The Hindu Vocabulary 30 June 2022


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 30 June 2022 is from the Editorial titled ‘Glimmer of hope: On gun ownership reform in the U.S.’


Part of Speech/Idiom







A feeble light.

A dim or faint idea or perception.

A hint.

A faint or unsteady light.

(प्रभा/ चमक/ क्षीण प्रकाश)

Flicker, Gleam, Glint, Glow, Ray, Twinkle, Hint, Inkling


There is a glimmer of hope that his business will succeed.


To shine faintly or unsteadily.

To appear faintly or dimly.

(टिमटिमाना/ जगमगाना)

Flicker, Gleam, Glint, Glisten, Shimmer, Blink, Fade


The moon was glimmering through the clouds.



The action or process of reforming an institution or practice.


Improvement, Betterment, Amelioration, Refinement, Change


The people of Sri Lanka are demanding political and economic reforms.


Make changes in (something, typically a social, political, or economic institution or practice) in order to improve it.

(सुधार करना)

Amend, Improve, Rebuild, Rehabilitate, Remake, Renovate

Break, Damage, Destroy, Ruin, Harm, Hurt

They have reformed their organisation structure for a new and better future.



To reach a firm decision.

To make up one’s mind.

(समाधान करना)

Agree, Answer, Conclude, Fathom

Cowardice, Fear, Weakness, Question

Finally, the issues between us have been resolved.


Fixity of a purpose or determination.

Purpose of intent.


Boldness, Courage, Firmness, Will

Hesitation, Irresolution, Vacillation, Indecision

I have come to a resolve that I will run for 2 km daily.



Not having restrictions.

Not limited in any way.

(अप्रतिबंधित/ मना नहीं)

Unconditional, Unlimited, Unregulated, Able, Lax, Allowed, Free, Open, Public

Incomplete, Limited, Restricted, Closed, Exclusive, Private

Women’s participation in politics should be unrestricted.



To rise above or exceed.

To exceed in excellence, elevation, extent, or degree.

To be superior.

To rise above notably ordinary limits.

To go beyond normal limits because of more significance.

(ऊंचा उठना/ अतिक्रमन करना/ पहुंचना/ ज़्यादा होना)

Eclipse, Outstrip, Overstep, Transform, Exceed, Excel, Outdo, Outrival, Beat, Best, Better

Inferior, Surrender, Lose, Fail

It is improbable that anyone could ever transcend the popularity and literary works of Shakespeare.



A supporter of a person, cause or a group


Backer, Defender, Zealot, Follower

Adversary, Antagonist, Opponent

Political partisans see only one side and favours it blindly.


Prejudiced or blind adherence in favour of something.


Biased, Partial, Prejudiced

Disinterested, Equal, Equitable, Objective

Partisan politics is not fruitful for nation-building.



Any situation in which no action or progress can be made.


Delay, Deadlock, Gridlock, Impasse

Advance, Headway, Progress

The meetings have resulted in a stalemate.


To result in a standoff.

(एक गतिरोध के परिणामस्वरूप)



Our discussion was stalemated about the division of land.



The act of regulating.

An authoritative rule dealing with procedure.

A law prescribed by the authority.

(विनियमन/ नियम/ अधिनियम/ नियमित करना)

Adjustment, Arrangement, Control, Governance, Management, Settlement, Supervision, Code, Decree, Law, Order, Principle, Procedure, Book, Canon, Commandment, Dictate, Statute

Deregulation, Lawlessness, Mismanagement, Disorganization

The real estate regulation is done by RERA.



Limitation or restriction.

Unnatural restraint in manner.

The act of constraining.

Control over the way one behaves.

Repression of natural feelings.

(बाधा/ बाध्यता/ विवशता/ निरोध)

Pressure, Restraint, Coercion, Compulsion, Impulsion, Motive, Duress, Spring, Goad, Inhibition, Bashfulness, Diffidence, Curb, Hindrance

Deterrent, Hindrance, Discouragement, Liberty, Freedom, Liberation, Arrogance

I am bounded by the constraints in funding.



The growth of cells by multiplication of parts.

A rapid spread or increase.

A great number.

(प्रसार/ फैलाव/ तीव्र वृद्धि/ संतान में बढ़ाव/ प्रजनन)

Generation, Propagation, Reproduction, Procreation, Expansion, Spread


These days elections are won or lost by the proliferation of hope.



A leather strap attached to each end of the bridle, by which the rider controls the horse or other animals by pulling it.

A restraining influence.

Opportunity for unhindered activity.

(लगाम/ नियंत्रण/ बाग-डोर)

Curb, Bit, Deterrent, Brake, Guide, Check


The central leadership kept a tight rein on the entire proceedings.


To curb or control.

To stop as if by pulling reins.

(रोकना/ संयम करना/ अधीन करना)

Curb, Repress, Restrict, Collect, Compose, Cool, halt, Suppress

Encourage, Continue, Free, Disperse, Scatter, Release

He is never successful in reining his impatience.



Not restrained.

Without hindrance.


Straight, Constant, Free, Opened, Rapid, Regular, Nonstop, Effortlessly, Liberally, Readily, Abundantly

Incomplete, Stopping, Unfinished, Indirect, Difficult

Between our two nations, trade takes place unhindered.



