Banking, Financial and Economic Awareness of 25 November 2019

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Banking Awareness

1. RBI extends the scope of Special Non-Resident Rupee (SNRR) Accounts

  • Reserve Bank of India has extended the scope of Special Non-Resident Rupee (SNRR) accounts to promote cross-border transactions in Indian rupee.
  • The persons residing outside India can now open such accounts for the following purposes:-
    • External Commercial Borrowings in INR
    • Trade Credit in INR, or
    • Export/Import Invoicing in INR
  • SNRR Account:
    • It is a non-interest earning account that can be opened for the specific business.
    • Any person residing outside India, having a business interest in India can open such type of account with an authorized dealer.

2. Govt. plans to launch a new scheme for testing MSMEs manufactured defence products

  • The Ministry of Defence will soon launch a scheme worth Rs 400 crore to set up new facilities for testing defence products manufactured by MSMEs.
  • 6-8 units will be set up in the South and North defence corridor.
  • 75% of the cost of equipment for the testing facility will be provided as grant-in-aid, while the remaining will be funded by a consortium of private investors.
  • Each unit will function as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV).

3. Samples of Betnovate and Panderm Failed quality tests

  • Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) has labeled around 35 batches of medicines including Betnovate-C, Betnovate-N and Panderm ++ as "not of standard quality".
  • While the manufacturers claimed that the samples are counterfeit, hence, the quality does not match.
  • CDSCO:
    • It is a regulatory body for pharmaceuticals and medical devices.
    • It functions under the Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.
    • Headquarters: New Delhi

4. Periodic Labour Force Survey for Jan-March released

  • The Periodic Labour Force Survey for the Jan-March of the year 2019 shows the unemployment rate in urban areas to be 9.3%, which is the lowest in at least four quarters.
  • The female unemployment rate was higher than the overall rate in Jan-march while it is lower than that is Oct-Dec 2018.
  • Female unemployment was highest in Jammu & Kashmir, while the male unemployment rate was highest in Odisha.
  • The annual PLFS report is different as it covers both rural and urban areas
  • The first annual PLFS report was released in May 2019 for July 2017-June 2018 while the second annual PLFS report is yet to be released.
  • PLFS was launched by the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) in 2017.



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