The Hindu Vocabulary 2 November 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 2 November 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Welcome assertion: On the defection issue and the Supreme Court’s deadline for the Maharashtra Speaker".


Part of Speech/Idiom







A confident and forceful statement or declaration, often made without proof.


Declaration, Affirmative, Claim, Statement, Pronouncement, Allegation, Avowal, Assertion, Assert

Retraction, Denial, Disavowal, Dissent, Contradiction, Negation, Refutation, Rejection, Disapproval, Dispute

Her assertion of innocence was met with skepticism.



To make a formal judgment or decision about a problem or dispute after hearing all the evidence or to act as a judge in a dispute.

(निर्णय करना)

Judge, Arbitrate, Decide, Settle, Resolve, Determine, Rule, Referee, Mediate, Adjudgment

Disregard, Ignore, Prejudice, Confuse, Ignore, Disregard, Dismiss, Misjudge, Misinterpret, Misunderstand

The panel will adjudicate on the matter impartially.



Brisk and cheerful readiness, promptness, or eagerness in responding or doing something.


Eagerness, Enthusiasm, Readiness, Zeal, Promptness, Willingness, Keenness, Alacritous, Readiness, Ardor

Apathy, Reluctance, Hesitation, Indolence, Disinterest, Laziness, Sluggishness, Disinclination, Aversion, Lethargy

He accepted the challenge with alacrity.



Lying face upward, inactive, passive, or prone to be easily influenced.


Reclining, Prone, Horizontal, Prostrate, Passive, Inactive, Idle, Lying, Indolent, Slothful

Active, Upright, Energetic, Vertical, Dynamic, Involved, Ambitious, Engaged, Proactive, Robust

He lay supine on the beach, enjoying the sunshine.



Association or connection with a larger group or organization, being formally connected or associated with an institution or organization.


Association, Alliance, Connection, Relationship, Partnership, Link, Membership, Tie-up, Cooperation, Relationship

Disaffiliation, Disassociation, Detachment, Disconnection, Disengagement, Isolation, Disunion, Disunion, Division, Separation

The new company has announced its affiliation with a leading tech giant.



Faithfulness or allegiance to a person, group, country, or cause.


Fidelity, Allegiance, Devotion, Commitment, Dedication, Fealty, Faithfulness, Constancy, Trust, Reliability

Treachery, Betrayal, Disloyalty, Infidelity, Inconstancy, Unfaithfulness, Perfidy, Infidelity, Duplicity, Deceit

His loyalty to the company never wavered despite the tempting offers.



A particular part or feature of something, a way in which something can be viewed or perceived.


Facet, Angle, Perspective, View, Dimension, Feature, Side, Phase, Element, Characteristic

Whole, Entirety, Totality, Sum, Conclusion, End, Total, Summary, Aggregate, Result

She discussed every aspect of the problem before making a decision.



The act of gathering, associating, or combining individuals or things together, often to form a group or for social activities.

(इकट्ठा करने की प्रक्रिया)

Association, Gathering, Merging, Joining, Assembling, Union, Coalition, Alliance, Amalgamation, Aggregation

Separation, Disbandment, Division, Disunion, Dissolution, Disaggregation, Isolation, Individualization, Segregation, Dissociation

Clubbing is a popular activity among young adults.



Respectful or courteous regard towards the opinions, wishes, or judgment of another.


Respect, Esteem, Honor, Obedience, Submission, Reverence, Politeness, Civility, Compliance, Courtesy

Disrespect, Impoliteness, Rudeness, Insolence, Disregard, Contempt, Defiance, Neglect, Disregard, Discourtesy

He showed deference to his elder's advice.



To become subject to or bring upon oneself (something undesirable, such as a cost or expense).


Acquired, Sustained, Assumed, Experienced, Entailed, Accumulated, Borne, Contracted, Inflicted, Involved

Avoid, Evade, Elude, Dodge, Sidestep, Shun, Escape, Miss, Bypass, Circumvent

He incurred a lot of debt by overspending on unnecessary items.



The termination or end of something, especially a time-limited validity.


Termination, End, Conclusion, Closure, Finish, Termination, Cessation, Expiration

Start, Commencement, Beginning, Inception, Initiation, Genesis, Dawn, Launch, Onset, Origin

The expiry date on the milk carton is tomorrow, so it's best not to consume it after that time.



The act of abandoning or leaving one's allegiance, duty, or loyalty, especially to join a rival or an opposing group.


Desertion, Betrayal, Apostasy, Rebellion, Treason, Abandonment, Renunciation, Forsaking, Absconding, Revolt

Allegiance, Loyalty, Fidelity, Faithfulness, Dedication, Devotion, Obedience, Adherence, Commitment, Fealty

The politician's defection to the opposition party caused quite a stir in the media.



A dense group of bushes, shrubs, or small trees.


Copse, Underbrush, Undergrowth, Brushwood, Coppice, Scrub, Underwood, Grove, Wilderness, Brush

Clearing, Plain, Open space, Meadow, Field, Prairie, Pasture, Glade

We had to navigate through a thicket of brambles and bushes to reach the hidden clearing in the forest.


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