The Hindu Vocabulary 18 June 2022


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 18 June 2022 is from the Editorial titled ‘Waiting for jobs: On Centre’s plan to recruit 10 lakh personnel in 18 months.’


Part of Speech/Idiom







A body of persons employed in an organization or a factory.

A department in an organization that deals with the matters related to employees.

(कार्मिक/ कर्मचारी वर्ग/ अमला)

Cadre, Crew, Group, Organization, Staff, People, Troop, Workforce, Manpower


He has completed his course in personnel management.



A new member of the organization or army.

A newcomer to a field or activity.

(नया सदस्य)

Draftee, Newcomer, Rookie, Sailor, Soldier, Trainee, Volunteer, Greenhorn, Novice

Expert, Professional, Veteran

I was the newest recruit on my team.


To select a new member to join the organization.

To enlist a person for service in one of the armed forces.

To engage in finding employees, trainees, interns, etc.

(नियुक्त करना/ भर्ती करना/ सैनिक की भरती करना)

Call up, Draft, Engage, Enlist, Enroll, Improve, Mobilize, Levy, Muster, Select, Employ, Scout

Avoid, Cancel, Decline, Decrease, Dismiss, Dodge, Ignore, Furlough, Lay off, Lock out, Dismiss, Fire

We recruited a group of five students for internship.”




In spite of

(इसके बावजूद)

Regardless of, Although, Even though, Notwithstanding


My wife asks me to teach her to drive despite knowing that there is a lack of time.


The feeling of despising someone or insulting.


Contempt, Contemptuousness, Disdain, Misprision

Respect, Regard, Favour, Estimation

I did not respond to the despite that I felt out of respect for my in-laws.



Something unavoidable or urgent.

An obligatory duty.

(कुछ ऐसा जो अपरिहार्य हो।)

Behest, Charge, Command, Decree, Edict, Injunction

Appeal, Entreaty, Petition, Plea, Recommendation, Grace, Ease

It is imperative to help our relatives.


Absolutely Unavoidable avoided.

(अनिवार्य/ आदेशात्मक/ आत्यावश्यक/ आज्ञार्थक)

Compulsory, Obligatory, Critical, Crucial, Essential, Bidding, Dominant, Incumbent, Required

Inessential, Insignificant, Nonessential, Optional, Elective

It is a moral imperative to feed stray dogs.



Great pain or sorrow.

A state of danger.

A painful situation.

(संकट/ पीड़ा/ आपदा/ कठिनाई)

Ache, Affliction, Anguish, Anxiety, Calamity, Catastrophe, Crunch, Aggrieve, Agonize, Ail

Advantage, Aid, Blessing, Calm, Benefit, Appease, Assist, Assuage

She was in distress after her car was stolen.


Involving distress goods.

Offered for sale at loss.

(घाटे में बेचने की पेशकश करना |)



Shruti organized a distress sale for villagers.



To upset or worry.

To trouble the mind.

To make uneasy.

To subject or pressure or stress.

(परेशान करना/ सताना/ कष्ट पहुंचाना/ यातनाएं देना)

Afflict, Aggrieve, Agonize, Ail, Break, Depress, Dismay, Fuss, Harass, Irk, Rattle, Peeve, Discourage

Aid, Appease, Assist, Calm, Comfort, Cheer, Cure, Assuage, Soothe, Quiet

Vrushali was distressed by excess work.



An ulcer.

A small superficial sore.

(फोड़ा/ पकाव/ पीप पड़ना)

Blackhead, Lump, Wart, Boil, Hickey, Papule, Pimple, Whelk


He has some festers on his forehead and pus oozed out of them.


To cause to rankle.

To form pus.

To undergo a state of progressive deterioration.

(सड़ना/ घाव पकना/ पीब बनना/ पूतिस्राव होना)

Smolder, Aggravate, Blister, Canker, Gall, Gather, Maturate, Decay, Decompose, Rot, Spoil

Build, Delight, Flourish, Grow, Improve, Please, Dissipate

The feelings of anger have festered in the students for years.



By a minimal amount.

At a barely adequate level.

(मामूली/ सीमांत रूप से)

Lightly, Somewhat, Hardly, Borderline

Interior, Considerably, Greatly

Our business got impacted marginally due to recent global developments.



A Disease occurring over a wide geographic area.

(वैश्विक महामारी)

Broad, Common, Comprehensive, Empyrean

Exclusive, Incomplete, Individual, Infrequent, Particular

These days even the slightest news about any new disease puts fear in our minds about another pandemic.



At the same time.

Along with something else as a related feature.

(समन्वित रूप से/ संयुक्त रूपेण)

Accordingly, Companionably, Collectively, Cooperatively, Mutually, Simultaneously, Together, Unitedly, Conjointly, Agreeably, Closely, Collectively, Simultaneously

Singly, Apart, Individually, Separately

Technology is adding great value to clinical care, especially in the areas of the hospital where huge numbers of patients need to be treated concomitantly.



To make something better.

To become better or more bearable.

To become more satisfactory.

(उन्नति करना / सुधार/ वर्धन/ श्रेयस्व)

Alleviate, Lighten, Mitigate, Amend, Improve, Meliorate, Relieve, Amend, Upgrade

Aggravate, Increase, Decrease, Harm, Intensify, Harm, Worsen

The Ministry of Environment is working on strategies to ameliorate the negative impact on the environment.



Coming after the customary or expected time.

Late or delayed.

Appearing past the normal time.

(विलंबित/ देर में आया हुआ)

Behind, Delinquent, Latish, Tardy, Delayed, Overdue, Late, Behind, Unhurried, Behindhand

Early, Punctual, Timely, Opportune, Inopportune, Premature, Seasonable, Precocious

Many scientists receive belated recognition for their research.




Something that relates to one.

Matter for consideration.

A matter that calls for a person’s attention.

(चिंता/ प्रसंग)

Care, Concernment, Consideration, Heed, Burden, Interest, Involvement, Matter

Calmness, Disregard, Neglect, Calm, Entertainment, Fun

My personal life should be no concern of yours.


To relate to something.

To care about some matter of trouble.

(चिंतित होना/ लगाव रखना)

Bother, Disturb, Interest, Involve, Perturb, Regard

Aid, Calm, Reassure, Help, Unconcern

The report concerns new defence procurements.



Waste (something, especially money or time) recklessly and foolishly.

To spend foolishly.

To lose advantage through negligence.

(गंवाना/ अपव्यय करना/ धन लुटाना/ वृथा व्यय करना)

Blow, Expend, Lavish, Misuse, Waste, Consume, Dissipate, Spend, Frivol

Hoard, Save, Accumulate, Gather, Conserve

Rocky squandered a fortune due to his stubbornness.


An act of spending money foolishly.

Wasteful expenditure.

(उड़ाऊपन/ उड़ाऊ/ अपव्ययी)



We were there at the casino to see the money squander by Joshua.



The bad way in which someone dealt with or organized something.

The process of managing something badly.

(कुप्रबंध/ कुशासन/ अन्यायपूर्वक राज्य/ बुरा शासन)

Blunder, Failure, Fault, Flaw, Glitch, Misdeed, Omission, Carelessness, Dereliction, Misbehaviour, Immorality, Impropriety, Malfeasance

Accuracy, Achievement, Behaviour, Correctness, Obedience, Right, Strength, Success, Certainty, Perfection, Manners

He is being accused of mismanagement of the party funds.

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