The Hindu Vocabulary 17 July 2022


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 17 July 2022 is from the Editorial titled ‘Time for vigilance: On monkeypox cases in India.’



Part of Speech/Idiom







A state of being vigilant.

(जागरूकता/ सतर्कता/ चौकसी/ मुस्तैदी/ एहतियात/ अनिद्ररोग) 

Alertness, Caution, Diligence, Surveillance, Attention, Attentiveness, Circumspection, Lookout, Acuity 

Indifference, Neglect, Carelessness, Impulsiveness, Indiscretion, Negligence

We have been keeping vigilance on our infant child but he still fell off the couch. 



The state of being aware.

The state of being conscious.

The state of having knowledge.

(जागरूकता/ भान)

Alertness, Appreciation, Attention, Consciousness, Experience, Understanding, Acquaintance, Information, Perception

Disregard, Ignorance, Neglect, Misunderstanding, Unfamiliarity, Insensitivity, Unconsciousness

His awareness of legal matters is at another level.



To set some disgrace upon something or some belief.

To mark with stigma.

To produce stigmata.

(गाली देना/ निन्दित करना/ कलंक लगाना/ धब्बा लगाना)

Characterize, Class, Classify, Defame, Denounce, Designate, Disgrace, Mark

Approve, Compliment, Exalt, Praise, Commend

His corrupt actions stigmatised the entire family.



The process of transmitting.

Something that is transmitted.

An instance of the passage of radio waves in the space between the transmitting and receiving stations.

(हस्तांतरण/ दे देना/ सौंपना/ ब्राडकास्ट)

Communication, Transportation, Conveyance, Hauling, Sending, Transference, Conduction, Program, Show, Gears, Broadcast, Delivery


The transmission of television signals was disturbed due to a breakdown in the transmission center.



A person or thing that is set apart.

A person who lacks social skills or is shy and avoids the company of others.


Anchorite, Eremite, Hermit, Recluse

Desegregate, Integrate, Reintegrate

I have kept the isolate of the wheat flour in a separate bag.


To set apart.

To detach.

(अलग रखना/ अलग कर देना/ पृथक करना/ शोधना)

Confine, Detach, Disconnect, Disengage, Divide, Insulate, Remove, Segregate, Separate, Sequester, Abstract, Divorce, Part, Quarantine

Attach, Combine, Connect, Couple, Desegregate

We have isolated the workplace of the group to increase concentration.


Being alone.

(अकेले होना)

Change, Enlargement, Expansion, Growth, Progression, Transformation, Flowering, Increase, Maturation, Development, Elaboration, Advancement, Blossoming, Emergence

Decrease, Lessening, Reduction, Shrinkage, Blockage, Halt, Stoppage, Backslide, Degeneration, Ebbing. Regress, Retrogression

He has to self-isolate himself due to government policies.



A sudden occurrence of something unwelcome, such as war or disease.


Eruption, Upsurge, Flare-up, Epidemic, Breakout, Outburst, Blaze


The outbreak of the pandemic has caused alarm among health officers.



Characteristic of a specific place.

Belonging to a confined place.

Persisting in a region.

Restricted to a locality.

(स्थानिक / गतिहीनता/ विकासहीनता / अकर्मण्यता)

Local, Regional, Aboriginal, Autochthonous, Born, Domestic

Global, Nonindigenous, Non-native

Till now monkeypox has been an endemic disease.


An endemic disease.

(एक स्थानिक रोग)



Many are saying that Covid-19 has entered the endemic phase.



To talk irrationally or wildly.

To utter as if in madness.

To make a wild noise.

To move violently.

To talk with wild enthusiasm.

(बड़बड़ाना/ पागल होना/ पागल की तरह बक-बक करना/ अरबर बकना)

Babble, Freak out, Perorate, Fume, Rant, Gush, Rhapsodize, Bubble, Effervesce, Enthuse

Quiet, Denounce, Discourage

Movie critic raved that this was his friend’s best performance.


An act or raving.

A large overnight dance party featuring music and taking of drugs.

An extravagantly enthusiastic appraisal of something.

(बड़बड़ाना/ पागल होना)

Acclamation, Applause, Cheer, Cheering, Ovation

Booing, Hissing, Discourage, Jeer

I don’t like rave parties.



To remove the covering or veil from something.

To disclose.

To become revealed by removing the cover.


Disclose, Display, Open, Tell, Bare, Betray, Discover, Divulge

Conceal, Cover, Secrete, Veil, Withhold, Protect, Hide, Cloak, Conceal, Mask

The Prime Minister unveiled the statue in front of the world.



Mental or physical uneasiness or annoyance.

An absence of comfort.

Anything that is disturbing to comfort.

(असहजता/ असुविधा/ पीड़ा/ क्लेश)

Ache, Annoyance, Displeasure, Disquiet, Trouble, Hardship, Soreness, Embarrassment, Uneasiness, Unpleasantness

Advantage, Assistance, Comfort, Blessing, Calm, Ease, Delight, Happiness

I cannot tolerate discomfort for longer.


To disturb the comfort of someone.

To make uncomfortable or uneasy.

(किसी के आराम में खलल डालना ।/ असहज करना ।)

Disquiet, Distress, Nettle, Upset, Discomfit, Discompose, Disturb, Embarrass

Calm, Please, Soothe, Aid, Ease, Alleviate, Comfort, Help, Relieve

The chair is discomforting to my back.



To change.

To undergo an alteration of one or more characteristics.

(रूप बदलना/ रूपांतरित होना)

Change, Fluctuate, Shift, Snap

Plateau, Stabilize, Remain, Stay

Her feelings towards me mutated from hatred to that of love.



The process of coming into existence.

Penetration of soil surface by a newly germinated plant.

An outgrowth on the surface of a plant.

(उद्भव/ निकलना/ उन्मज्जन/ बहिर्गमन)

Development, Appearance, Emanation, Issue, Materialization, Evolution

Decrease, Stoppage

The emergence of the Internet in everyone’s hands happened quicker than expected.



A group of organisms believed to have evolved from a common ancestor.

(जीवों का एक समूह जो की माना जाता है कि एक सामान्य पूर्वज से विकसित हुआ है।)



The new strain of virus is believed to belong to the African clade.


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