The Hindu Vocabulary 11 June 2022


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 11 June 2022 is from the Editorial titled ‘Ties reset: On India-Iran relations.’


Part of Speech/Idiom







A line or ribbon used for fastening something.

A structural element holding two pieces together.

An equality in numbers.

A method of knotting.

A bond or connection.

Anything that fastens or unites.

(गांठ/ गुत्थी/ गिरह/ बंधन बनाना)

Connection, Link, Attachment, Band, Bond, Joint, Brace, Draw, Equivalence, Allegiance, Commitment, Connection, Affiliation

Loss, Win, Breakup, Divorce

His ties with the minister have been strongest currently.


To fasten or attach.

To establish a relationship.

To unite by a tie.

To make an equal score or marks.

To close by a tie.

(बाँधना/ पट्टी बांधना/छाँदना/ गाँठ)

Attach, Clinch, Join, Knot, Link, Secure, Anchor, Draw, Match, Meet, Balance

Disconnect, Disjoin, Divide, Unfasten, Detach, Divorce, Lose, Surpass

Please tie the knot quickly.



To set again.

To change the reading of something to zero.

To set differently in a new way.

(फिर से कायम करना/ फिर से स्थापित करना/ फिर से रखना/ फिर से लगाना)

Reboot, Load, Restart, Bootstrap, Reconstituted, Reconstructed, Transformed, Altered, Reorganize, Reposition, Emigrate, Graft, Immigrate, Remove

Remain, Plant, Sow, Stay, Remain, Degenerated, Deteriorated

My father has to reset the prices of items at our shop to increase sales.



An act of setting new.

An act of adjusting or fixing something in a new way.

(नया स्थापित करने की क्रिया।/ किसी चीज़ को नए तरीके से समायोजित या ठीक करने की क्रिया।)



A reset of relations between the countries may be impossible after this war.



Unfavourable decisions or conditions.

In a negative way.

(प्रतिकूलता से/ विपरीत ढंग से/ उल्टे ढंग से/ हानिकारी रूप में)

Negatively, Resentfully, Unsympathetically, Skeptically


Video games have adversely affected children.



The consequence of something that is going to happen as a result.

Something suggested as naturally to be inferred.

The state of being implied.

A logical relation between two propositions in which the second is decided based on the first.

(निहितार्थ/ उलझाव/ फंसाव/ उलझेड़ा/ आशय)

Conclusion, Significance, Assumption, Connection, Entanglement, Connotation, Indication, Meaning

Measurement, Proof, Reality, Truth

Considering the possible implications of the court’s decision, an order to increase security at certain places was also given.



Involving two parties, especially countries.

Involving both or two sides.



Mutual, Reciprocal, Respective, Two-sided

Multilateral, Unilateral

Bilateral talks between some nations took place on the sidelines of the G-20 summit.



Having many sides.

Involving more than two nations.

(बहुपक्षीय / बहुमुजी)



Multilateral efforts are required to fight climate change.



To lessen the intensity of something that causes pain.

To put an end to something by satisfying.

(शांत करना/ कम करना)

Allay, Alleviate, Appease, Lessen

Aggravate, Agitate, Dissatisfy, Incite

I tried to assuage her in this hour of sorrow.



To occupy the same place in space or time.

To correspond exactly in nature.

To agree to concur.

(मेल खाना/ सन्निपतित होना/ मिलना-जुलना/ एक साथ होना)

Concur, Correspond, Jibe, Accompany, Accord, Acquiesce

Differ, Disagree, Protest, Refuse, Dissent

Our goals for our future coincided that why we joined hands.



A remark serving as an adverse criticism.

A restriction.

An abnormal narrowing or contraction of a bodily passage.

(निंदा/ गुण-दोष की व्याख्या/ अवक्षेप (विधि))

Blame, Obloquy, Rebuke, Restraint, Choking, Astringency, Binding

Compliment, Praise, Enlargement, Citation

The reviewers made several strictures on the type of movies the actor is doing these days.



A diplomatic agent.

A person delegated to represent the government.

(दूत/ प्रतिनिधि)

Agent, Ambassador, Delegate, Minister


I want you to head our envoy to the US and meet the CEOs there.



Authoritative permission for action.

A formal decree


Allowance, Clearance, Consent, Warrant

Interdiction, Prohibition, Proscription

China is not following the US sanctions.


To approve.

(आज्ञा देना)

Accredit, Approve, Clear, Warrant

Decline, Deny, Negative, Turn

The Bank has sanctioned my Car loan.



The act of squeezing.

A hug or close embrace.

A financial condition caused by a shortage of funds.

A quantity squeezed out from something.

(निचोड़/ दबाव/ चाप/ रगड़)

Compacting, Compression, Condensation, Contraction, Telescoping, Congestion, Crunch, Restraint, Clasp


Decompression, Expansion, Release

Fifty guests in the house will be a squeeze.


To compress from opposite sides.

To win by a narrow margin.

To exert a compressing force.

To force a way through some narrow place.

(निचोड़ना/ दबाना/ विवश करना/ भींचना)

Crush, Express, Mash, Press, Cram, Grip, Pack, Pinch, Wring, Bleed

Aid, Help, Ignore, Calm, Please, Reassure, Unconcern, Appease, Uncompress, Free, Release, Donate, Expand, Give

We squeezed all the lemons to make the lemonade.



The highest point.

A conference or meeting of diplomats. (शिखर / शिखर सम्मेलन)

Acme, Apex, Apogee, Capstone

Base, Bottom, Nadir

Our Prime Minister has left for the bilateral summit.


To participate in a summit meeting.

To reach a summit.

(चोटी तक पहूंचना)



We are planning to summit next Sunday.


Of or relating to summit meetings.

(शिखर बैठकों से संबंधित।)



The summit talks are documented.



To bring in merchandise or other items from a foreign country for use or sale.

To convey as meaning or signify.

To be of consequence or importance.

(आयात करना/ अर्थ होना/ सूचित करना/ विदेश का माल देश से लाना)

Count, Matter, Signify, Mean, Ship in

Complimentary, Praisig, Trivial, Laudatory, Certain, Inessential, Minor, Safe, Uncritical

I am planning to import a car as a birthday gift for my wife.


Something that is imported from a foreign country.

Meaning or implication.


(आयात/ आयात सामग्री/ अर्थ/ महत्त्व)

Account, Consequence, Importance, Magnitude, Momentousness, Significance, Weight

Insignificance, Littleness, Puniness, Slightness, Smallness, Triviality

We were unable to understand the technicality of his lecture but got the general import of his speech.


Relating to import goods.

(आयात सामग्री का)



The import duty needs to be reduced.



A blow with hand.

A violent shock.

A counter with refreshments.

(छोटी भोजनशाला/ एक हिंसक झटका)

Cafeteria, Counter, Cupboard, Spank


The buffet arrangements were amazing.


To strike repeatedly.

To struggle with blows of hand.

(बार-बार प्रहार करना।)

Batter, Clobber, Jolt, Pummel

Lose, Pull, Praise

Heavy winds and rain buffeted my bike.

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