The Hindu Vocabulary 3 July 2022


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 3 July 2022 is from the Editorial titled ‘Reset mode: On GST reform.”


Part of Speech/Idiom








To set again.

To change the reading of something to zero.

To set differently in a new way.

(फिर से कायम करना/ फिर से स्थापित करना/ फिर से रखना/ फिर से लगाना)

Reboot, Load, Restart, Bootstrap, Reconstituted, Reconstructed, Transformed, Altered, Reorganize, Reposition, Emigrate, Graft, Immigrate, Remove

Remain, Plant, Sow, Stay, Remain, Degenerated, Deteriorated

We asked the lab assistant to reset the multimeter.


An act of setting new.

An act of adjusting or fixing something in a new way.

(नया स्थापित करने की क्रिया।/ किसी चीज़ को नए तरीके से समायोजित या ठीक करने की क्रिया।)



A reset of ties among party leaders and organisation took place after this political fiasco in Maharashtra.



To change or alter the structure of something.

To change the structure in order to make something more effective.



Reconstruct, Revamp, Reshuffle, Reorient


You should restructure your article to make it presentable in front of the boss.



The process of a complete change of form or structure as if by supernatural means.

A major alteration in appearance.

A typically marked developmental change in the form or structure of an animal.

(कायापलट/ रूपांतरण/ रूपांतर/ रूप-भेद)

Evolution, Rebirth, Changeover, Alteration, Change, Transfiguration, Transformation


We just witnessed a metamorphosis of caterpillars into butterflies.



The plant part that supports the other parts.

The main body of the tree that is above ground.

The bow of a ship.

A cut flower.

(तना/ डंठल/ पतली डंडी/ प्रातिपदिका)

Branch, Trunk, Pedicel, Pedicle, Peduncle, Axis


The plant stem is so strong that I could not break it.


To originate.

To cause something.

To make headway against something such as tide or wind.

To restrain oneself.

(पैदा होना/ उत्पन्न होना/ उठना/ प्रतिबंध करना)

Arise, Derive, Head, Issue, Originate, Proceed, Emanate, Develop, Flow, Contain, Curb, Hinder, Resist

Cease, Lessen, Decrease, End, Halt, Repress, Stop, Abet, Aid, Assist, Liberate, Encourage

Economic instability has stemmed from the war.



The act of recommending

(सिफ़ारिश करना)

Endorsement, Guidance, Instruction, Judgment, Order, Proposal, Proposition

Disapproval, Opposition, Refusal, Rejection

I was really impressed by the recommendations of my colleague on the marketing of the new product.



A particular status or phase in which something appears.

The side facing a given direction.

A particular appearance of the face.

(पहलू/ आकृति)

Attitude, Condition, Facet, Form, Phase, Prospect


I would not be able to comment until I know every aspect of the situation.



A system of government.

A government in power.

A set of rules about food or exercise that some people follow in order to stay healthy.


Administration, Establishment, Government, Management


He is following a new fitness regime to become slim and trim.



A difficult situation with no possible solution.

A road that has no further way.

(गतिरोध/ कठिन स्थिति/ बन्द गली/ जटिल समस्या)

Deadlock, Dilemma, Gridlock, Predicament, Stalemate, Standoff, Standstill, Halt, Logjam

Solution, Breakthrough, Agreement, Boon

The new manager has ended our impasse that we were at for the past three months.



Involving the whole as with a theory or practice.

(समग्र रूप से)

Completely, Wholly


We don’t decide on the basis of experience rather we view every applicant holistically in making a decision.



An intervening time.

A temporary or provisional arrangement.

An intervening time.


Meantime, Breach, Break, Breather, Hiatus, Downtime, Gap

Continuation, Continuity, Permanence

He was happy with the interim relief he got from the court.


Belonging to a temporary period.

(अन्तरिम का)

Provisional, Stopgap, Acting, Caretaker, Makeshift

Finished, Permanent, Continual, Permanent

It is only an interim issue, we will resolve it soon.



The act of exempting.

The circumstances of a taxpayer, that allows him to make certain deductions from taxable income.

The process of freeing from an obligation or liability.

(छूट/ मुक्ति/ माफी)

Discharge, Immunity, Privilege, Dispensation, Exception

Accountability, Liability, Responsibility, Answerability

I got an exemption from the admission fees.



Something that relates to one.

Matter for consideration.

A matter that calls for a person’s attention.

(चिंता/ प्रसंग)

Care, Concernment, Consideration, Heed, Burden, Interest, Involvement, Matter

Calmness, Disregard, Neglect, Calm, Entertainment, Fun

The sudden collapse of the anchor caused concern.


To relate to something.

To care about some matter of trouble.

(चिंतित होना/ लगाव रखना)

Bother, Disturb, Interest, Involve, Perturb, Regard

Aid, Calm, Reassure, Help, Unconcern

It does not concern me at all.



A continuous rise in the price level related/ attributed to an increase in the volume of money.


Boom, Expansion, Hike, Rise, Affectation, Grandiosity, Pretentiousness

Abridgment, Compression, Reduction, Deflation

Inflation is a worrying issue for all business owners.



The action or process of reforming an institution or practice.


