The Hindu Vocabulary 21 September 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 21 September  2023 is from the Editorial titled “Legislating change: On the passage of the women’s reservation bill in the Lok Sabha".


Part of Speech/Idiom







To postpone or defer an action, event, or process to a later time.

(देर करना)

Postpone, Defer, Put off, Procrastinate, Hold off, Stall, Temporize, Tarry, Hesitate, Dawdle

Expedite, Hasten, Accelerate, Advance, Speed up, Facilitate, Quicken, Rush, Prompt, Hurry

The flight was delayed due to bad weather, causing passengers to wait at the airport for hours.



To break into pieces with a sudden and violent force, often resulting in complete destruction.

(टुकड़े टुकड़े करना)

Break, Smash, Crush, Fragment, Fragmentize, Splinter, Demolish, Ruin, Destroy, Wreck

Mend, Repair, Fix, Restore, Build, Construct, Create, Strengthen, Rebuild, Renew

The earthquake had the power to shatter buildings and leave behind a trail of destruction.



To make something longer or larger in size, space, or time.


Lengthen, Stretch, Expand, Enlarge, Prolong, Elongate, Protract, Broaden, Continue, Increase

Shorten, Reduce, Contract, Shrink, Decrease, Curtail, Minimize, Cut, Abbreviate, Diminish

They decided to extend the meeting by another hour to discuss the important issues in detail.



The process of increasing in size, quantity, or development; expansion.


Expansion, Development, Advancement, Progress, Increase, Augmentation, Prosperity, Flourishing, Maturation, Enlargement

Contraction, Decline, Decrease, Reduction, Shrinkage, Diminishment, Stagnation, Recession, Deterioration, Regression

The rapid growth of technology has transformed various industries in recent years.



Filled with, marked by, or causing anxiety, worry, or tension; laden with something undesirable.


Filled, Laden, Packed, Charged, Loaded, Infused, Abundant, Replete, Brimming, Stuffed

Empty, Vacant, Bare, Devoid, Clear, Unfilled, Unburdened, Void, Sparse, Barren

The situation was fraught with tension as they awaited the results of the crucial exam.



Expressing praise and commendation; complimentary.


Praiseful, Commendatory, Approbatory, Flattering, Admiring, Applauding, Acclamatory, Encomiastic, Eulogistic, Panegyrical

Critical, Disapproving, Censuring, Blaming, Demeaning, Denigrating, Destructive, Hostile, Detractive, Uncomplimentary

The laudatory remarks from the judges boosted the confidence of the young singer.



Suffering from bad luck; unlucky.


Luckless, Ill-fated, Cursed, Unlucky, Jinxed, Woeful, Unhappy, Unpropitious, Unlucky, Tragic

Fortunate, Lucky, Blessed, Prosperous, Serendipitous, Auspicious, Felicitous, Favored, Charmed, Advantageous

It was unfortunate that the rain spoiled our picnic plans.



A deceptive or cunning strategy or trick used to deceive someone.


Stratagem, Ploy, Tactic, Deception, Scheme, Artifice, Trick, Subterfuge, Wile, Gambit

Honesty, Truth, Candor, Sincerity, Frankness, Fairness, Openness, Directness, Ingenuousness, Transparency

The spy employed a clever ruse to infiltrate the enemy's headquarters unnoticed.



To adjust or adapt something, often music, to a particular pitch, melody, or mood.

(सुर को मेल करना)

Harmonize, Adjust, Adapt, Modulate, Melodize, Conform, Coordinate, Fine-tune, Sync, Blend

Dissonance, Clashing, Discord, Jarring, Disharmony, Mismatch, Unharmonious, Out of tune, Misfit, Conflict

The band needed to tune their instruments before the concert to ensure perfect harmony.



To make certain that something will happen or be the case.

(सुनिश्चित करना)

Guarantee, Assure, Secure, Confirm, Verify, Validate, Establish, Affirm, Insure, Protect

Jeopardize, Endanger, Risk, Gamble, Imperil, Threaten, Hazard, Compromise, Insecure, Jeopardy

The safety measures in place ensure the well-being of the employees at the workplace.



To absorb or take in something, typically knowledge or a quality.

(अदित करना)

Absorb, Assimilate, Ingest, Consume, Learn, Acquire, Digest, Soak up, Drink in, Take in

Expel, Eject, Reject, Vomit, Disgorge, Spew, Discharge, Evacuate, Eliminate, Excrete

She wanted to imbibe the culture of the new city she had moved to, so she started exploring its traditions and customs.



Something that blocks or obstructs progress, movement, or access.


Obstacle, Hurdle, Blockade, Impediment, Obstruction, Hindrance, Deterrent, Encumbrance, Barricade, Wall

Passage, Opening, Access, Way, Freedom, Clearance, Aid, Assistance, Support, Help

The fallen tree acted as a barrier on the hiking trail, making it difficult for hikers to pass.



To lose strength or momentum; to hesitate or waver in action or intent.

(कमजोर होना)

Hesitate, Waver, Halt, Stumble, Flounder, Teeter, Vacillate, Sputter, Stammer, Hesitate

Persist, Continue, Stabilize, Proceed, Advance, Persevere, Persist, Succeed, Triumph, Maintain

She didn't falter in the face of adversity; instead, she pressed on with determination.

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