The Hindu Vocabulary 20 September 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 20 September 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Serious allegations: On Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s charges against India".


Part of Speech/Idiom







A statement or assertion made without clear evidence, often accusing someone of wrongdoing or misconduct.


Accusation, Charge, Assertion, Claim, Imputation, Insinuation, Denunciation, Declaration, Affirmation, Statement

Exoneration, Vindication, Acquittal, Clearance, Defense, Disproof, Rebuttal, Refutation, Defense, Proof

The allegation of corruption within the government led to a thorough investigation.



Surprising or shocking in a sudden or unexpected way.

(चौंका देने वाला)

Astonishing, Surprising, Stunning, Staggering, Astounding, Amazing, Bewildering, Overwhelming, Astonishing, Shocking

Expected, Predictable, Ordinary, Routine, Common, Mundane, Unremarkable, Anticipated, Usual, Predictable

The sudden and startling news of the accident left everyone in shock.



To solve or clarify something that is complicated or unclear; to disentangle or unfold.


Solve, Clarify, Decipher, Resolve, Untangle, Unfold, Disentangle, Decrypt, Decrypt, Unriddle

Complicate, Confuse, Tangle, Entangle, Obscure, Enigma, Complicate, Perplex, Baffle, Mystify

After hours of investigation, the detective finally managed to unravel the mystery behind the theft.



To force someone to leave a place, typically as a punishment or because they are not wanted.


Eject, Oust, Remove, Evict, Displace, Banish, Drive out, Expulse, Kick out, Deport

Admit, Welcome, Allow, Include, Accept, Embrace, Permit, Receive, Retain, Shelter

The school decided to expel the student for repeated misconduct.



 A confident and forceful statement or declaration of a fact or belief.


Declaration, Statement, Affirmation, Pronouncement, Assertion, Proclamation, Avowal, Claim, Announcement, Confirmation

Denial, Disavowal, Refutation, Rejection, Disagreement, Contradiction, Dispute, Dissent, Uncertainty, Questioning

Her assertion that she had witnessed the crime was pivotal in solving the case.



Critical examination or inspection, often in a detailed and thorough manner.


Inspection, Examination, Analysis, Assessment, Evaluation, Review, Survey, Study, Inquiry, Investigation

Neglect, Disregard, Inattention, Carelessness, Overlook, Ignore, Avoidance, Blindness, Incuriosity

The project underwent intense scrutiny to ensure its quality and compliance with standards.



Supreme authority or power to govern oneself or a territory.


 Autonomy, Independence, Self-government, Self-rule, Authority, Control, Dominance, Supremacy, Rule, Power

Subordination, Dependence, Obedience, Submission, Conformity, Compliance, Servitude, Inferiority, Subjugation, Vassalage

The nation celebrated its sovereignty and independence with great pride.



To call upon or request help, support, or action, often through prayer or ritual.

(आह्वान करना)

Elicit, Summon, Evoke, Call forth, Conjure, Request, Appeal, Solicit, Pray, Plead

Forbid, Prevent, Prohibit, Halt, Block, Deter, Suppress, Discourage, Dissuade, Deny

The priest will invoke blessings for a prosperous harvest during the ceremony.



A hostile or adversarial encounter or face-off between individuals or groups.


Conflict, Clash, Encounter, Showdown, Battle, Fight, Struggle, Dispute, Contest, Confrontation

Peace, Harmony, Agreement, Cooperation, Resolution, Reconciliation, Truce, Compromise, Understanding, Accord

The heated confrontation between the two rival gangs led to violence in the neighborhood.



A break, tear, or breach in a physical structure or a rupture of relations or connections.


Break, Tear, Split, Fracture, Breach, Disruption, Separation, Rend, Snap, Burst

Connection, Continuity, Unity, Harmony, Intactness, Healing, Mend, Reconciliation, Bond, Closure

The rupture in the water pipe caused a flood in the basement.



Filled with a particular quality, emotion, or element, often implying tension or difficulty.


Laden, Full, Charged, Abundant, Packed, Filled, Stuffed, Laden with, Rife with, Fraught with

Empty, Void, Vacant, Devoid, Barren, Bare, Unfilled, Clear, Unladen, Lightweight

The negotiation was fraught with tension, making it difficult to reach an agreement.


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