The Hindu Vocabulary 16 June 2022


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 16 June 2022 is from the Editorial titled ‘End the war: On Russia-Ukraine conflict.’


Part of Speech/Idiom







To come into the disagreement.


Differ, Disagree, Vary, Disturb

Agree, Consent, Accord, Conform

They conflicted at the party and ruined everybody’s mood.


A fight or battle


Disaccord, Discordance, Dissension, Division, War

Accord, Agreement, Harmony, Peace

There is a conflict of interest between me and my cousin.



The state of being responsible.

Moral or legal accountability.


Blame, Fault, Liability, Authority, Duty, Guilt, Efficiency, Honesty

Irresponsibility, Benefit, Blessing, Incompetence, Weakness

I am giving you the responsibility to conduct the Unit Test in all classes by this week.



An assemblage of persons.

A group of soldiers.


Army, Contingent, Crew, Delegation

Individual, One

There are troops of the Russian Army capturing cities in Ukraine.


To gather in a company.

To move in large numbers.

(बड़ी संख्या में स्थानांतरित करना)



Due to a fear of extended attack from Russia, Many countries nearby Ukraine started trooping at their borders.



A sudden and violent gust of wind.

The blowing of a whistle.

A loud sudden noise.

A forceful hit.

(विस्फोट/ धमाका)

Blow, Burst, Roar, Bang, Crash, Detonation, Eruption, Explosion, Storm, Riot

Quiet, Stillness, Breeze

He was hit by a blast of a water balloon.


To play a loud noise.

To cause to shrivel.

To produce a loud sound.

To make a vigorous attack.

(विस्फोट से उड़ा देना/ भूनना/ उड़ा देना/ नष्ट करना)

Blow, Burst, Demolish, Explode, Pop, Damage, Detonate, Injure, Attack, Beat, Castigate, Criticize

Aid, Assist, Build, Construct, Create, Compliment, Laud

Workers are blasting the rocks to make a way for the new highway.



Mounted projectile firing or missile launching arms.

The branch of an army concerned with the use of weapons.

Weapons for discharging missiles.


Battery, Cannon, Ordnance, Arms, Force, Gunnery, Munitions, Rainmakers


The sound of artillery fire can be heard up to kilometres.



Something united with another


Associate, Colleague, Friend, Partner, Co-worker, Collaborator

Antagonist, Enemy, Foe, Opponent, Detractor

The ally nations list is getting bigger and bigger for India.


combine or unite a resource or commodity with (another) for mutual benefit.

(मैत्री करना)

Combine, Merge, Amalgamate, Join

Break up, Disband, Abandon

Rajeh allied himself with a wealthy family through his friend.



Of ann area of land - lacking vegetation and exposed to elements.


Without hope or encouragement.

Lacking in warmth or life.

Not hopeful.

(सूना/ निराशाजनक)

Austere, Chilly, Cold, Desolate, Dreary, Dark, Dismal, Gloomy, Somber, Harsh

Bright, Cheerful, Friendly, Happy, Warm

I would not accompany you on the hike as the hill is bleak and dark.




In spite of

(इसके बावजूद)

Regardless of, Although, Even though, Notwithstanding


Aster appears for every exam despite knowing that he won’t qualify.


The feeling of despising someone or insulting.


Contempt, Contemptuousness, Disdain, Misprision

Respect, Regard, Favour, Estimation

The only reason for her bad behaviour was the despite that she felt.



The forced withdrawal of an army before an enemy.

A place of refuge or seclusion.

(वापसी / आश्रय / शरण/ निर्जन स्थान)

Evacuation, Withdrawal, Retirement, Ebb, Flight, Haven, Hideaway, Refuge, Resort

Advance, Arrival, Coming, Advancement

They made a retreat when they realized that there is only defeat waiting for them.



To withdraw for shelter.

To slope backwards.

To draw or lead back.

To withdraw forces as a result of defeat.

(पीछे हटना/ स्थान छोड़ना)

Recede, Retire, Withdraw, Abandon, Backtrack, Depart, Escape, Go

Advance, Come, Continue, Enter, Forge

They retreated to the temple for safety.



The opposition offered by one thing to another.


Battle, Defiance, Fight, Intransigence

Aid, Assistance, Help, Liberation

The Ukrainians have offered resistance that no one imagined.



Authoritative permission for action.

A formal decree


Allowance, Clearance, Consent, Warrant

Interdiction, Prohibition, Proscription

The policy might not receive a legal sanction.


To approve.

(आज्ञा देना)

Accredit, Approve, Clear, Warrant

Decline, Deny, Negative, Turn

Her use of force was not sanctioned by the department.



A military sector in which actual combat takes place.

The area of a battlefield where troops fight.


Battlezone, Combat area, Communications zone, Battleline, Enemy line

Peaceful area

Thousands of soldiers died on the battlefront.



Something blew down by the wind.

An unexpected gain.

(अप्रत्याशित/ छप्पर-फाड़-आय)

Bonanza, Bonus, Find, Fortune, Benediction, Blessing, Boon

Affliction, Curse, Evil, Plague

I have received a windfall because of the latest tax cuts.


Accruing in unexpectedly large amounts.




Rahul has achieved windfall profits in the share market.



To fly at a great height.

To rise or increase in value or price.

(बढ़ गई)

Ascend, Escalate, Mount, Rise

Decline, Decrease, Drop, Lessen

Stocks soared after the news about the cessation of war.


The height attained in soaring.

The act of soaring.

(उड़ने की क्रिया/ उड़ने में प्राप्त ऊंचाई)

Ascension, Ascent, Climb, Rise

Descent, Dip, Dive, Drop

We were taught a demo of flight soar by an expert pilot.



An instance of the entrance to the possession.

An instance of the entrance to take possession.

(आक्रमण/ हमला/ चढ़ाई/ धावा)

Descent, Foray, Incursion, Irruption

Obedience, Surrender, Retreat, Withdrawal

Due to the increasing population, an invasion is taking place in the wildlife.



A person who favours a radical or immediate and direct approach to achieve the completion of a program.

(अधिकतमवादी/ महिष्टवादी/ अपनी सर्वोच्च माँग पर डटा रहनेवाला व्यक्ति)



Russia has taken a maximalist position in the case of Ukraine.



Something unavoidable or urgent.

An obligatory duty.

(कुछ ऐसा जो अपरिहार्य हो।)

Behest, Charge, Command, Decree, Edict, Injunction


My wife considers it imperative to feed the poor people.


Absolutely Unavoidable avoided.

(अनिवार्य/ आदेशात्मक/ आत्यावश्यक/ आज्ञार्थक)

Compulsory, Obligatory, Critical, Crucial, Essential, Bidding, Dominant, Incumbent, Required

Inessential, Insignificant, Nonessential, Optional

It is an imperative duty of Rajesh which he is not doing.



Subjected to physical violence persistently by a close relative living on the same premises.

Damaged by hard use.

Injured by repeated blows.


Decrepit, Ramshackle, Run down, Bedraggled, Creaky, Crippled, Dilapidated, Feeble, Flimsy, Damaged, Decaying

Good, Healthy, Intact, Firm, Healthy, Hearty, Solid, Sound, Neat, Fixed

My grandfather kept his battered hat for years as his emotions were attached to it.



A time of extreme difficulty.

A situation that has reached a critical phase.


Catastrophe, Change, Crunch, Emergency

Agreement, Benefit, Blessing, Breakthrough, Calm

The crisis going on in Russia and Ukraine is not going to end soon.

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