The Hindu Vocabulary 18 May 2022


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 18 May 2022 is from the Editorial titled ‘Crisis and opportunity: On Sri Lanka political crisis.’



Part of Speech/Idiom







A time of extreme difficulty.

A situation that has reached a critical phase.


Catastrophe, Change, Crunch, Emergency

Agreement, Benefit, Blessing, Breakthrough, Calm

The people of Sri Lanka hope that the new Prime Minister will handle the economic crisis.



To prove something to be false or wrong.

(असत्य सिद्ध करना)

Belie, Confound, Confute, Falsify, Refute, Discredit, Impugn, Rebut

Agree, Approve, Concede, Permit, Confirm, Prove, Verify, Validate

Many videos try to disprove NASA’s Moon landing.



A person who criticizes someone or something.

A person who tries to degrade the value or reputation of someone or something.

(आलोचक/ समीक्षक/ निन्दा करनेवाला/ बदनामी लगानेवाला)

Critic, Depreciator, Defamer, Censor, Derogator, Denigrator, Belittler, Attacker

Commender, Praiser, Comforter, Solace, Supporter, Bodyguard

Films with political agendas have a huge number of detractors and admirers.



A saying often in a metaphorical form that expresses a common observation.

(कहावत/ लोकोक्ति/ सुक्ति/ कथन)

Aphorism, Axiom, Maxim, Motto, Precept, Dictum, Saying, Word


Seeing his waste of money, his wife reminded him of the adage – money saved is money earned.



A large long fork with some curved prongs used for lifting hay, some stacks, etc.

(सूखी घास इत्यादि की टाल लगाने का नोकदार डंडा)



The Greek letter psi looks like a pitchfork.


To lift with a pitchfork.

To lift or throw to a height or higher level.

(एक पिचफ़र्क के साथ उठाना।/ ऊँचाई या ऊँचे स्तर पर उठाना या फेंकना।)



He has been pitchforked to the post of Prime Minister.



In the past.


Once, Bygone, Ex, Late, Past, Preceding

Present, Future

He is now planning to befriend his family’s erstwhile rivals.



Beyond what is usual.

Employed on special service.

Having extremely special quality.

(असाधारण/ अपूर्व/ निराला/ न्यारा/ विशेष)

Amazing, Bizarre, Curious, Exceptional, Fantastic, Incredible, Aberrant, Peculiar

Common, Customary, Normal, Ordinary, Believable, Common

Roger has some extraordinary cooking skills.



A piece of fabric finished with a nap.

A polished fabric that is not shiny.

(नरम उठी हुई/ एक गैर-परछांई देने वाली सतह के बनना |)

Coated, Encrusted, Faced, Stuffed


The sheets are made with double-brushed cotton.



Capable of working successfully; feasible.


Workable, Feasible, Practicable, Practical, Usable

Impracticable, Unworkable, Unfeasible, Inoperable

It does not seem viable for any country as of now to completely eradicate coal dependency.



Any association or union.

An agreement formed to carry into effect some financial operations requiring resources more than that of a single member.


Association, Board, Council, League

Division, Detachment, Parting, Separation

Many consortiums are willing to help poor countries financially and through technology.



Affected by some unpleasant condition.

Made incapable or unfit.

Deeply affected as with disease.

(त्रस्त/ घायल/ चोट खाये हुए/ शिकार में जख्मी)

Harmed, Injured, Wounded, Struck, Afflicted, Disabled, Harmed


The stricken mountains have not seen such fire in centuries.



To secure or make certain.

To guarantee.

(सुनिश्चित करना)

Assure, Guarantee, Secure, Protect

Endanger, Harm, Ignore, Injure

I ensure you that you will be paid in full by the end of this year.



To do away with.

To end the effect of something.

(समाप्त करना/ उन्मूलन करना/ रद्द करना)

Abrogate, Annul, Cancel, Dissolve, Eradicate, Overthrow, Prohibit, Vacate

Allow, Approve, Create, Establish, Begin, Institute, Construct, Permit, Confirm, Sanction

Abolishing tax will be a sure bet to winning the election but it would shake the country’s economy.




The process of altering a law in a constitutional procedure.

A material that aids plant growth by improving the soil condition.


Change, Modification, reform, Remedy, Act, Bill, Measure, Motion

Damage, Harm, Injury, Repose

It is important to know about constitutional amendments to prepare for Indian Polity.



Waste (something, especially money or time) in a reckless and foolish manner.


Blow, Expend, Lavish, Misuse, Waste

Hoard, Save, Accumulate, Gather

She squandered her money in the share market.



Something that is carried.

Something that is oppressive, worrisome, or obligatory.


Chorus, Refrain, Haul, Concern, Onus, Anxiety, Difficulty, Strain

Advantage, Aid, Assistance, Benefit

You are free from burden today, you can go home.


To load heavily.

(बोझ लादना)

Afflict, Bother, Depress, Encumber

Aid, Allow, Assist, Cheer

I asked the manager to not burden him much as he is feeling sick.



The quality of being stable.

Resistance to change.

(स्थिरता/ मज़बूती)

Balance, Cohesion, Establishment, Security, Firmness, Soundness, Strength, Sturdiness

Insecurity, Instability, Precariousness, Shakiness

The conditions are moving towards stability after a long period of instability.

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