The Hindu Vocabulary 3 November 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 3 November 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Malware malice: On the Apple cyberattack alert"


Part of Speech/Idiom







The intention or desire to do evil or harm to someone.


Spite, Animosity, Hostility, Bitterness, Malevolence, Enmity, Rancor, Hatred, Grudge, Vindictiveness

Benevolence, Kindness, Compassion, Goodwill, Amity, Friendship, Harmony, Affection, Sympathy, Cordiality

Her actions were not motivated by malice but rather by a misunderstanding.



Absolutely necessary or essential; crucial for life or success.


Crucial, Essential, Important, Indispensable, Critical, Key, Fundamental, Pivotal, Imperative, Vital

Insignificant, Unimportant, Irrelevant, Negligible, Trivial, Dispensable, Optional, Inessential, Secondary, Nonessential

Freshwater is vital for the survival of all living organisms.



People who oppose or differ from the established views, especially in politics or religion.


Rebels, Opposition, Protesters, Objectors, Agitators, Dissenters, Insurgents, Revolutionaries, Contrarians, Mavericks

Loyalists, Supporters, Conformists, Adherents, Followers, Sympathizers, Allies, Collaborators, Devotees, Advocates

The dissidents organized a peaceful protest against the government's new policies.



An association or group formed for a particular purpose, often involving several companies or individuals.


Alliance, Syndicate, Partnership, Coalition, Association, Union, Cartel, Federation, Collaboration, Joint venture

Disassociation, Dissolution, Disunion, Division, Separation, Disbandment, Fragmentation, Isolation, Individuality, Disconnection

The consortium of tech companies collaborated to develop a new software platform.



Close observation, typically of a person or group, especially for security or monitoring purposes.


Monitoring, Observation, Supervision, Watch, Vigilance, Inspection, Scrutiny, Oversight, Reconnaissance, Spying

Neglect, Ignorance, Inattention, Unawareness, Disregard, Inobservance, Indifference, Carelessness, Unwatched, Blindness

The government increased surveillance in the area to prevent any security threats during the event.



The highest point or top of something.


Pinnacle, Summit, Peak, Zenith, Acme, Crest, Top, Culmination, Vertex, Apogee

Bottom, Base, Nadir, Low point, Depths, Bottommost, Trough, Base, Foot, Minimum

The mountaineers reached the apex of the mountain after a challenging climb.



Showing indifference or disregard; rejecting or ignoring something or someone.


Disregarding, Ignoring, Neglecting, Scornful, Contemptuous, Disdainful, Disregardful, Dismissive, Disparaging, Derogatory

Considerate, Attentive, Respectful, Receptive, Open-minded, Considerate, Receptive, Interested, Welcoming, Accepting

His dismissive attitude towards new ideas often stifles innovation in the company.



Showing a lack of enthusiasm or determination; lazy or careless.


Indifferent, Apathetic, Listless, Slothful, Lethargic, Slack, Inattentive, Inert, Complacent, Inactive

Energetic, Enthusiastic, Diligent, Attentive, Conscientious, Keen, Industrious, Dynamic, Focused, Zealous

His lackadaisical approach to his studies resulted in poor academic performance.



Having strict rules, conditions, or standards; precise and exacting.


Strict, Rigorous, Severe, Stern, Precise, Exact, Rigid, Harsh, Uncompromising, Demanding

Lenient, Flexible, Lax, Easygoing, Permissive, Gentle, Relaxed, Moderate, Soft, Tolerant

The company enforces stringent quality control measures to ensure product excellence.



To reveal or make information known, especially that which was previously hidden or secret.

(खुलासा करना)

Reveal, Divulge, Expose, Unveil, Uncover, Share, Leak, Betray, Confess, Admit

Conceal, Hide, Suppress, Withhold, Cover, Bury, Mask, Keep secret, Camouflage, Obfuscate

The company refused to disclose the actual number of job cuts, leading to speculation among the employees.



To give someone the authority, power, or ability to do something.


Authorized, Enabled, Entitled, Furnished, Licensed, Qualified

Disempowered, Hindered, Restricted, Dependent, Limited, Incapacitated, Helpless, Weak, Subjugated, Constrained

The new policies empowered employees to make decisions without seeking constant approval from their superiors.



To imitate or match something admired, usually with the intent of equaling or surpassing it.

(अनुकरण करना)

Imitate, Mimic, Copy, Mirror, Replicate, Simulate, Model, Echo, Match, Follow

Original, Innovate, Deviate, Dissimilar, Contradict, Differ, Discrepant, Unique, Oppose, Diverge

The young artist tried to emulate the style of the great painters from the Renaissance period.



To denounce or prohibit something; to officially forbid or condemn.


Forbid, Ban, Outlaw, Bar, Interdict, Prohibit, Veto, Disallow, Censor, Exclude

Allow, Permit, Authorize, Sanction, Approve, Legalize, License, Enable, Encourage, Consent

The school's dress code proscribes wearing any form of headgear in the building.


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