The Hindu Vocabulary 2 July 2022


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 2 July 2022 is from the Editorial titled ‘Fallout of policy failure: On the U.S. migrant tragedy."


Part of Speech/Idiom







An unexpected effect or outcome.

A secondary set of consequences.

The radioactive particles stirred up by a nuclear explosion.

The settling to the ground of airborne particles ejected into the atmosphere from the earth by explosions, especially nuclear explosions.

(विवाद/ उतार/ झगड़ना/ पतझड़)


Aftereffect, Consequence, Outcome, Repercussion, Effect, Radioactive waste, Altercate, Argue, Bicker, Quarrel, Row, Squabble, Wrangle

Antecedent, Basis, Source, Causation, Origin, Determinant, Inspiration, Reason

He was worried about the political fallouts that may result from the scandal.



A person or animal that moves regularly in order to find work.

A person who attempts to permanently relocate to a new country.

(प्रवासी/ स्थान बदलकर रहनेवाला पशु/ औपनिवेशिक/ यात्री पाक्षी)

Emigrant, Evacuee, Expatriate, Traveller, Departer, Drifter, Itinerant, Migrator, Moved, Nomad

Native, Nonimmigrant

These are native birds and the other two are migrants.


Tending to migrate.

(घुमंतू/ मौसिमी/ यात्री/ ख़ानाबदोश)

Migratory, Mobile, Errant, Itinerant, Peregrine, Ambulant, Sauntering

Nonmigrant, Nonmigratory, Resident

The migrant workers are coming by train to work in our plant.



Marked by compassion, sympathy or kindness for humans, or animals.

Acting in a manner that causes the least harm to animals or people.

(दयालु/ मानवोचित/ दयाशील/ सदय)

Affectionately, Delicately, Generously, Genially, Helpfully, Sympathetically, Tenderly, Thoughtfully, Politely, Kindly, Warmly

Disagreeably, Inconsiderably, Unkindly, Atrocious, Barbaric, Vicious, Bestial, Inhumane

It is not humane to keep animals in cages.



A flowing in.

Something that flows in.

Moving in of a large amount of people or money.

(शाखा/ अन्तर्वाह/ भीतर की ओर बहाव)

Arrival, Incursion, Introduction, Invasion, Convergence, Entrance, Inpouring, Inrush

Retreat, Departure

The Swiss Bank is not liking the inflow of foreign money these days.



Leave behind

(छोड़ देना)

Desert, Discard, Discontinue, Ditch, Drop out, Leave

Advance, Allow, Begin, Come, Continue, Maintain

He abandoned the post in anger.


Careless disregard for consequences

(लापरवाही की स्वतंत्रता)

Spontaneity, Disregard, Freedom, Recklessness, Impulse


He lived a life of an abandon throughout his college.



Precipitation in the form of small balls consisting of clear ice.

(ओला/ शिलावृष्टि/ बौछाड़)

Barrage, Bombardment, Salvo, Hailstorm, Rain, Storm, Volley


Our crop was destroyed by the storm and heavy hail last night.


To precipitate hail.

To pour down hail.

To greet with enthusiastic approval.

To summon by calling.

A salutation.

(पुकारना/ नमस्कार करना/ ओला पड़ाना/ वेग से गिरना/ दूर से पुकारना/ जयजयकार करना)

Address, Greet, Salute, Signal, Welcome, Accost, Flag, Shoulder, Shout, Acclaim, Acknowledge, Applaud, Begin, Batter, Bombard

Disdain, Dribble, Drip, Disparage, Slight, Censure, Denounce, Disapprove, Discourage

He shouted to hail a cab.



In the middle.

(बीच में)

Betwixt, Amid, Among, Enclosed

Border, Edge

He parted ways with me amidst the financial crisis I was in.



Forbidding or uninviting

Very serious or gloomy.

(भयंकर/ विकट)

Bleak, Cruel, Ghastly, Gloomy, Stern, Aloof

Bright, Cheerful, Comforting, Happy, Pleasant, Friendly, Affable

She got bored by our grim tale.