A passage separating sections of seats.

The division between two political parties.

A longitudinal division of an interior area.

The side of the church separated by piers.

(गलियारा/ पथ/ रास्ता/ गिरजे का बगली रास्ता)

Avenue, Corridor, Hallway, Lane, Path, Artery, Opening, Course, Passage, Alley


The bride walked through the aisle to the groom.



Inclined to criticize severely.

Exercising judicious evaluation.

Of the nature of a crisis.

Some important juncture.

(गंभीर/ आलोचनात्मक/ नाजुक/ फुलाना/ आलोचनावादी)

Demanding, Analytical, Belittling, Biting, Crucial, Dangerous, Decisive, Dire, Carping, Rejective

Complimentary, Praising, Trivial, Laudatory, Certain, Inessential, Minor, Safe, Uncritical

College life is a critical phase in one’s life.



To hide from sight.

To keep secret.

(छिपाना/ गुप्त रखना/ परदा करना/ ढकना)

Bury, Camouflage, Cloak, Disguise, Hide, Lurk, Mask, Obscure, Stash, Cache, Secret

Disregard, Ignore, Reveal, Uncover, Unwrap, Divulge, Expose, Open, Fill, display, Exhibit

She could not conceal her anger and express it in her words.



Verbal interchange of ideas.

Orderly expression of thought on a subject.

A serious talk or piece of writing that is purposed to explain something.

(प्रवचन/ बातचीत/ संभाषण/ उपदेश)

Dialogue, Monologue, Lecture, Essay, Communication, Essay, Speech, Treatise

Quiet, Silence

He engaged with his friends in intellectual discourse.


To communicate thoughts through talking.

To express oneself in oral form.

To utter musical sounds.

(किसी विषय के बारे में आधिकारिक रूप से बोलना या लिखना।)

Argue, Chew, Comment, Commentate, Confab, Confer

Abridge, Agree, Decrease, Ignore, Compress

She can discourse for hours.



Circumference or circuit.

The limits of a place.

A sphere of operation or scope.

(सीमा/ परिधि/ मंडल/ चक्र)

Boundary, Extension, Range, Scope, Bounds, Compass, Amplitude, Breadth, Confines, Reach, Scope, Sweep


This case falls within the ambit of criminal law.



An official order or commission to do something.


Authorization, Command, Decree, Directive

Breach, Question, Break, Denial

The mandates from Supreme Court must be implemented within the time frame.


To officially require something.


Call, Command, Dictate, Direct

Request, Veto

The Income Tax Department has mandated the disclosure of all the bank accounts while filing the ITR.



A child or young person who is not old enough to fall in the category of an adult.

A young person.

A book for children.

(किशोर/ अल्पायु/ लड़का/लड़कपन)

Adolescent, Infant, Minor, Boy, Girl, Youth, Youngster


She works in an NGO which aims to keep juveniles away from drugs.


An activity that involves young people who are not adults.

Reflecting psychological immaturity.

Immature and childish.

(बालकपन का/ युवकोचित/ यौवनमय/ योवन-संबंधी)

Youthful, Babyish, Adolescent, Blooming, Budding, Developing, Formative, Green

Experienced, Older, Mature, Old, Shrinking, Withering

She was not happy with her son’s juvenile behaviour at the bachelor party.



To furnish with loopholes.

(खामियों के साथ प्रस्तुत करने के लिए।)



He loopholed the entire process in the parliament.


A means of escape or evading a law.

A small opening in a wall for looking through.

An opening or aperture.

(बचाव का रास्ता)

Alternative, Technicality, Outlet, Break, Keyhole, Exit, Inlet, Slit, Intake, Wormhole, Space

Fill, Patch, Plug, Seal, Barrier, Obstacle, Obstruction

She is taking advantage of the loopholes in the company’s policy.



The act of supporting a cause or proposal.

The act of advocating for someone or something.

(वकालत/ पक्षपोषण/ हिमायत/ बहस/ पक्षसमर्थन/ सिफारिश)

Advancement, Assistance, Backing, Justification, Promotion, Promulgation, Propagation, Aid, Defense, Encouragement

Stop, Discouragement, Attack, Stoppage, Opposition, Protest

My father always comes forward with the advocacy of traditional family values.



A time of extreme difficulty.

A situation that has reached a critical phase.


Catastrophe, Change, Crunch, Emergency

Agreement, Benefit, Blessing, Breakthrough, Calm

My brother was facing a financial crisis.



The action or process of intervening.


Interference, Mediation, Arbitration, Intercession


I don’t like any sort of intervention in my life.



Bring back to life

To restore to life from a bad situation.


Arouse, Encourage, Overcome, Energize, Recover

Bore, Break, Damage, Depress, Destroy, Discourage

Tata will try to revive Air India.



A persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often-unreasonable feeling.

Someone or something about which one spends too much time thinking about.

The domination of one’s thoughts by a persistent idea or desire.

Something that causes an obsession.

(जुनून/ सनक/ ग्रस्तता/ प्रेतबाधा/ स्थिर विचार)

Compulsion, Delusion, Enthusiasm, Fascination, Case, Complex, Craze, Crush, Infatuation, Mania, Passion, Phobia

Indifference, Hate, Reality, Hatred, Dislike

Becoming slim has become her obsession.

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