Improvement, Betterment, Amelioration, Refinement, Change


He suggested many reforms to the existing policies.


Make changes in (something, typically a social, political, or economic institution or practice) in order to improve it.

(सुधार करना)

Amend, Improve, Rebuild, Rehabilitate, Remake, Renovate

Break, Damage, Destroy, Ruin, Harm, Hurt

We are planning to reform all the pre-colonial laws.



Tending to float in a fluid.

Not easily depressed.

Capable of floating.

(प्रसन्नचित्त/ तैरता हुआ/ बहता हुआ)

Bouncy, Resilient, Afloat, Airy, Floatable, Floating

Depressed, Heavy, Down, Weighted

Initially, a serious meeting ended in a buoyant mood.



To furnish with loopholes.

(खामियों के साथ प्रस्तुत करने के लिए।)



He loopholed the industry’s tricks to make money.


A means of escape or evading a law.

A small opening in a wall for looking through.

An opening or aperture.

(बचाव का रास्ता)

Alternative, Technicality, Outlet, Break, Keyhole, Exit, Inlet, Slit, Intake, Wormhole, Space

Fill, Patch, Plug, Seal, Barrier, Obstacle, Obstruction

She took advantages of loophole in the system.



Inclined to criticize severely.

Exercising judicious evaluation.

Of the nature of a crisis.

Some important juncture.

(गंभीर/ आलोचनात्मक/ नाजुक/ फुलाना/ आलोचनावादी)

Demanding, Analytical, Belittling, Biting, Crucial, Dangerous, Decisive, Dire, Carping, Rejective

Complimentary, Praising, Trivial, Laudatory, Certain, Inessential, Minor, Safe, Uncritical

His diary is critical evidence in the entire case.



Ready to fight.

Marked by eagerness to contend.

(जुझारू/ लड़ाकू/ जंगी/ फ़ौजी)

Antagonistic, Bellicose, Belligerent, Cantankerous, Contentious, Energetic

Kind, Agreeable, Compromising, Nice

He was very combative in sports.



Existing by chance or unreasonable act of will.

Not restrained in the exercise of power.

Subject to individual judgment without restriction.

Having unlimited power.

(मनमाना/ विवेकाधीन/ एकपक्षीय)

Capricious, Discretionary, Erratic, Frivolous, Inconsistent, Irrational, Irresponsible, Random, Subjective, Autocratic, Absolute, Bossy, Despotic

Consistent, Definite, Regular, Reliable, Sensible, Dependable, Logical, Reasonable, Circumspect, Rational, Democratic

She took an arbitrary decision about her selection of college for undergrad studies.



In entirety.

Without restraint.

On the spot.

(सीधे/ दिल खोलकर / सफ़ाई से/ संपूर्ण)



We won the competition outright.


Complete or total.


Made without encumbrance.

Given without reservation.

(प्रत्यक्ष/ सीधा/ खड़ा/ अपरोक्ष)

Absolute, Downright, Pure, Unequivocal, Consummate, Definite, Direct, Entire

Imperfect, Indefinite, Mixed, Partial

We were surprised by the outright rejection of our proposed job offer.



Relating to the public revenues.


Monetary, Financial, Budgetary, Economic


Fiscal deficits are rising.



Care for and encourage the growth or development of

(पालन ​​- पोषण करना)

Bring up, Care for, Provide for, Take care of, Attend to

Abandon, Decrease, Deprive, Destroy

My brother is nurturing his son as a brave and bold person.


The process of caring for and encouraging the growth or development of someone or something.

(किसी चीज की वृद्धि की देखभाल करने और प्रोत्साहित करने की प्रक्रिया)

Encouragement, Promotion, Fostering, Development, Cultivation

Ignorance, Neglect, Negligence, Deprivation

I liked the spirit of quality work among all the workers.




To pull quickly and forcefully.

To drive as if by using a whip.

To belabor with stinging words.

To strike sharply.

(कोड़े या इसी तरह के उपकरण से पीटना (एक व्यक्ति या जानवर), विशेष रूप से सजा के रूप में)

Bash, Beat, Lash, Drub, Ferule, Flagellate, Flog, Spank, Thrash, Beat, Blast, Pull, Rush, Shoot, Snatch, Beat, Blend

Lose, Surrender, Retreat, Fall, Yield, Stay, Walk

He whipped out his gun in anger.


An instrument for striking animals consisting of a flexible part and a rigid handle.

A stroke as if with a whip.

A dessert made by whipping a portion of ingredients.

A whipping motion.

A member of the political party to enforce party discipline of party members in the legislative assembly at important sessions.


Cane, Bat, Belt, Birch, Horsewhip, Knout, Lash, Prod


Two whips in Shivsena are causing uncertainty.




The laying on of something as an obligation.

The act of imposing by an authority.

Something imposed.

(आरोपण/ अधिरोपण/ टैक्स/ कर)

Assessment, Duty, Impost, Levy, Tax, Artifice, Cheating, Hypocrisy, Con, Intrusion, Charge, Command, Constraint

Frankness, Honesty, Reality, Sincerity, Advantage, Aid, Forthrightness, Benefit

You can leave your kids at my home – it’s fun rather than imposition for me.

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