The Hindu Vocabulary 1 November 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 1 November 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Lost voice: On India’s abstention on the Gaza vote at the UN".


Part of Speech/Idiom







The act of refraining from an activity or decision.


Avoidance, Restraint, Renunciation, Forbearance, Refusal, Declination, Waiver, Discretion, Abnegation

Involvement, Participation, Engagement, Endorsement, Approval, Support, Adherence, Compliance, Affirmation, Consent

Her abstention from voting reflected her displeasure with the proposed policies.



General agreement among a group or community.


Agreement, Harmony, Accord, Unity, Conformity, Unanimity, Consent, Concurrence, Solidarity, Unison

Disagreement, Dissension, Discord, Disunity, Conflict, Disapproval, Division, Opposition, Contention, Divergence

The council reached a consensus on the proposed changes.



The act of excluding or leaving something out.


Exclusion, Elimination, Neglect, Oversight, Exemption, Non-inclusion, Skip, Disregard, Negligence, Forgetting

Inclusion, Addition, Insertion, Embracing, Comprehension, Integration, Incorporation, Admission, Presence, Involvement

The report was detailed but had one critical omission.



Expressing oneself clearly and effectively.

(स्पष्ट करना)

Coherent, Expressive, Fluent, Eloquent, Persuasive, Vocal, Enunciate, Clear

Inarticulate, Mumble, Incoherent, Stammer, Unclear, Unintelligible, Hesitant, Silent, Unvocal, Muffled

She could articulate her thoughts effortlessly.



Necessary or crucial, essential for success or survival.


Vital, Crucial, Mandatory, Essential, Compulsory, Important, Indispensable, Urgent, Critical, Necessary

Unimportant, Inessential, Dispensable, Optional, Trivial, Non-essential, Voluntary, Insignificant, Negligible, Unnecessary

It's imperative to meet the deadline for the project's success.



Determination, decision, or a firm intention to accomplish something.


Determination, Decision, Resolve, Willpower, Purpose, Commitment, Dedication, Intent, Persistence, Tenacity

Hesitation, Indecision, Uncertainty, Wavering, Dilemma, Irresolution, Perplexity, Confusion, Vacillation, Doubt

She made a resolution to exercise regularly.



To give someone a right or legal claim to do something, to qualify someone for a particular right or privilege.


Permit, License, Authorize, Enable, Empower, Qualify, Sanction, Warrant, Commission, Accredit

Disqualify, Prohibit, Prevent, Forbid, Ban, Debar, Refuse, Deny, Disallow, Obstruct

Being a citizen entitles you to certain privileges.



Duty or commitment, something that one is bound to do, or an act one is required to perform.


Duty, Responsibility, Commitment, Requirement, Necessity, Compulsion, Accountability, Liabilities, Oath, Promise

Discretion, Voluntary, Choice, Freedom, Noncompulsory, Exemption, Release, Privilege, Spontaneity, Liberation

It is our obligation to help those in need



Relating to or constituting revenge or reprisal, to respond to an action in a similar manner, often in retaliation.


Revengeful, Vengeful, Retaliatory, Reciprocal, Reciprocity, Reprisal, Payback, Retributive, Counter, Reprisal

Forgiving, Pardoning, Peaceful, Conciliatory, Nonretaliatory, Unprovocative, Tolerant, Indulgent, Humane, Mild

The country vowed to take retaliatory action if provoked.



Refrain from doing or partaking in something, often a specific behavior or action, to voluntarily withhold or restrain oneself.


Refrain, Forbear, Avoid, Withdraw, Renounce, Desist, Hold Back, Withhold, Abstention, Self-restraint

Indulge, Engage, Participate, Enjoy, Consume, Do, Act, Overindulge, Overdo, Take Part

He chose to abstain from drinking alcohol.



To create or develop something through effort.


Fabricate, Create, Establish, Construct, Manufacture, Form, Craft, Invent, Devise, Produce

Destroy, Demolish, Dismantle, Break, Disassemble, Ruin, Wreck, Disintegrate, Dismantle, Dismember

The two nations decided to forge a new trade agreement to improve economic relations.


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