The Hindu Vocabulary 22 July 2022


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 22 July 2022 is from the Editorial titled ‘Madam President: On Droupadi Murmu’s election as India’s 15th President.’



Part of Speech/Idiom







The practice of representing things by symbols.

The act of conveying some invisible meaning using visible representations.


Metaphor, Analogy, Comparison


The movie scene was rich in symbolism that it doesn’t require any explanation.



Period of responsibility


Assignment, Duty, Job, Spell, Stretch, Bit, Chore

Entertainment, Fun, Pastime

He was sent for a stint in Japan as a project manager.


Supply an ungenerous or inadequate amount of (something).

(अनिच्छा से देना)

Scrimp, Begrudge, Confine, Define, Limit, Restrain

Free, Let go, Release, Waste

They stinted us with such an amount of food that we could barely live.



(with reference to something unpleasant or unwelcome) intensely.

(तीव्रता से)

in a way that shows a perceptive understanding or insight.

(एक तरह से जो एक बोधगम्य समझ या अंतर्दृष्टि को दर्शाता है)

Characterize, Class, Classify, Defame, Denounce, Designate, Disgrace, Mark

Approve, Compliment, Exalt, Praise, Commend

Rohan was acutely aware of the risks involved in the new project.



The process of transmitting.

Something that is transmitted.

An instance of the passage of radio waves in the space between the transmitting and receiving stations.

(जानकार/ परिचित/ माहिर)

Apprehensive, Conscious, Informed, Judicious, Knowledgeable, Observant, Acquainted, Alive, Awake

Ignorant, Indifferent, Senseless, Unmindful, Unaware, Unfamiliar, Thoughtless

I am cognizant of the possible difficulties.



Someone who is important.

Standing out beyond the adjacent surface.

Leading or well-known.

Standing out so as to be seen easily.

Readily noticeable.

(प्रमुख/ प्रसिद्ध/ महत्त्वपूर्ण/ प्रधान)

Outstanding, Arresting, Beeting, Bulging, Embossed, Jutting, Marked, Noticeable, Obvious, Distinguished, Eminent, Great, Notable, Popular, Preeminent, Renowned, Respected

Depressed, Inconspicuous, Obscure, Sunken, Ordinary, Invisible, Inferior, Insignificant, Poor, Unimportant, Unknown

She was a prominent member of the state assembly.



To give clear utterance to words.

To utter distinctly.

To pronounce clearly.

To unite as if using a joint.

To define something.

(साफ़ साफ़ बोलना/ सन्धियुक्त/ जोड़ा हुआ/ गाँठदार)

Enunciate, Express, Utter, Mouth, Concatenate, Hinge

Ask, Question, Bumble, Disconnect, Listen, Disconnect, Disjoin, Divide

If you do not have command over language then how will you articulate your thoughts in words?


Uttered clearly.

Expressing oneself clearly.

Able to speak.

(स्पष्ट/ व्यक्त)

Coherent, Eloquent, Expressive, Fluent

Inarticulate, Unclear, Unintelligible, Misrepresented

Party needs some articulate speakers.



The giving of power or authority.

The giving of an ability.

The state of being empowered to do something.


Accreditation, Authorization, Commission, Delegation, Approval, Assent, Clearance, Consent, Permission, Agreement

Opposition, Break, Disagreement, Denial, Refusal, Disapproval

The government has taken steps continuously for women’s empowerment.



A significant success.

A victory as if by military force.

(एक महत्वपूर्ण सफलता।)

Celebration, Joy, Pride, Elation

Sadness, Sorrow, Unhappiness, Failure

The triumph of Rishi Sunak will be historical in itself.


To obtain victory.

To conquer.

(अभिभूत करना/ विजय)

Celebrate, Crow, Delight, Exult, Conquer, Dominate, Flourish, Overcome

Fail, Forfeit, Languish, Lose

Draupadi Murmu’s election as President of India shows how she triumphed every obstacle and reached at the epitome of her political life.



To lay or cover with some material like concrete.

To prepare a smooth and easy way.

(मार्ग बनाना/ पत्थर बैठाना/ फ़र्श लगाना)

Brick, Cobblestone, Flagstone, Gravel

Dig up, Strip

The cycling track has been paved within two days.


A setting of precious stones placed so closely together that no metal shows.

A paved street.

(प्रशस्त/ नगीना जड़ना/ पक्का रास्ता/ पट्टियां या ईंट जडना/ फर्श बन्दी करना)



A colo0urful pave of a mix of different coloured stones is preferred by my client.



To fill with life and energy.

To make more energetic.

To make more efficient or effective.

(मज़बूत करना/ सबल बनाना/ मज़बूत कर देना/ दृढ़ करना)

Energize, Enliven, Excite, Galvanize, Quicken, Reinforce, Rejuvenate, Restore, Animate, Brace, Exhilarate, Fortify

Bore, Destroy, Discourage, Dissuade, Dull, Hurt, retard, Tire, Weaken, Calm

A little exercise in morning invigorates me.



To enroll voluntarily for military services.

To secure for some cause.

To enter into some cause.

(प्राप्त करना/ नाम लिखना/ सूची बनाना/ भरती करना)

Admit, Appoint, Assign, Attract, Conscript, Serve, Volunteer, Enroll, Enter

Cancel, Discharge, Dismiss, Divide, Oust, Refrain, Reject, Repel, Eject, Expel, Fire

He has made his mind to enlist for navy.



To make very happy.

To fill with joy or pride.

(उल्लसित करना/ उत्तेजित करना/ गर्वित करना/ प्रफुल्लित करना)

Exhilarate, Encourage, Gladden, Cheer

Depress, Dissuade, Discourage

The latest images from James Webb Space Telescope have elated space researchers.



The fact or condition of standing for a position or status.


Application, Nomination, Offer, Candidateship, Running for office, Competition


Many politicians have announced their candidacy for the Municipal Corporation election.



The amount of freedom to move or act that is available.

An allowable margin of freedom.

Extra time, space or margin within which to operate.

A degree of freedom of action.

(हवा की ओर / छूट/ स्वतंत्रता/ अनुवात दूरी)

Freedom, Scope, Space, Extent, Headway, Play, Latitude, Margin

Limitation, Confinement, Restriction, Hindrance

The school teachers do not have the leeway to teach according to them.



Lack of action or activity.

(निष्क्रियता / अकर्मण्यता / निष्क्रयता / आलस्य)

Inactivity, Inertia, Passivity, Stagnation, Ennui, Fecklessness, Idleness, Indolence, Dormancy, Nonaction, Quiescence

Busyness, Happiness, Vigour, Action, Liveliness, Energy, Activeness

The authority must be prepared for the consequences of continuous inaction.



Independence or freedom.

Control of a country or organization by itself rather than by others.

A self-governing community.

(स्वायत्तता/ स्वत्व अधिकार/ स्वयं शासन/ स्वशासित जाति)

Freedom, Self-government, Self-rule, Sovereignty


He won’t opt for a job in which his autonomy is compromised.



Lack of tolerance.

Unwillingness to tolerate persons of a different social group.

Incapacity to bear or endure.

Abnormal sensitivity to a food or drug.

(असहिष्णुता/ असहनीयता)

Bigotry, Illiberalism, Sectarianism, Partisanship, Prejudice, Dogmatism, Narrow-mindedness

Fairness, Tolerance, Liberalism, Broad-mindedness, Open-mindedness, Liberality

Religious intolerance is harmful for society.


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