The Hindu Vocabulary 8 November 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 8 November 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Defection business: On party-hopping as a feature of Indian politics"


Part of Speech/Idiom







The act of abandoning a political party, cause, or group to join or support an opposing one.


Desertion, Betrayal, Apostasy, Renunciation, Treason, Forsaking, Abandonment, Termination, Renegade, Conversion

Loyalty, Allegiance, Fidelity, Adherence, Faithfulness, Constancy, Devotion, Commitment, Dedication, Allegiance

His defection from the party surprised many of his colleagues.



Force, power, or impact that accomplishes an effect or result.


Force, Impact, Power, Strength, Influence, Pressure, Impression, Mark, Effect, Punch

Weakness, Ineffectiveness, Helplessness, Impotence, Powerlessness, Inefficacy, Feebleness, Ineptitude, Futility, Inadequacy

Through sheer dint of hard work, she achieved success in her endeavors.



Support, encouragement, or sponsorship given by a patron.



Support, Sponsorship, Backing, Aid, Help, Assistance, Advocacy, Endorsement, Promotion, Funding

Opposition, Disapproval, Dissent, Objection, Boycott, Abstention, Disfavor, Refusal, Denial, Rejection

His business thrived due to the generous patronage of several influential individuals.



A firmly held belief or the state of being found or proved guilty of an offense or crime.

(दृढ़ विश्वास)

Belief, Certainty, Faith, Assurance, Confidence, Determination, Assurance, Certitude, Firmness, Belief

Doubt, Uncertainty, Indecision, Skepticism, Disbelief, Hesitation, Ambiguity, Misgiving, Suspicion, Dubiety

The conviction that honesty is crucial to success guided his every action.



The quality of being easily shaped, formed, or molded; capable of being influenced or adapted.


Flexibility, Adaptability, Plasticity, Pliability, Modifiability, Malleableness, Ductility, Flexibleness, Manipulability, Pliableness

Rigidity, Inflexibility, Stiffness, Immutability, Inadaptability, Inelasticity, Resistance, Unyieldingness, Solidity, Rigidness

The malleability of clay allows artists to sculpt various forms with ease.



Necessary as a duty or responsibility; the current holder of an office or position.


Obligatory, Mandatory, Required, Essential, Holder, Occupant, Officeholder, Essential, Necessary, Compulsory

Optional, Voluntary, Elective, Nonessential, Nonobligatory, Unnecessary, Discretionary, Elective, Unrequired, Voluntary

It is incumbent upon us to fulfill our duties diligently.



To develop or present in detail; to add more information or complexity.


Detailed, Intricate, Complex, Thorough, Comprehensive, Expanded, Developed, Intricate, Extensive, Explanatory

Simple, Basic, Brief, Concise, Summary, Compact, Terse, Simplified, Curt, Abridged

The architect will elaborate on the plans for the new building during the meeting.



To provide food and service, especially at social events or functions; to satisfy a particular need or demand.

(खाना परोसना)

Provide, Supply, Serve, Accommodate, Furnish, Offer, Provision, Attend, Indulge, Satisfy

Deprive, Refuse, Deny, Withhold, Lack, Want, Abstain, Resist, Avoid, Shun

The hotel will cater to the dietary preferences of its guests during the conference.



To express fluently or coherently; to speak or pronounce clearly.

(स्पष्ट रूप से कहना)

Expressive, Fluent, Eloquent, Coherent, Persuasive, Enunciate, Vocalize, Clarity, Clear, Spoken

Inarticulate, Mumble, Garble, Slur, Unclear, Indistinct, Incoherent, Unintelligible, Confused, Jumble, Stammer

She was able to articulate her thoughts effectively during the presentation.



Thin, weak, or flimsy; having little substance or strength.


Fragile, Weak, Slim, Thin, Feeble, Delicate, Flimsy, Shaky, Unsubstantial, Frail

Strong, Substantial, Robust, Solid, Steady, Stable, Resilient, Firm, Sound, Substantial

The tenuous rope was unable to support the weight, posing a risk for climbers.


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