QOTD- The speed of a boat in the upstream direction is 40 km/hr and that in the downstream direction is 60 km/hr. Find the time taken by boat (in minutes) to cover 50 km distance in still water?

2019-09-06 | Team PendulumEdu


A. 48

B. 36

C. 50

D. 60


Let X be the speed of a boat in still water and S be the speed of the water.

Then, according to the question

In downstream, Speed of a boat is 60 km/hr

Downstream speed = X + S = 60 …..(I)

In upstream, Speed of a boat is 40 km/hr

Upstream speed = X – S = 40 ……… (II)

By Solving (I) and (II) for X and S

We get,

X = 50 km/hr and S = 10 km/hr


Time taken by boat to cover 50 km distance in still water will be

Hence, (D) is the correct answer.

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