Failure, Drop

Accept, Approve, Increase, Rise, Success, Accomplishment, Improvement, Achievement

The decline of the party is due to poor leadership.



Quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.


Honesty, Probity, Uprightness, Righteousness, Sincerity

Deceit, Dishonesty, Corruption, Disgrace

I cannot compromise my integrity to earn money.



To desire wrongfully.

To desire what belongs to others.

(लालच/ ललचाना/ लोभ करना)

Crave, Desiderate, Desire, Dire, Lust, Envy, Begrudge, Want

Dislike, Abjure, Give, Hate

He secretly coveted this throne for years.



Excluding something as an exception.

Except for.

(को छोड़कर/ के सिवाय/ बिना)

Except for, Excepting, Bar, Other than, Apart from, Aside from, Besides, But

All, Inclusive

Barring any guests coming to my house, I will go for a walk.




A quarrel.

A mutual prolonged quarrel.

(झगड़ा / सामंत/ चिरस्थायी कलह/ सांघातिक विरोध)

Altercation, Dissension, Enmity, Fight, Fracas, Bickering, Conflict, Discord

Accord, Agreement, Calm, Concord

The feud between the management and the union is causing problems on the client’s end.


To engage in a feud.

To take part in a prolonged quarrel.

(झगड़े में शामिल होना)

Bicker, Clash, Quarrel, Squabble, Dispute, Brawl

Agree, Socialize, Peace

Their family has feuded with mine for decades.



Power of fascination.

(आकर्षण से लुभाना / घोड़े की चाल)

Attraction, Charisma, Charm, Magnetism, Temptation, Enticement, Glamour

Repulsion, Repulsiveness

The allure of higher monetary benefits is too strong to hire competitor employees.


To attract by something desirable.

To be tempting.

To entice by charm.

(फुसलाना/ ललचाना/ भरमाना/ आकर्षण या मोह की शक्ति)

Beguile, Bewitch, Captivate, Enchant, Attract, Bait, Fascinate, Magnetize, Wile, Witch

Disenchant, Disgust, Repel, Release, Deter, Repulse, Push, Discourage

You have been a fool that you were easily allured by her fake love for you.



A story or narrative about a place, group, or event.


Adventure, Chronicle, Epic, Narrative


I wrote my life’s saga in my autobiography.



The process of interrupting something.

A forcible division into parts.

An act of preventing the continuation of an operation in a normal way.

(विघटन/ भंग/ विच्छेद/ दुर्घटना/ दरार/ फटन)

Interruption, Separation, Severance, Break, Confusion, Disturbance, Agitation, Disorder

Calm, Order, Organization, Method

The whole progress of Ukraine has come in disruption after the war.



The fact or condition of being serious.

Rigorous in punishment.

Strongly critical.

Requiring great efforts.


Seriousness, Gravity, Strength, Intensity, Ferocity

Mildness, Leniency, Geniality, Elaboration, Simplicity

A severe fitness test is being planned for selection into the state team.



A complete failure in a humiliating way.

A round-bottomed glass flask for wine.

(असफलता/ नाकामयाबी/ अनिष्पत्ति)

Blunder, Breakdown, Debacle, Disaster, Embarrassment, Failure, Farce, Turkey, Washout

Blockbuster, Hit, Smash, Success, Accomplishment, Achievement, Miracle, Success

The film turned out to be a fiasco.



An injury without a break in the overlying skin.

An injury especially to the feelings.

(चोट/ छ्लिना)

Blemish, Contusion, Discolouration


His father-in-law fell on the plants and got bruises on his hand.


To break down by pounding.

To injure slightly.

(नील लगाना/ मसलना)

Batter, Blacken, Crush, Injure

Aid, Compliment, Cure, Heal

Rashmi’s feelings were bruised when she came to know that the university has rejected her application.




In spite of

(इसके बावजूद)

Regardless of, Although, Even though, Notwithstanding


You will deny it later despite accepting it now, I know you very well.


The feeling of despising someone or insulting.


Contempt, Contemptuousness, Disdain, Misprision

Respect, Regard, Favour, Estimation

The management called the Union leader and made him feel despite and turned down his proposal.



To impose as something that must be suffered.

To cause something unpleasant to be endured.

(दण्ड/ थोपना/ सज़ा देना/ पीड़ा पहुंचाना)

Exact, Expose, Levy, Wreak

Hold, Take, Keep, Withhold

The mosquitoes inflict a painful sting.



Assets pledged by a borrower as security for repayment of a loan.

A branch of a bodily part.

A relative from the same stock but in a different line.

(एक ऋण की चुकौती के लिए सुरक्षा के रूप में एक उधारकर्ता द्वारा गिरवी रखी गई संपत्ति।)

Assurance, Bond, Guarantee, Endorsement

Break, Uncertainty

He has pledged his land as collateral for his loans.


Accompanying as secondary.

Parallel in position.

Relating to the collateral being used as security.

(सहायक/ अतिरिक्त)

Ancillary, Accessory, Adjuvant, Attendant

Chief, Different, Dissimilar, Important

The collateral effects of these plans must be thought upon.



Involving only one person.

Decided by only one person.

(एकतरफा/ इकतरफ़ा)

One-sidedly, Independently

Bilaterally, Plurilaterally, Multilaterally

The state government has unilaterally reduced the taxes.



Something that distracts.

Mental derangement.

The state of being distracted.

(व्याकुलता/ विकर्षण/ पागलपन/ अन्यमनस्कता)

Aberration, Complication, Confusion, Disturbance

Calm, Order, Profession, Peace

The distractions in your life are causing failures in the exams.



To separate as if with a wedge.

To insert a wedge.

(एक कील के साथ अलग करना।)

Cram, Crowd, Crush, Jam


The wedge stopped the gate from getting closed.


A piece of wood or metal that tapers to a thin edge.

(कील/ पच्चर/ खूंटा/ रुखानी)

Chunk, Block, Chock, Cleat


Tanu wedged her hand into the crack.



A small needle-like particle.

A group broken away from a parent body.


Bit, Chip, Needle, Flake


Swati got a splinter in her foot.


To split into long thin pieces.

(पतली पट्टी चीरना)

Disintegrate, Fracture, Split, Rive, Shatter, Slice

Combine, Fix, Mend, Unite

The glass vase splintered into pieces.

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