The Hindu Vocabulary 4 November 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 4 November 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Slowing momentum: On palpable softening in economic momentum".


Part of Speech/Idiom







Able to be touched, felt, or easily perceived; clear and obvious.


Noticeable, Evident, Obvious, Clear, Apparent, Tangible, Manifest, Perceptible, Observable, Discernible

Hidden, Invisible, Obscure, Imperceptible, Unnoticeable, Intangible, Impalpable, Inconspicuous, Indiscernible, Unclear

The tension in the room was palpable as the meeting began.



Continuing firmly in a course of action despite difficulties or opposition.


Tenacious, Determined, Resolute, Unyielding, Steadfast, Relentless, Enduring, Dogged, Stubborn, Persevering

Indecisive, Uncommitted, Inconsistent, Vacillating, Irresolute, Yielding, Surrendering, Inconstant, Fickle, Quitting

His persistent efforts eventually led to success despite numerous setbacks.



Temporary or subject to future change; arranged or existing for the present time only.


Temporary, Interim, Tentative, Provisionary, Stopgap, Ad interim, Conditional, Preliminary, Makeshift, Contingent

Permanent, Final, Definitive, Settled, Stable, Conclusive, Enduring, Lasting, Fixed, Ultimate

The committee made a provisional decision until further information was obtained.



Coming before in time or order.


Prior, Earlier, Former, Antecedent, Precedent, Preceding, Foregoing, Former, Anterior, Past

Following, Subsequent, Succeeding, Later, After, Posterior, Coming after, Future, Next, Subsequent

The preceding chapter provides necessary background information for the current topic.



To make something less intense or active; to reduce or diminish.

(नमी गट्टना)

Diminish, Lessen, Reduce, Decrease, Quell, Suppress, Subdue, Weaken, Muffle, Mitigate

Enhance, Amplify, Intensify, Heighten, Escalate, Strengthen, Increase, Enliven, Boost, Stimulate

The rain was dampening the spirits of the attendees at the outdoor event.



Arranged in a sequence or following a logical order.


Consecutive, Ordered, Progressive, Serial, Gradational, Gradual, Successive, Seriate, Systematic, Graduated

Random, Haphazard, Disordered, Nonsequential, Nonconsecutive, Unsystematic, Chaotic, Unarranged, Unordered, Scattered

Please arrange the documents in sequential order before submitting them.



The action of drawing or pulling something over a surface, gaining support or momentum.


Grip, Adherence, Friction, Hold, Purchase, Leverage, Pull, Drag, Force, Grasp

Slippage, Release, Unfastening, Detachment, Surrender, Letting go, Relinquishment, Loosening, Easing, Freeing

The new marketing campaign gained traction quickly, attracting a lot of customers.



Physical strength and energy; robust health or vitality.


Energy, Vitality, Strength, Stamina, Power, Zeal, Enthusiasm, Pep, Vigor, Force

Lethargy, Weakness, Fatigue, Inactivity, Inertia, Exhaustion, Torpor, Apathy, Dullness, Enervation

With great vigour, she approached each day's tasks with enthusiasm and dedication.



To moderate, adjust, or soften something, often one's behavior or feelings, especially in a way that shows control.


Moderate, Control, Restrain, Modify, Adjust, Regulate, Mitigate, Temper, Mollify, Alleviate

Aggravate, Intensify, Heighten, Escalate, Worsen, Inflame, Enrage, Agitate, Provoke, Exacerbate

She tried to temper her disappointment with a sense of optimism.



The movement of the tide out to sea; a decline or decrease in strength, intensity, or value.


Decline, Decrease, Diminishment, Wane, Subsiding, Abatement, Erosion, Retreat, Lessening, Weakening

Increase, Growth, Rise, Advancement, Surge, Ascendancy, Progress, Development, Enhancement, Improvement

The ebbing of his interest in the subject was noticeable as the semester progressed.



A hollow or depression in a surface, especially caused by an impact or pressure.


Mark, Depression, Hollow, Indentation, Impression, Nick, Bruise, Groove, Cavity, Damage

Bump, Bulge, Swell, Projection, Raise, Rise, Elevation, Protuberance, Ridge, Eminence

The car's door had a noticeable dent after the minor accident.



Assistance, support, or relief given in times of hardship or distress.


Aid, Help, Assistance, Relief, Support, Comfort, Aid, Assistance, Backing, Ministration

Neglect, Abandonment, Disregard, Negligence, Neglect, Disregard, Forsake, Ignore, Dismiss, Desert

The Red Cross provided succor to the victims of the natural disaster.



To overcome a difficulty, obstacle, or challenge, especially after effort.

(परवरिश करना)

Overcome, Conquer, Beat, Master, Triumph over, Prevail, Vanquish, Subdue, Overpower, Defeat

Surrender, Yield, Succumb, Give in, Submit, Fall, Fail, Bow, Accept defeat, Retreat

Despite the odds, she managed to surmount the obstacles and achieve her goal.


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