The Hindu Vocabulary 19 September 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 19 September 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Sanctions for change: On America’s policy towards Iran".


Part of Speech/Idiom







Openly disregarding or violating a rule, law, or social convention; showing contempt or disrespect for authority.


Defying, Disobeying, Violating, Ignoring, Disregarding, Disrespecting, Disdaining, Scorning, Mocking, Rebelling

Obeying, Following, Complying, Respecting, Adhering, Observing, Submitting, Abiding, Conforming, Upholding

The protestors were flouting the curfew orders by marching through the streets.



Required by law or rules; obligatory; something that must be done.


Compulsory, Obligatory, Required, Necessary, Mandatory, Prescribed, Essential, Binding, Forced, Requisite

Optional, Voluntary, Discretionary, Elective, Noncompulsory, Permissive, Unnecessary, Unforced, Facultative, Volitional

Wearing a seatbelt is mandatory for all passengers in the car.



Susceptible to harm, danger, or attack; easily wounded or hurt; lacking protection or defense.

(चपेट में)

Defenseless, Helpless, Weak, Fragile, Susceptible, Exposed, Unprotected, Frail, Open, Endangered

Invulnerable, Protected, Secure, Resistant, Strong, Defended, Safe, Shielded, Immune, Impervious

The children were vulnerable to the flu because they hadn't been vaccinated.



Causing severe damage or impairment; debilitating; making someone or something unable to function effectively.


Debilitating, Damaging, Disabling, Disruptive, Enfeebling, Devastating, Paralyzing, Ruinous, Harmful, Hampering

Empowering, Strengthening, Enabling, Invigorating, Fortifying, Beneficial, Constructive, Helpful, Restorative, Rejuvenating

The economic recession had a crippling effect on small businesses, causing many to close.



To initiate or set off a particular action, process, or event; to cause something to happen.


Activate, Initiate, Spark, Evoke, Prompt, Provoke, Incite, Instigate, Set off, Start

Halt, Stop, Prevent, Suppress, Deter, Inhibit, Restrain, Quell, Squelch, Curb

The loud noise of the fireworks can trigger anxiety in some people.



To make a series of sharp, quick noises, often causing a sense of disturbance or nervousness; to shake or vibrate rapidly.


Shake, Jolt, Startle, Alarm, Disturb, Upset, Frighten, Agitate, Disconcert, Unsettle

Calm, Soothe, Comfort, Pacify, Reassure, Settle, Stabilize, Steady, Relax, Quieten

The sudden loud noise from the construction site began to rattle the residents of the quiet neighborhood.



A severe and often forceful action taken to suppress or control a particular activity, typically by authorities or law enforcement.


Clampdown, Suppression, Crackdown, Repression, Censure, Restraint, Inhibition, Constraint, Control, Stricture

Leniency, Tolerance, Permissiveness, Freedom, Liberalization, Relaxation, Noninterference, Permission, Indulgence, Laissez-faire

The government initiated a crackdown on illegal gambling operations in the city.



To make changes or modifications to something, typically to transform or adjust it in some way.


Modify, Change, Revise, Adjust, Adapt, Amend, Transform, Revamp, Tweak, Edit

Maintain, Preserve, Keep, Leave unchanged, Retain, Stagnate, Keep intact, Leave as is, Consign, Stay the same

She decided to alter her hairstyle for a fresh look.



A state of dissatisfaction, disturbance, or agitation, often resulting from social or political issues; a lack of calm or peace.


Turmoil, Discontent, Agitation, Unsettledness, Disturbance, Uproar, Disorder, Tumult, Commotion, Unquietness

Calm, Peace, Tranquility, Serenity, Harmony, Contentment, Quiet, Stability, Stillness, Order

The country experienced a period of unrest as protests against government policies intensified.



To keep someone in official custody, typically while awaiting a legal process or investigation; to delay or hold back.


Confine, Hold, Incarcerate, Imprison, Arrest, Restrain, Capture, Seize, Apprehend, Detain

Release, Free, Liberate, Unshackle, Let go, Set free, Discharge, Release on bail, Acquit, Dismiss

The police had to detain the suspect for further questioning.



Bitter indignation or ill will be felt as a result of a real or perceived injustice, insult, or injury; a deep-seated feeling of anger and displeasure.


Bitterness, Anger, Indignation, Displeasure, Hostility, Grudge, Animosity, Acrimony, Rancor, Offense

Forgiveness, Acceptance, Tolerance, Amicability, Contentment, Satisfaction, Benevolence, Composure, Serenity, Peace

His resentment towards his co-worker grew stronger after he felt unfairly treated.



The art or skill of using language effectively to persuade, influence, or impress; often characterized by elaborate or insincere language.


Oratory, Eloquence, Persuasiveness, Grandiloquence, Bombast, Discourse, Articulation, Expression, Speech, Language

Plainness, Sincerity, Candidness, Frankness, Directness, Simplicity, Authenticity, Clarity, Unadorned, Straightforwardness

His speech was filled with rhetorical flourishes, but it lacked substance and sincerity.



Showing unfriendly or aggressive behavior; antagonistic; opposed or resistant to something.


Adversarial, Antagonistic, Unfriendly, Belligerent, Aggressive, Combative, Inimical, Opposing, Militant, Confrontational

Friendly, Amicable, Peaceful, Cordial, Harmonious, Hospitable, Benevolent, Kind, Welcoming, Non-hostile

The two nations have had a hostile relationship for many years, marked by conflicts and disputes.


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