Something that may be harmful or cause injury or damage.


Hazard, Menace, Pitfall, Threat

Certainty, Protection, Security

We faced the perils of a hailstorm while passing through the hail zone in Nebraska.


To risk or to expose to danger.

(जोखिम उठाना या खतरे में डालना।)

Adventure, Compromise, Menace, Risk

Certainty, Protection, Security

He periled my son to the Jungle for camping at the night.



An institution for the maintenance and care of mentally ill orphans or other persons.

An inviolable refuge.

A place offering a secure retreat.

(शरण/ आश्रयस्थान/ पागलखाना/ उन्मत्तालय)

Haven, Refuge, Sanctuary, Shelter, Cover, Mental hospital, Institution, Mental institution


The founder of WikiLeaks found asylum for years but finally ended up in prison.



A time of extreme difficulty.

A situation that has reached a critical phase.


Catastrophe, Change, Crunch, Emergency

Agreement, Benefit, Blessing, Breakthrough, Calm

There was a danger of a food crisis after a hike in crude oil prices.



A blank space.

A small cavity.

A missing part.

(कमी/ अभाव/ अंतराल/ अंतर)

Break, Cavity, Depression, Gap, Hiatus, Interim, Dearth, Pinch, Deficit, Undersupply, Inadequacy

Closure, Continuity, Continuation, Misfortune, Abundance, Wealth, Opulence, Plenty

The material available online still have major lacunae.



The action or process of reforming an institution or practice.


Improvement, Betterment, Amelioration, Refinement, Change


We are planning major reforms in our business.


Make changes in (something, typically a social, political, or economic institution or practice) in order to improve it.

(सुधार करना)

Amend, Improve, Rebuild, Rehabilitate, Remake, Renovate

Break, Damage, Destroy, Ruin, Harm, Hurt

The army recruitment has been reformed through Agni veer Scheme.



A great number.

A great number of people gathered like a crowd.

The state of being many.

(भीड़/ बड़ी संख्या / बहुलता / मेला)

Horde, Legion, Myriad, Slew, Throng, Aggregation, Army, Assemblage, Assembly, Collection

Little, Handful, Single, Zero, Portion, Minority

I have a multitude of choices in selecting a college for my post-graduation.



Involving the agreement of two political parties that usually oppose each other.

Relating to two political parties.


Amphibian, Binary, Diploid, Amphibious, Bicameral


The major Bills that are for public welfare often get bipartisan support.



Having a common boundary.

Coincident in range or scope.

(सह-सीमावर्ती/ एक सीमा/ एक सीमा वाला/ सह-मीयादी)

Adjacent, Contiguous, Neighbouring, Abutting, Connecting, Accessory, Attendant, Allied, Coextensive, Equal, Later

Detached, Divided, Separate, Accidental, Divergent, Changing, Different, Disproportionate, Dissimilar, Earlier

The work area of various government departments is coterminous.



The quality of being unwilling to do something.

(अनिच्छा/ ग़ैर रजामंदी)

Aversion, Reluctance, Diffidence, Dissatisfaction, Distaste, Objection, Opposition, Resistance

Inclination, Willingness, Liking, Love

His unwillingness to participate in business activities demotivated me.



In a way that is supported by reasons and logic.

(तर्क से / चेतना से / शक्ति से / युक्तता से)

Intelligently, Logically, Reasonably, Wisely, Lucidly, Judiciously

Foolishly, Stupidly, Illogically

I found it difficult to explain the entire matter to your father rationally.



A feeble light.

A dim or faint idea or perception.

A hint.

A faint or unsteady light.

(प्रभा/ चमक/ क्षीण प्रकाश)

Flicker, Gleam, Glint, Glow, Ray, Twinkle, Hint, Inkling


He still has a glimmer of hope that his business will succeed.


To shine faintly or unsteadily.

To appear faintly or dimly.

(टिमटिमाना/ जगमगाना)

Flicker, Gleam, Glint, Glisten, Shimmer, Blink, Fade


The stars were glimmering through the clouds.

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